Rocklands Mere Fishery

Rocklands Mere Fishing is a brilliant fishery based in norfolk offering specimen fishing of crucian carp, tench, roach, rudd and perch.

Experience the best of angling at Rocklands Mere Fishery, the hidden gem among Fishing Lake In Norfolk, just over an acre in size. You’ll probably be wondering why that is, right? It’s one of the few lakes in Norfolk I’d recommend catching the Crucian Carp. Known for its crystal-clear waters and vibrant fish population, Rocklands Mere provides an idyllic setting for both novice and experienced fishermen. This fishing lake is based at Rockland St Peter, Attleborough.

Rocklands Mere Fishery reminds me of a semi-wild venue nestled in a mature woodland. The wildlife here is beautiful and just makes you love being in the countryside. I haven’t been to this venue in a few years, but I never failed to see a water Vole when I did.

What Species at Rocklands Mere Fishery

It’s not a big carp water. And this lake can be challenging at the best of times. What you will find, is pure Crucian Carp known to come out over 4lb and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re bigger. Tench in this lake are known to get pretty big. I have no information on that biggest, but 7-9lb are not uncommon. Another species is Roach. These can be caught over 3lb, and I’m sure there’s probably one pushing 4 or 5lb somewhere to be had. Perch is another fish we’re going for, with regular specimen catches being caught. The last species I know of is the underrated Rudd. This species also gets to specimen sizes.

What’s the best Fishing spot at Rocklands Mere Fishery

I don’t really have a favourite spot. I honestly haven’t been as much as I should to give any informative recommendation of location to fish. Furthermore, I can say, they have areas of lily pads, tree lines reeds and overhanging trees. Depths vary from 4-6ft. You can catch different species in different spots depending on your fishing style. I’ve caught all over the lake.

What Tactics Work and Rocklands Mere Fishery

I would strip back everything. Forget the fancy poles and feeder fishing tactics. Nothing beats standard float fishing tactics. Old school fishing with a couple pints of maggots, chopped worm and corn. Spam can be used, but I opt against this as It puts off the roach. This venue is one of the few I fish basic. A chair, float road, some terminal tackle, bait and landing net.


Rocklands Mere Fishery, This isn’t a ‘bag up’ water. It’s rewarding water with immaculate fish and pure-bred crucian Carp. Nothing beats a warm evening watching your float sail away. Give this venue a try and let us know below how you get on.

For a visual representation of this lake, check out the wonderful video below from Drennan Tackle

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