The Babingley River

The babingley river a small river in Norfolk. It's a difficult fishing spot, but many species can be found here.

The Babingley River is a narrow miniature river. This tiny river rises just nine miles inland from the wash. It appears to obtain most of its water from the ponds in the grounds of Flitcham Abbey and makes its way west through Flitcham and on to Babingley, where the A149 crosses its path just two miles south of royal Sandringham Park.

The Babingley River waterway provides challenging angling opportunities for dace, trout, pike, roach, and even some decent bream weighing up to 5 pounds per season. The upstream section of the river, beyond the A149 road bridge, is reserved for private use. However, anglers may gain access to these sections by reaching out to the landowners for permission. Personally, I haven’t had the chance to fish in these private areas before. 

Although this river’s beauty is undeniable, it remains relatively unexplored by contemporary fishermen. The shortage of vegetation on the high flood banks of the Babingley River can be truly discouraging. Moreover, the interplay of clear water and a lack of fish can make for a challenging fishing experience. 

The advice would be, have some patients. Keep poking around, trying to find an area to present the bait properly. Any constantly splashes will scare the ultra shy fish and the swim is basically dead from the point. Maggots seem to produce the bites, just letting the float drift down the river with a few spare offerings.

The River Babingley ends at the wash. From that points, the water ends up in the North Sea.

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If you’ve ever fished here, let us know how it fished and what worked for you.