Dents Farm Hilgay

Visit Dents of Hilgay, renowned as one of the best fishing lakes in Norfolk. Immerse yourself in a fishing paradise with diverse fish populations and stunning natural beauty.

Dents Farm Hilgay is a beautiful Fishing Lake in Norfolk. It’s situated on the fens in Downham Market. This fishery is made up of 5 well-stocked fishing lakes and is designed for anglers of all abilities. The Lakes are beautifully maintained, with quality bank fishing throughout. Information on the lakes are below.

King Fisher Pond

This lake has mostly carp up to around 15lb. There are other species like Tench to 3lb some Barbel, Roach and Rudd to make up the lake. King Fisher Pond is designed for younger anglers or inexperienced anglers learning the art of fishing. It’s best fished around 10m out with Maggot, worm, corn, pellet and paste working well in the warmer months. Use basic float fishing tactics should see you through your session

Farm Shop Lake

This is my favourite lake at Dents Farm Hilgay. I’d say this was the most popular lake on the complex with pleasure anglers. It’s a natural-looking lake and home to some large fish. Carp can be found to around 30lbs, Tench is coming out just under 10lb, Crucian Carp to 3lb, F1 carp to 4lb, perch to 2lb, Roach and Rudd to 3lb and some cracking eels coming out around the 7lb mark. It’s known to fish well in the margins around 10-13m out, but my choice will would be the feeder. The last time I used my pole, I hooked a carp that was well over 20 lbs and stood little chance. Bait wise for the feeder, a good sweet bream ground bait with micros or a method with 4mls on a 6mm wafter. Other known baits are Corn, Pellets, Worm, Caster, Maggot and Hemp

Willow Lake

This lake offers night fishing, up to 15ft deep. The lake consists of Carp to 30lbs, Crucian to 3 lbs, Tench 5 lbs, Bream 8 lbs, Barbel 4 lbs, Chub 6 lbs, Perch to a massive 5 lbs and F1 Carp to 6 lbs. The tactics known to work are the method feeder, Waggler and margin fishing around 8m out in the deeper 11ft water. This is actually a really exciting lake to fish. I’ve fished this lake once before and hooked almost all the species on just worm alone. It’s the complete unknown. When it comes to the Perch though, the most traditional tactics seem to work the best.

2 Island Lake

2 Island Lake at Dents Farm Hilgay is 28 peg 15ft lake. The species within this lake are Carp to 30lbs, Crucian to 3lbs, Tench 4lbs, Bream 8lbs, Barbel 8lbs, Chub 6lbs, Perch 4lbs, Eels 5lbs, F1 Carp 6lbs. I’ve not had any experience fishing this lake, so I couldn’t tell you the tactics I’d use, but I do have friends who have. The only advice they’ve given me is to fish to or as close to the islands as possible. You can catch all with, Boilies, Worm, Meat and Pellet.

Spinney Lake

This lake consists of 23 pegs and 15ft deep. The obvious way to fish this lake is to the island on both pole and feeder. Both work incredibly well. There are a few species including Carp 22lbs, F1 Carp, Roach & Rudd 1lbs, Perch 3lbs, Barble 2lbs, Chub 2lb, Eels 6lbs. This was the lake where I lost a huge eel at the net once on a worm. Known baits to use are Corn, paste, maggot, pellet, caster, worm, boilies


I really like this Fishing Lake in Norfolk. It’s been a few years since I visited, but I have no doubt it’s as well-run as it’s always been. I like fishing for the tench and bream here the most via the feeder, as that’s what I’m naturally attracted to. Give this venue a few visits and make your own mind up.

For a brief visual representation of this fishery, watch the video below on Swimbooker youtube channel

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