Billingford Fishing Lakes

Billingford fishing lakes. A legendary fishing lake in norfolk. Packed with fish in numerous fishing lakes. Perfect destination for any angler.

Billingford Fishing Lakes

Located in the heart of Norfolk, Billingford Fishing Lakes offers a serene setting for excellent fishing. It’s surrounded by pristine natural wildlife. Conveniently situated just off the A1067 Fakenham road, it provides easy accessibility and a peaceful fishing

Come to Billingford Fishing Lakes for an amazing fishing experience in Norfolk. With over 100 available pegs and convenient parking right next to your swim. This site is open every day of the week. The lakes range in size and each one has shallow marginal shelves with depths from 8 to 12 feet out to a 30-yard cast. Expect to catch Roach, Perch, Eels, Pike, Tench, and Bream in the various lakes. The first lake also boasts a large population of Common and Mirror Carp weighing between 10-25lbs. Some specimens weighing over 35 lbs have been reported, and a 40.5lb Mirror Carp was caught in June 2016. A new match fishing lake with 26 jetties is now available at the site.

The lakes

Billingford lakes in a mixed course lake in Norfolk. It's one of the best fishing lakes in norfolk Billingford Lakes Fishing Map Of All Lakes

Lake 1 – Kingfisher Pond

 One of the various fish ponds on the premises serves as a stock pond. This provides an environment for fish to grow, eventually, populate the many other lakes. As these ponds are for growing fish, the venue kindly requests that you refrain from fishing in them. This allows the fish to grow and develop.

Lake 2 – Billingford Lake

This well-established body of water. The lake spans approximately 7.5 acres and harbours a large amount of sizeable carp. The current record weight standing at over 40lb. The lake comprises 17 swims with great features including an island, weed beds, gravel bars and lily pads. While it may not be the most challenging carp lake in the area, it can still prove tricky on occasion. Although often overlooked, the lake also contains most other coarse fish, such as specimen Roach and Rudd the odd tench and bream. Additionally, there are numerous pike exceeding 20lb, making it an ideal fishing spot for those seeking a range of specimen catches. 

Lake 3 – Teal Pond

Here is one of the stocked ponds in the vicinity. These ponds are crucial for the growing of fish population that provides vital stock. Please, can you refrain from fishing in this lake

Lake 4 – Grebe Pond

For those who are just starting and wanting an easier lake, this petite lake is an ideal spot. It’s full of Roach, Rudd, and some Golden Rudd. Thanks to its heavy stocking, it essentially provides a bite for every cast.

Lake 5 – Osprey

At the point of this post, the lake was under maintenance. 

Lake 6 – Basil Todd

This beautiful 6-acre mixed coarse lake is ideal for anglers wanting more variety. This lake looks shallow with a steep shelf dropping to 8ft leading to depths of up to 12ft in the centre. Species found here are Roach, Rudd, Bream, Tench, Carp, Perch, and Crucian Carp. The Tench in this lake can weigh over 10lb, while Perch can weigh over 3lb. A good lake to break a PB. It is also possible to rent the lake for matches by contacting the venue directly

Lake 7 – The Great Lake

The lake in the complex that is most in demand has the largest carp residents. The carp can weigh over 30 pounds. The fish population varies between 250 and 300. The average carp is around 20 pounds therefore popular with anglers. The lake has a diverse range of carp strains including scaly mirrors, leather, big-scaled commons, and black and white KOI. It’s an incredibly diverse lake for carp.  Despite the presence of weeds, diligent use of a marker rod can reveal clear areas to fish. Along with the impressive carp population, there are formidable pike lurking in deeper waters that should not be overlooked. Pike fishing can offer an alternative challenge during difficult carp fishing periods in colder months. A record-breaking Tench weighing 11lb8oz has also been caught at this location. 

Lake 8 – Heron Pond

The small pond runs parallel to the river, providing an ideal spot if you enjoy watching the wildlife. However, its proximity to the river puts it at risk of flooding, and occasional surprises may await within. According to reports, this lake has yielded impressive captures, big chub weighing in at over 6lb and perch up to 3lb. It could be worth visiting for a brief fishing session during a chilly winter day. 

Lake 9 – Bittern Pond

The Pond is well-stocked with Tench and Crucian Carp and has a typical depth of 5/6ft with a few weed patches. This lake offers fantastic float fishing. The lake boasts 5 swims, each of which offers ample water for fishing and a variety of targets, including lily pads and overhanging trees.

Lake 10 – John Wilson

This small but striking lake is an acre in size and boasts a range of desirable features. You have a choice to fish to snaggy margins, lilies, weed beds and gravel spots. The lake also offers ample opportunities for stalking. However, with only 25 fish inhabiting the lake, all of which are old and wise carp, it poses a challenge to even the most experienced anglers. These dark and aged fish are predominantly scaly mirrors, each possessing its own unique characteristics. Unlike other lakes in the complex, this lake can be exclusively booked for group angling purposes at a cost of £80 per night, accommodating a maximum of 4 anglers at any given time. Alternatively, it can be accessed as a standard day ticket, although it may be unavailable if booked out by a group. 

Lake 11 – Cygnet Lake/ the sandpit

This body of water, spanning 5 acres, is encompassed by sand and is commonly referred to as the sandpit. It is home to a notable population of carp, with some weighing in at under 30 pounds. Additionally, there is a significant stock of Tench residing in the lake, many of which weigh just shy of 10 pounds. Anglers often enjoy catching 10-15 Tench in a single outing. Though rare, there are a few sizeable perch present in the lake, weighing between 3–4 pounds. The perch fishing here is a popular choice, it can be productive. With 11 different areas to fish from, including shallow, snaggy bays and deep open water reaching over 30 feet, all fishermen will find something of interest. 



The Lake & Facilities

Lakes Size: From 1 to 8 Acres
Fish Size: Carp to over 40lbs. All other species to specimen sizes
Stock Level: Very well stocked
Rod: Max two rods and barbless hooks.
On-Site: Water, Toilet and Accommodation.
Contact: 01362 788111
Night Ticket: Yes
Address: Billingford Lakes, North Elmham Road, Billingford, Dereham, Norfolk, NR20 4RG

Have a quick look below at the video below from a local angler from the channel ‘From the water edge’ and check out his YouTube channel.

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