Boat Mooring On The Norfolk Broads

A boat mooring up on the Norfolk broads

Norfolk Broads Boat Mooring: Escape Into The Wild

The Norfolk Broads possess an enchanting allure, comprising an elaborate system of rivers and lakes which provide breathtaking vistas of the rural landscape. It constitutes an ideal location for those seeking to venture out into the waterways of the United Kingdom. One can discover numerous boat mooring sites situated throughout the heart of the Norfolk Broads, offering an array of choices catering to individual preferences.

What we’re looking to cover is the information needed to make the most of your time on the water, whether you’re coming from Potter Heigham, Yarmouth, Norwich, Hickling or hiring a boat for the first time we hope to provide some information and tips on your next trip.

Boat Moorings in Norfolk Broads

Some of the popular locations for mooring your boat on the Norfolk Broads include River Bure, River Thurne and River Ant. Each of these places provides excellent access to the waterways, with several 24 hour moorings available. Customers of Norfolk Broads moorings can take advantage of a variety of amenities and services. Many of the moorings provide convenient access to nearby villages, pubs, and shops, making it easy to explore the local area. In addition to this, there are several boatyards and marinas available for parking and rental.

This is a list of Free 24-hour moorings and no charge unless otherwise specified:

Alongside (A)
Double-Alongside (AA)
Stern On (S)
Acle Bridge166A16Electric charging points, toilets
Barnes Brinkcraft, Hoveton (DP16)*S/A6Managed by boatyard, charges may apply
Barton Turf41A4Water point
Beccles Marshes60A6 
Beccles Norfolk Bank21A2 
Berney Arms Reach38AA8 
Berney Mill60AA12 
Berney Mill 230AA6 
Boundary Farm40A4 
Bramerton188A19Electric charging points
Brundall Church Fen40AA8 
Burgh Castle139AA28Electric charging points (to follow late 2022)
Brundall Gardens Marina (DP16)25A2Managed by boatyard, charges may apply
Castle Staithe30A3 
Catfield Staithe36A3 
Cockshoot Dyke149A15 
Coltishall Common231AA46Electric charging points
Commissioners Cut126A4 
Deep Dyke193A19 
Deep Go Dyke112A7 
Dilham Staithe50A5Electric charging points
Dutch Tea Gardens, Oulton Broad50A5 
Dutch Tea Gardens Pontoon30A3 
Eastwood Marine, Brundall (DP16)S2Managed by boatyard, charges may apply
Gay Staithe81S/A12Water point
Great Yarmouth Yacht Station535AA60Charges apply, electric charging points, toilets, showers, water point
Hardley Cross89A10 
Horning Marshes225A22Water point
Horning Staithe101AA12 
Horning Pleasure Craft (DP16)A2Managed by boatyard
Hoveton St John87S20Electric charging points
Hoveton Viaduct319AA64 
How Hill Staithe300 32  
Irstead Staithe18A2Electric charging points
Langley Dyke98A9 
Loddon Staithe82S12Electric charging points, toilets, showers
Neatishead150A12Electric charging points, water point
North Cove45AA5 
Norwich Yacht Station507A30Charges apply, electric charging points, toilets, showers, water point
Paddy’s Lane, Barton156A15 
Peto’s Marsh30A4 
Polkeys Mill, River Yare72A7 
Postwick Wharf32AA6 
Potter Heigham Martham Bank144A14 
Potter Heigham Repps Bank145A14Electric charging points
Pye’s Mill300A30 
Ranworth170S22Charges apply, electric charging points, toilets, water point
Reedham Quay217AA42Charges apply, electric charging points, water point
Rockland Short Dyke150A15 
Rockland St Mary81S/A8Electric charging points
Somerleyton140AA28Electric charging points
Stalham Staithe50A4 
St Benet’s300AA60 
St Olaves51A4Electric charging points
St Olaves Marina30A3Managed by boatyard, charges may apply
Stokesby33AA6Electric charging points
Sutton Staithe220A22Electric charging points, water point
Sutton Staithe (DP16)A2 
Swancraft, Brundall (DP16)S/A2Managed by boatyard, charges may apply
Wayford Bridge53A5 
West Somerton150 A14 
White Slea25A2 
Womack Dyke140A14 
Womack Island34A3 
Worlingham Staithe30AA6 
Wroxham Broad Island69AA10 

*The moorings at Barnes Brinkcraft are not permanent, so in case you want to dock your boat here, kindly approach the reception to get a designated mooring.

Alternative Locations

Here are some more moorings provided by the Broads Authority that have alternative uses, including demasting areas for sailing boats and spots to wait for the tide to enable bridge passages

Beccles South Bank  –  Bridge Wait/Demasting
Haddiscoe (East/West)  –  Demasting mooring
Potter Heigham Bridge Green  –  Short Stay Moorings
Potter Heigham (nr Herbet Woods)  –  Demasting mooring
Potter Heigham Dinghy Park  –  Demasting mooring
Reedham Pontoon  –  Bridge Wait/Demasting
Runham Pontoon  –  Demasting mooring
Scare Gap/Acle  –  Emergency mooring
Somerleyton Pontoon  –  Bridge Wait/Demasting

Double Moorings

As a result of the limited availability of mooring spaces, The Broads Authority assigned 20 moorings specifically for double alongside mooring. Every designated location has a sign that authorizes double mooring.

In consultation with the hire boat federation, the Authority have the following Advice for hirers- Double Mooring (pdf document) [95kb]

Some things to keep in mind

  • Enhance your boating expertise by referring to The Broads Authority Boating essentials webpage and viewing our animated videos.
  • Prior approval must be obtained before tying up to the initial vessel to avoid double mooring.
  • For those with private boats, it is advisable to have mooring lines running directly from the vessel to the shore, as hire vessels may not have an equal quantity or length of lines.
  • Make an effort to position the boat that’s departing first on the outer side. However, if you’re on the inner boat and want to advance, request the occupants of the outer boat to move. It’s important to confirm that the outer vessel has been securely anchored or docked. If the individuals on the neighbouring boat can’t help, attach a rope to their boat and take into account the water’s current or tide prior to performing the manoeuvre.
  • Assuming responsibility for any harm, crossing the initial vessel to the shore is entirely up to you.

Private Moorings

If you are looking for a more secluded and tranquil mooring, private moorings in the heart of the Norfolk Broads are available. These private moorings offer more peace and quiet than public moorings and are ideal for those who want to enjoy the beautiful scenery without being disturbed. In case you seek a serene and isolated docking spot, private moorings located in the midst of Norfolk Broads are at your disposal. These exclusive moorings provide a greater degree of calmness and seclusion in comparison to public ones, making them an ideal fit for anyone looking to relish the breathtaking scenery while avoiding disturbances.

What is the cost of a Private Mooring?

Most of the private moorings are in and around the £55 per square foot per annum. They vary a little from place to place, but all offer easy access, all within the distance of local amenities. If you’re looking to just rent on the Norfolk broads, then any of the above places mention you can moor for free

Norfolk Broads Moorings for Rent

If you are looking to rent a mooring on the Norfolk Broads, there are plenty of options available. The Broads Authority Moorings offer a range of moorings for rent, with fees varying depending on the location and facilities available. Some of the locations offer additional services such as electricity and waterway access, while others offer basic mooring facilities.


There could be instances where certain locations are already occupied or mandate advance reservations. A handful of websites provide mooring availability checkers, thereby enabling you to organize your excursion and evade any letdown. You’ll often find peak summer times exceptionally busy, more so on weekends and bank holidays. If you want to still enjoy your trip, I suggest avoiding areas like Wroxham Bridge, Hickling Broads and the village of horning.

Moor Stern, Mud Weight, or Quay Heading

The majority of Norfolk Broads moorings utilize stern mooring, in which the boat is secured from the rear. Nonetheless, certain places may necessitate the utilization of mud weights or quay heading to fasten the boat. It is crucial to inquire about the kind of mooring obtainable waterside at each site prior to arrival.

Toilet Facilities and Other Amenities

The majority of the moorings situated on the Norfolk Broads are equipped with conveniences such as toilets, as well as additional facilities like showers, laundry facilities, and boatyard services. Nevertheless, it is crucial to verify the availability of these amenities in advance in order to prevent any dissatisfaction.

Emergency Moorings

if there is an emergency on the Norfolk Broads, there are numerous designated mooring sites that can be utilized. These docking areas are secure and allow access to important services as needed. If you’re about to hire a day boat on the Norfolk Broads it’s normally mentioned in your brief before you set off. It’s worth it to enquire at the time of booking.


Can you moor in the middle of a broad?
The mud weight, also known as the mud anchor, is positioned on the deck at the bow of the boat. Its purpose is similar to that of a regular anchor, as it permits anchoring at the centre of one of the broads (away from obstructions!) by lowering the weight into the mud.
Can you drink and drive a boat on the Broads?
It is forbidden for an individual to operate a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics to the point where they are unable to adequately manage the vessel. You’re in control of a motor vehicle, act responsibly or don’t go on the water.
Can you drive a boat at night Norfolk Broads?
 A speed limit of 3-6mph is enforced on the Norfolk Broads and cruising should be restricted to the period between sunrise and sunset.

Can you live on a boat on a mooring?

 Yes, as long as you obtain the appropriate docking location. If you possess a recreational docking area for your boat, you’ll be authorized to spend breaks and weekends onboard, although dwelling there around the clock isn’t allowed. To transform your boat into your household, you’ll have to locate a residential mooring site.

Do you need a licence for a boat on the Broads?

Any boat that remains in the Broads location for a period exceeding 28 days must acquire registration with the Broads Authority.
How long can you stay on mooring?
A significant number of residents lack a fixed docking location, which is referred to as perpetual cruising. In such a scenario, an individual who is continuously cruising can typically park for a maximum of 14 days in a particular spot. However, in certain locations, the docking period may be limited to only 48 hours.


Sailing through the Norfolk Broads is a fantastic way to take in the natural beauty and serene surroundings of this distinctive area. Planning your trip is simple with the various mooring options available, enabling you to fully appreciate all the attractions the Norfolk Broads have to offer.