Dilham Fishery

Dilham Fishery stands out as a premier fishing destination in Norfolk, a well-maintained lake caters to all fishing preferences. Experience the joy of fishing at one of the most scenic fishing lakes in Norfolk.

Dilham Fishery, a charming and small pond situated in South Walsham, stands out as one of the serene fishing lakes in Norfolk. It’s an ideal fishery for pole anglers and offers a perfect setting for beginners to learn their craft. The map, at the bottom of this post, pinpoints this hidden gem within Norfolk’s diverse angling landscape. As you approach, you’ll recognize you’re close when you see the distinctive oak tree on the left turning onto the road. There’s a conveniently located car park on-site, with just a short walk leading to the tranquil lakeside.

What pegs are available to fish at Dilham Fishery?

There are plenty of pegs to choose from. As you approach the lake, you’ll find the first couple of pegs you get to have many lily pads. These pegs often taken first, as I’ve never managed to fish them. As you move down the lake, each peg has margin fishing and a nice island to fish to. I’ve fished most of the pegs and found them equally productive. My favourite pegs, as you go move down the right-hand side, and pass the bend going left, the first two pegs after. If you continue moving around, you’ll get to the corner of the lake. In this area, carp hold up during the warmer months.

What tactics would I use at Dilham Fishery?

I’ve always used my pole. You can get to almost any spot using a 16 m. Although, for the pegs I fish, 13 m is fine. The only thing I will say, the banks are not that big, you may need to break your pole down twice. For those feeder anglers, A method feeder has worked well in times I’ve played around. You can use any pellet, it produces well.

If you’re looking for bait for the pole, banded 4 mm pellets have always produced. If bothered by the silvers fish, increase the size of the pellet. I increase the size of the pellets until they leave me alone. Furthermore, in the summer, I do increase the feed bring the in bigger fish. I’ve used maggots and worms in the winter, and you can bag up with skimmers and roach, carp have taken maggots as I’ve had a 8lb in the winter here. Furthermore, I find the fishing is slightly better for me, using the catapult over a pole cup and spreading the feed out slightly.

What species are caught here?

You can catch carp to around 20lb. I’ve seen close to that moving around in the summer. Roach goes up to around 2lb and bream close to 3lb. This lake has a decent head of tench, and I’ve even had a golden tench over 2lb caught. This lake has one species which I’ve had to just shy of 2lb, and not that many lakes hold them. The Crucian Carp! It’s my secret lake for a crucian carp and still holds my PB of 1lb 12 oz.


Dilham Fishery is a nice little fishery in south Walsham. It’s unheard of and unvisited by a lot of anglers in Norfolk. It does have some beautiful Crucian Carp and that’s enough to fish it. I think it is used for local club matches around the area. My advice would be to get there early as possible if you’re wanting to fish the first swim.

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