Hunstanton, Norfolk – A Must-See Guide

Hunstanton beach is a picturesque landscape. It's the best place to catch the sunset in the UK

Hunstanton welcomes you with its beautiful beach, spectacular sunsets, and serene landscape. Hunstanton, Norfolk is a coastal town offering natural attractions and activities for all age groups, a perfect family holiday spot.

Despite being loaded with natural beauty and sunshine, Hunstanton Norfolk has a lot of fun and entertainment options. Start the expedition with Hunstanton’s sandy beaches, cliffs, and sunsets, and move on to bars, restaurants, and the Princess Theatre. This place offers something for everyone, from nature to sports and entertainment.

Our goal is to ensure you enjoy the best of Hunstanton Norfolk, we have developed this travel guide to make this trip the most memorable of your life.

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Hunstanton – An Introduction

Hunstanton, Norfolk, is a popular tourist destination situated on the Eastern side of England. It is famous for its beach facing west, which will allow you to witness surreal sea sunsets. The coastal town was built in the mid-1800s by Henry L’Estrange and still contains rampant Victorian architecture. This adds more character and charm to the beautiful seaside town of Hunstanton, Norfolk.

Hunstanton Norfolk has a very much diverse beach as seen in the photo. You have the cliffs followed by moss-covered rock on the shortline
Image Credit – Visit West Norfolk


The highlight of Hunstanton’s natural beauty is the prominent white and red striped cliffs. Its striking beauty and majestic beaches allure nature lovers and tourists. Enjoy a walk in the garden, play golf, paddleboard, or hike along the Norfolk Coast Path. Hunstanton Norfolk has plenty of indoor and entertainment options for kids and adults like Alive Oasis, Rainbow Park, and gaming arcades. Other fascinating attractions are the beautiful sandy beach, rock pools, seal safari, Sea Life Centre, Norfolk Lavender fields, games at arcades, and the famous Princess Theatre.

Your holiday trip to Hunstanton, Norfolk is incomplete without a mandatory visit to Princess Theatre. Nothing better than a glass of wine and a show at the Princess Theatre to end your day. You can check the details for ticket prices, book tickets, shows, and timings for the Princess Theatre on the website.

If you are interested in history and want old village vibes, then you must visit Hunstanton Heritage Centre, Burnham Market, and Castle Rising. This area still has village charm with restaurants, pubs, and local shops.

For adventure and nature lovers, Sandringham Estate is the best option to spend a day exploring woodland and fields. You can also go hiking along the Norfolk Coast Path and enjoy spectacular sea views and birdwatching opportunities.

This town is a perfect destination for families, kids, and couples. The best part is Hunstanton Norfolk is pet-friendly so you can bring your dogs on your trip.

Hunstanton Sea Life Centre

Hunstanton, Norfolk is not an ordinary seaside town, it is full of fun and entertainment activities for everyone. One of its popular attractions is the Sea Life Centre, located in New Hunstanton.

Sealife centre in Hunstanton, Norfolk, is a must-see for all the aquatic-loving people. The vast majority of sea life is a must-see
Credit Image – Sea Life Centre

There are several beautiful species, aquarium zones, a seal hospital, and conservation and animal welfare at Sea Life Centre Hunstanton, Norfolk. It is a perfect choice to spend quality time with family, especially kids. Check their website for ticket prices, visiting hours, and other information while you are planning your trip. Make sure to buy online tickets before you visit for guaranteed entry. The Sea Life Centre caters to people of all age groups and issues local annual passes for exclusive deals and events.

Hunstanton Beach

The magnificent beaches in Hunstanton, Norfolk welcome you with open arms. Hunstanton Beach is the only place in the UK that offers surreal sunsets over the sea, as it is west-facing on the East Coast. The top beaches in Norfolk have something for everyone, you can enjoy peace and bliss in nature or hangover with friends and family for games and entertainment.

The picturesque landscape of the Norfolk beach makes it an ideal destination for photo lovers. A massive beach with diverse landscapes
Image Credit – Visit West Norfolk

The beaches in Hunstanton, Norfolk, are easily accessible by bus or car. You can park your car and reach the coast comfortably. Enjoy walking along the coast or immerse yourself in the majestic beauty of golden sand and red and white cliffs. The beaches in Hunstanton, Norfolk is a perfect spot for recreational activities for kids, let them build sandcastles and play along the coast while you sunbathe.

Hunstanton Beach is further classified as South Beach and North Beach. The South beach is considered as the main Hunstanton beach, which offers many seaside attractions for people of all ages. The beach is child-friendly and offers fun and recreational activities such as rides, golf club seal trips, promenades, restaurants, and cafés for food. If you want to enjoy peaceful moments of solitude or explore nature with family, go for the North Hunstanton beach. It is a very peaceful and scenic spot for taking a walk, playing with kids, swimming, taking your dog for a walk, and exploring three-tiered cliffs overlooking the sea. This side of the beach also has big stones lying in a line covered with moss, it is a rare sight.

The best part of planning a trip to Hunstanton, Norfolk is that it is dog-friendly and there are plenty of options available.

Hunstanton Sunset

If you are visiting Hunstanton, Norfolk, you must not miss watching the most magical sunset over the sea. Hunstanton sunset over sea is what makes beaches in Hunstanton, Norfolk extremely popular tourist destinations. As the only west-facing coast in the UK, Hunstanton, Norfolk Beach offers the best sunset views that make your day.

This sunset is a famous countryside location. Norfolk live you can make the most out of it from the comfort of your own couch
Credit Image – Norfolk Live

To watch the mesmerizing sunset views, the prime spot is Old Hunstanton Beach. Enjoy the sea breeze and bask in the sun during the day and make your evenings memorable with these magical sunsets in Hunstanton, Norfolk.

Places to Stay in Hunstanton

While planning a trip, the most crucial part is the search for the best accommodation that provides you comfort and luxury. Hunstanton, Norfolk has many options for hotels according to your budget and personal preferences. As a popular tourist destination, Hunstanton, Norfolk offers the best accommodation but make sure to check through websites and book the best hotels in advance.

Searles Hunstanton

Searles Leisure Resort stands as an enchanting family-owned holiday destination, proudly offering its services for almost a century. Lodged in the Victorian seaside town of Hunstanton, Norfolk, Searles Leisure Resort has held a premium status in family holiday destinations for over three generations.

Searles is a popular holiday accommodation in Hunstanton, Norfolk offering different locations to suit all parties
Credit Image – Visit North Norfolk

This holiday resort offers a family and group-friendly environment, high chairs, Wi-Fi, electric car charging, parking, and wheelchair accessibility. Searles Leisure Resort is pet-friendly, you can bring your cat or dog on your trip. The resort also offers hot tubs and a swimming pool, an all-season indoor pool with sauna and jacuzzi facilities.

Searles Leisure Resort proclaims “Creating Happiness for All Ages” as it

offers sports and recreation activities like tennis, golf, fishing, and pedal karts. The beach in Hunstanton, Norfolk is accessible from Searles Leisure Resort at a comfortable walking distance. The Searles Leisure Resort provides various lodging options, including camping pitches, pods, caravans, and luxury lodges. It also includes two dine-in restaurants, eateries, and an on-site supermarket.

Manor Park Hunstanton

Manor Park in Hunstanton, Norfolk, is another great option if you are looking for budget-friendly and easy-to-access beach accommodation. Manor Park is at an ideal location, you can take an easy 8-minute walk to the beach and reach SEA LIFE Sanctuary aquarium in almost 11 minutes.

Manor park in Hunstanton, Norfolk, is a popular tourist stay and has hundreds of caravans and static caravans. The location is top quality as seen in the picture below
Image Credit – Manor Park

For accommodation stylish caravans and chalets with 2- to 3-bedroom and kitchens, living rooms, furnished with ovens, TVs, and fireplaces are perfect for families or couples. It is a perfect spot to enjoy with family and kids, as it has a playground, outdoor pools, entertainment complex, and restaurant. Other facilities include parking, free WiFi, a bar, non-smoking rooms, and a beach front.

Are the attractions in Hunstanton worth visiting if I am already planning to visit Norwich?

While planning your visit to Norwich, don’t miss out on the attractions in Hunstanton. Located on the stunning Norfolk coast, it offers a unique seaside experience. With its beautiful beach, stunning cliffs, and tidal pools, Hunstanton provides an opportunity to explore things in Norwich while enjoying a coastal getaway.

Hunstanton Webcam

The famous “Sunny Hunny” or Hunstanton, Norfolk is a seaside town that offers exclusive sunsets over the sea in the UK. With the only west-facing coast in the UK, Hunstanton Norfolk is popular as a tourist destination, but it is not mandatory to visit to experience its breathtaking views. Yes, that is possible through Hunstanton Webcams, which allow people to watch the majestic beauty of Hunstanton Norfolk in the comfort of their homes.

Hunstanton Webcams is a project initiated by the community during COVID-19 to help people overcome these difficult times. The project is still running efficiently even after COVID-19 ended. You can also donate through their website to contribute to society.

Through the Hunstanton Webcams project, you can watch Old Hunstanton Beach from Cliff Top, North Prom, South Beach, South Prom, and The Green in Hunstanton, Norfolk.

Live video streaming lets you enjoy the panoramic views and mesmerizing beauty of Hunstanton, Norfolk from anywhere in the world.

Final Words

Hunstanton, Norfolk is a holiday destination with never-ending options for relaxation and enjoyment. The coastal town offers natural beauty and unlimited options for entertainment and adventure. Hunstanton, Norfolk should be on your bucket list for travel destinations. If you’re looking for other things to do in Norfolk, feel free to have a look at our other guides.