Marsh View Fishery (Burgh Castle)

Marsh View Fishery stands out as a top choice among fishing lakes in Norfolk, offering enthusiasts a unique combination of scenic beauty and rich aquatic life.

Welcome to Marsh View Fishery, a hidden gem nestled in the scenic landscapes of Norfolk. Renowned as one of the most serene fishing lakes in Norfolk, this two-lake complex in Burgh Castle offers an unparalleled angling experience for both novice and seasoned fishermen. The lake is based in a really nice part of Norfolk and is only a short drive away from other fisheries like Hall Farm and Burgh Castle Fisheries.

 Marsh View Fishery Lake 1 (Coarse Lake)

It’s a cute little lake with only 8 swims. These 8 swims are beautifully maintained and hold a nice head of bream, smaller Carp, Roach, Tench, Rudd and Perch. These fish are no way specimens, and you’ll be lucky to get one over about 7/8lb. The tactics in this lake are standard pole/float fishing. Corn and pellets work well with maggots, catching the smaller fish. You can draw out the bigger carp using meat in the warmer months.

Marsh View Fishery Lake 2 (Carp Lake)

The lake is small for a carp lake, but the fish are of fantastic quality and hold a decent amount of doubled fish to over 18lb. There are other species in this lake, with the odd nice bream showing. This lake can only be fished from one side and only has 5 pegs that can be fished from. I’ve not any experience fishing this lake, so the known tactics to work are unknown to me, but well worth adding a comment to this thread and seeing if somebody can advise.


Marsh View Fishery is not as popular as other local lakes, but the fish is excellent quality, as are the fishing pegs. I must add that you have to buy your tickets from Gorleston Tackle Shop prior to fishing. I recommend this lake for anglers who are inexperienced and have a good chance of catching even the smaller fish

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