Shallowbrook Lakes

Explore the beauty of Shallowbrook Lakes, the jewel among fishing lakes in Norfolk. Immerse yourself in nature's splendor while enjoying top-notch fishing experience.

Shallowbrook Lakes, renowned as one of the top fishing lakes in Norfolk, is a popular destination for anglers across the region. Known for its mature, well-maintained environment, this complex offers exceptional pleasure and match fishing experiences. It attracts crowds every weekend, especially during the winter season, making it a bustling hub for fishing enthusiasts. Located on the outskirts of Norwich in a picturesque rural setting, Shallowbrook Lakes is easily accessible and well-signposted, making it a favored choice for both local and visiting anglers. With years of personal fishing experience here, I am excited to share insights about each lake and what they uniquely offer.

Carp Lake

Shallowbrook Lakes offers The Carp Lake. This lake is about 2 acres in size and has 11 permanent fishing spots. It is mainly populated by carp weighing up to 30 lbs or more, making it suitable for skilled anglers. Carp Lakes contains Bream, Tench, and Pike and specimen fish caught regularly. Furthermore, It’s great fun feeder fishing during the days when fishing is slow.

Carp Lake Bait and Tactics

For the carp, most tactics work well. It’s best to have a feel around and find a clear area. I wouldn’t overfeed here, as I see anglers putting way too much baiting in and killing the fishing. If you’re going to spod out, I recommend a mix of hemp, pellets corn and if you want the bream and tench, add some maggots and chopped worm. If you’re solely after the tench and bream, simple scaled-down carp tactics should work OK. Smaller boilies and a maggot ring has produced in the past

Snipe Lake

The lake measures around 2.5 acres and has around 20 designated areas for fishing. The edges of the lake are covered in gentle aquatic plants and lily pads. The water beyond the edges has a depth ranging from 10 to 18 feet.

In the upper corner of a lengthy and slender island highly recognized and consists of multiple pegs.

Snipe Lake has a diverse range of fish, including numerous small perch, roach, and rudd that can provide plenty of action for fishing enthusiasts. Those looking for larger roach can have success using hemp and casters as bait.

There’s plenty of tench available through spring and early summer. The best bait comes from double red maggot and shopped worm. You will catch large bream, crucians, eels, and perch weighing up to 4lb and can be caught on worm.

Snipe Lake Bait and Tactics

Pole fishing is the most effective fishing, and depends on what you want to catch. If you don’t care, then fish with pellets. The fish will take anything, and that’s my first choice. Using worms works well for the bream and maggots for the tench. Corn does work and best for fishing later in the evening. In the colder months, I prefer feeder fishing, a cage feeder with maggots and worm are my go-to winter feeder fishing arsenal. If you want the perch, I have a mate that fishes for the perch in his lake and has netted a 3lb fishing prawn on the bomb and flicking maggots over the top to draw in the silverfish.

Meadow Lake

Meadow Lake at Shallowbrook Lakest 3.5 acres in size and is our most popular one. It has 46 permanent fishing spots and the depth in the middle ranges from 6 to 14 feet. It offers a good selection of fish. Roach, rudd and skimmers offer good sport all year. The fish you can catch here include Roach, Rudd, Perch, Bream, Carp (up to 20 pounds), and even Pike weighing in the double digits. You can fish this lake with maggots for the newbie, or you can go for the bigger fish using pellets on the pole/feeder. You’ll catch Roach, Rudd and Skimmers all day close in on maggots

Meadow Lake Bait and Tactics

It’s a lake where you can use any bait and it works. I’m a massive fan of pellets, and 6 mm all day on the pole in warmer months. The method feeder is pretty decent, but there isn’t much to know about this lake. For young and new anglers, fish close in with maggots is advised, with a large stock of smaller fish to be had.

Horseshoe Lake

The Horseshoe lake has recently undergone restoration and is now designed for match fishing. It contains a substantial number of carp weighing up to 4lb, along with Roach, Rudd, Bream, Silvers, and Perch. There’s a strong belief that this lake will be a successful fishing spot in the spring. The venue plans to organize open Shallowbrook Lakes matches here, and is also available for bookings for private matches. Additionally, they offer tutorial days for those interested in learning more about fishing on this lake. I’ve never fished this lake. Guests have advised, it does hold some promise for the future.

Horseshoe Lake Bait and Tactics

I’ve been told maggots and pellets produce almost every time. Keep the bait going in. You’ll have to let me know in the comments how you’d approach this lake


Shallowbrook Lakes, fits the category of mixed coarse fishery, much like Billingford Lakes and Taswood Lakes. I’m a sucker for a mixed-course lake and highly recommend this complex. Fishing is about building your knowledge of local fisheries and becoming a venue expert. Please let us know how you get on in the comments below.

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I’ve attached a video from a local angler and his YouTube channel Nitro Carp