Norfolk Coast Best Beaches To Visit

Norfolk has some beaches to visit on the norfolk coast with some world renowned beaches

Best Beaches to Visit on the Norfolk Coast

England is blessed with natural beauty right across the Norfolk coast, but nothing can beat the charm of the beaches of Norfolk coast. Located in East Anglia, Norfolk is a popular county for its wide blue skies, unspoiled coastline, forest, countryside, broads, promenade, and nature reserves. There are plenty of things to do in Norfolk to keep you occupied
Norfolk coast has many coastal towns offering beaches, gardens, clubs, restaurants, and amusement parks making it an ideal holiday destination. It has something for everyone who wants to escape the city life and enjoy nature with all the luxuries. There are unlimited options for everyone wanting to enjoy and relax surrounded by nature. Although every place on the Norfolk coast is worth exploring, from picturesque towns to bars, nothing can beat the surreal beaches of Norfolk Coast.

It’s hard to shortlist the best beaches as there are almost 52 beaches along the Norfolk Coast.

In this article, we have shared our top favourite beaches along Norfolk Coast, just in case you are planning your next trip to Norfolk.


Wells on sea is one of the most famous beaches in the UK and these huts are sort after by people all over.
Credit- Visit North Norfolk

The best on our list is Wells-Next-The-Sea Beach, located on the North Norfolk Coast, just a mile away from the town. This is a perfect spot to relax and unwind from a hectic routine. The Wells on Sea Beach offers everything you want in one place. Wells Beach is easy to access, and car parking is just at the entrance of the beach. The golden sand, wide blue sea, sky, and colourful huts just give the perfect dreamy vibe of a holiday destination. This beach is ideal for kids, it has a huge open space and sand for playing and building castles.

Anyone can enjoy lying down and soaking in the sun, taking a walk on the sandy beach, or going swimming. Wells Beach is also dog friendly, so bring along your friend to spend some quality time on the Norfolk Coast.
The Wells on Sea Beach is a natural reserve and a perfect spot for bird-watching. Your presence on the beach should not disturb the birds and animals living on the Norfolk Coast.

Beach camping is also available at Wells Norfolk Coast, make sure you don’t leave any rubbish on the beach.

Holkham Beach (Beach joins with Wells-Next-The-Sea)

Holkham Beach is recognized as the Queen of all the beaches on the Norfolk Coast and all over Britain. Once you go to Holkham Beach, you will be spellbound by its majestic beauty, and chances are you don’t want to leave that place. The grandeur of horizons, pine forest, and golden sand at Holkham Beach mesmerizes everyone. An excellent family destination for kids, family, friends, and couples alike. Kids can play in the sand or shallow waters at Holkham Beach, and adults can join them for picnics. There is an ice cream van parked and a café near the beach makes your time enjoyable at the Norfolk Coast.

That’s not all, if you take a walk through Pine Walk towards the east for approximately 2 miles you will reach Wells on Sea Beach. Now that’s a double treat you can walk from one

magnificent beach to another and enjoy nature along the way. If you are a nature lover, go for a walk on this path, enjoy bird-watching, immerse in nature, or go cycling.
Holkham Bay is also famous worldwide because it was featured in the film Annihilation by Natalie Portman and the Oscar-winning film Shakespeare in Love.

Cromer Beach

cromer beach is a great tourist attraction and a great beach to visit in Norfolk
Image credit-Visit North Norfolk

The North Norfolk Coast is blessed with the best beaches, Cromer Beach is another popular tourist destination. This seaside town is known for its Victorian architecture, lush green cliffs, and unspoiled beaches. The Cromer town offers plenty of attractions for tourists, but the main reason is the Cromer Beach in the Norfolk Coast. The enchanted sea, blue sky, and pristine sand will cast a spell on you. Cromer has an extensive sandy and pebble beach,

beach huts, a promenade, a lifeboat station, a Cromer Pier, and breathtaking views from the cliff top.
Cromer Beach on the Norfolk Coast is cherished for its fishing activity. Cromer’s crabs have been renowned for quality for centuries, both tourists and locals cherish crabbing. Enjoy eating crabs and if you are good enough at fishing, participate in the World Pier Crabbing Championships at Cromer Pier.

Not just the beach but other areas in the surroundings such as the church on the cliff top, green spaces, and garden adjoining the promenade make your trip memorable.
Cromer beach is also known for having the world’s longest chalk reef. You can spend the day walking along the beach, surfing, enjoying food at local cafés and restaurants, and watching the sunset over the sea. The Cromer Beach on the Norfolk Coast offers so much that you will lose track of time.

Cromer Beach should be on your bucket list whenever you plan a trip to Norfolk Coast, and you will never regret it.

Horsey Beach

Horsey Beach is a unique location and one of the best beaches to visit on the Norfolk coast. What's unique is the seals that gather every year, bringing in thousands of locals and guests.
Image Credit – Visit East Of England

Horsey Beach is a gem in the Norfolk Coast for nature and animal lovers. This beach is a mile away towards the north-east of village Horsey, located between Waxham and Winterton beaches.
Horsey Beach is a wild sandy beach proliferated with grey seals on sand dunes. The peak season for seals is from November to January when they stay on Horsey Beach to give birth. During summer this beach is abandoned yet anyone who wants to spend time in pristine nature should come and relax while the seals bounce in the sea.

The Horsey Beach on Norfolk Coast is dog friendly but during winter, access to the beach is not allowed as this will trouble seals.
Horsey Beach has plenty of parking options, but there are not any facilities or amusement parks on the beach. You can find a café and restaurant on the main road if you are hungry. It’s best to bring your own food or plan a picnic with your family and kids and enjoy while you sit in the wild.

Horsey Beach along the Norfolk Coast is the perfect spot any day to spend quality time in nature. You can come with your friends or enjoy some blissful moments in solitude.

Great Yarmouth Beach

great yarmouth is probably one of the most visited seaside towns in the country let alone norfolk. It's one of the best beaches to visit on the Norfolk coast
Image credit – Visit Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth‘s Central Beach is a fantastic beach to spend a day out with family. Great Yarmouth Beach on the Norfolk Coast is situated between Wellington Piers and Britannia. This is a beautiful sandy beach that allows kids to play and enjoy amusement activities. Although this beach is slightly brash as compared to the other beaches on the Norfolk Coast where nature is abundant.

Great Yarmouth Beach has a promenade and various cafés, ice cream sellers, and shops that make it an ideal spot for family outings.
This beach is easily accessible from the main road with parking facilities and offers ramps at some points for the disabled. Public toilets are available for tourists and specifically for the disabled. The beach is ideal for swimming, playing, and relaxing in the sun. Lifeguards are deployed during the April and September seasons.

A bit of sad news for dog owners, as Great Yarmouth Central Beach requests not to bring dogs, but they are allowed on the north or south of the Great Yarmouth Beach.

Brancaster Beach

brancaster beach is such a beautiful beach and has the most wonderful dunes in norfolk. It's one of the best beaches on the Norfolk coast
Credit Image – National Trust

The pristine Brancaster beach consists of golden sand and blue sea along the Norfolk Coast. The sandy beach stretches for miles and is an excellent choice for family picnics, kids playing in the sand, or walking on the beach with your dog. This beach is extremely kids and dog-friendly. The beach is the perfect spot all around the year but make sure to check if

it’s high tide timings. During high tide, the road leading towards the beach is flooded and cars can’t drive through.
The beach is easily accessible as the parking is nearby and public toilets are also available. This beach is popular as a family and child-friendly beach but make sure

you are fully aware of tides and do not suffer from any accident. Unfortunately, this beach has no lifeguards, so you have to be conscious and vigilant, especially with the children.
If you want to enjoy some food, go to the kiosk just opposite the car park. Here you will find coffee, tea, and ice cream to satisfy your cravings and beach essentials like spades and buckets.

You can also visit Brancaster Harbour, which once was a cargo port but is now a hub for fishing. It’s less than a 10-minute drive from Brancaster Beach.
Brancaster Beach on the Norfolk Coast is a perfect picnic and holiday spot for families who want to enjoy swimming, windsurfing, kite surfing, or just chilling in the sand.


There are so many beaches in Norfolk from Great Yarmouth all the way up to blakeney, so my advice, get out there and find them. I’ve spent decades exploring Norfolk and still exploring new places as often as possible. Please leave a comment and let me know your best beaches to visit on the Norfolk coast.