Swangey Lakes

Swangy lakes is a fishing lake in Norfolk and is one of the best fishing lakes around

Swangey Lakes is a popular complex of day-ticket Fishing Lakes in Norfolk. For those looking to get plenty of action from smaller carp, the Match Lake is heavily stocked with carp in the upper singles/low doubles class, with one or two reaching 20 lbs. Most tactics will work, with The Method being the most successful. The Main Lake has a good stock of carp that average around upper doubles, but there are a number of 20s and a few 30s as well. In addition to the carp, there are a number Of catfish present, some of which weigh in excess of 50 lbs.

The Main Lake is a former gravel quarry which has 17 swims, each of which commands a separate feature or zone. Most pegs offer bars, silty areas, humps or access to an island margin which should mean you can vary your approach. Lots of fish get caught from the island margins, so they’re always worth a rod.

Depths vary from 15ft at the dam end to about 2 or 3 feet at the top end, where the lakes narrow in to a picturesque reed line bay. The use of fishmeal pellets is likely to attract both the bream and catfish, so this is something you need to be mindful of. A barrow is useful for getting round the lake, although there are a handful of pegs that can be accessed by car.

In addition to the main lake, there is the Pike Lake which is fished more lightly but has a good few specimens head of doubles also topping and twenties and thirties. The same prices and rules apply. There is a small van on-site that hot foot, bait and a few items of tackle. There are a number of local shops and facilities just a couple of miles away in nearby Attleborough. Boilies can be bought for a reasonable price, and this is often a good starting point for one rod,

There is no close season and the gates are locked every evening,

For those that use to fish the main lake back around 2010 for the bream via a day ticket, you can no longer do this, and they reserve that lake for the specimen hunters. It used to be the best day ticket bream water in Norfolk. Easily catching 200 lbs in a day. If you’re still after day ticket fishing, the smaller lake can be productive. Although, it can get pretty weedy during the summer, so you’ll have to play around and find the gravel areas. Any feeder tactics work well for the bream, and a simple bomb and small PVA has worked well in recent years. Pole tactics can also be a good option.

Swangey Lakes has always been an excellent multi species specimen complex. It’s one of the best Fishing Lakes in Norfolk and I highly recommend this lake in the warmer months. I’ve never fished for the pike here, but I hear normal dead bait tactics produce.

Lake Size: 15 Acres
Lake Record: Not sure, Catfish must be over 50lb by now.
Stock: Carp, Bream, Tench, Roach, Rudd, Pike, Catfish
On-Site: Toilets and small shop
Contact: 07597 754462
Website: Swangey
Address: Swaney Lane, Attleborough, NR17 1XJ

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