Things To Do In Norwich – Your Guide

Norwich has many things to do in Norwich including exploring the river as seen in the photo

5 Things to do in Norwich – Your Guide

Norwich is a Cathedral City in the UK, sitting on the River Wensum, in Norfolk County. Norwich is a contemporary city that maintains its deep medieval roots, filled with mesmerizing Norfolk Broads. Norwich is said to be a tranquil and captivating tourist destination equivalent to an Indonesian island. If you need a quick escape from busy life, plan a trip to Norwich. You will be lost in the spirited combination of contemporary and medieval charm. Make sure you are ready to embrace what Norwich has to offer because things to do in Norwich are never going to end soon.

Start your excursion from the city centre, and see the stunning architecture of medieval Norwich Cathedral, adorned with Romanesque design. Next, the Tombland area welcomes you with two unique gates, named St. Ethelbert’s and Erpingham. The historic Tombland site used to be a famous Saxon marketplace, which invites you to troll and listen to the

whispers of the ancient age. Stroll a little more and visit the Museum of Norwich, located at the Bridewell. Explore Norwich’s deep roots in history through unwinding tales knitted into the textile. Explore Norwich Castle, built in the 11th century, that includes a museum and gallery. Catch the show at the Theatre Royal, and never miss the chance to visit Dragon Hall, which is 600 years old.

This city offers so many fun and recreational activities, offering Norwich culture and the serene Norfolk Broads. You might get confused in picking what things to do in Norwich and whatnot. Don’t worry, we got you covered, in this article, we will share the top five things to do in Norwich to make your trip fantastic.

Whitlingham Country Park

Enjoy everything from walks to watersports and Whitingham park
Image Credit – Whitlingham Park

The best place to relax and enjoy nature in Norwich is Whitlingham Country Park. Located on the outskirts of Norwich, Whitlingham Country Park covers an area of over 280 acres and is a gateway to Broads. This is an ideal spot for nature lovers and birdwatchers, you can enjoy walks and cycling in the beautiful countryside. Whitlingham Country Park offers the perfect spot for family outings and a picnic meadow.

Whitlingham Country Park has facilities including a café, toilet, and a visitor’s centre. This resort also has Whitlingham Adventure area, which has facilities for both land and water sports. Embark on an adventurous journey and try windsurfing, cruising, kayaking, archery, climbing, or bushcraft with friends or family.

Whitlingham Country Park has gorgeous walks all over the park if you want to stroll and relax in peace. The other facilities at Whitlingham Country Park include the Outdoor Education Centre and wheelchair accessibility. For more details, go through their website or contact the Outdoor Education Centre.

Norwich Escape Room

Test your skills in one of Norwich's escape rooms and make this a must-see thing to do in Norwich

Just when you are curious to know what things to do in Norwich and feeling bored, the Norwich Escape Room comes to your rescue. There are multiple places that offer mind games, finding clues, and missions that you can play with your family and friends.

These gaming rooms have different options to choose from like Escape Rooms, City Hunt, Virtual Reality, Play At Home, and Letterbox Games.

If you desire to enjoy games in virtual reality, Norwich’s First Virtual Reality Escape Rooms offer you the best adventure and gaming experience. You can check websites for prices, gaming options, timings, and booking options. It is a perfect idea to visit the escape room as part of a birthday celebration or spend a day out with friends and family in an adventurous place. Make sure to visit the escape room with your personal team and not exceed the limits per room.

Norwich Market

Norwich market is a lively market and has been around for decades. It's bright and offers everything from food to watch batteries
Image Credit – Visit Norwich

Norwich Market is a popular attraction located on Gentleman’s Walk in the centre of Norwich City. Norwich Market opens from Monday to Saturday, being the oldest open-air and largest market with 189 stalls it offers a wide range of items such as crafts, jewellery, food, clothes, flowers, and much more. You can stroll through the Norwich Market, shop, or enjoy scrumptious fish & chips, ice cream, and more. The Norwich Market opens on Sunday, with only limited stalls opening. There is no proper parking site for the Norwich Market, but you can easily find a spot to park your car.

Norwich Market is also accessible to disabled persons. The Norwich Market reflects its prosperous legacy and traditional architecture that enchants you. Norwich Market is a perfect spot to delve into the rich culture and street food known for its taste. The highlights of Norwich Market are beers at Sir Toby’s, The Cheese Man for exotic and local cheeses, fresh baked tarts, sourdough, and of course frozen treats from The Ice Cream Parlour. You can buy gifts, and other household items, and restock Herbs & Spices.

The Norwich Market should be on your bucket list of things to do in Norwich.

Theatre Royal Norwich

Image Credit – Northern Ballet

Situated at the core of Norwich’s city centre, Theatre Royal Norwich is a treat for drama, music, and entertainment lovers. Theatre Royal Norwich acts as a hub for arts and culture in Norwich. Stimulating creativity and celebrating diversity. Theatre Royal Norwich has three venues where individuals from all backgrounds jointly experiment, design, discuss, learn, and have fun. You should visit Central Norwich’s premier theatre and enjoy opera, concerts, and drama performances. Theatre Royal Norwich hosts professional artists and shows from London’s West End organized as part of their tours.

Food and entertainment go side by side, Theatre Royal Norwich has bars and restaurants offering a huge selection of snacks, drinks, and other food items. Norwich Theatre Royal starts at 9:30 am from Monday to Saturday and is accessible and family-friendly. Norwich Theatre Royal offers pre-show meals at Adnams Circle Bar and restaurant after 5pm, and visitors are offered cake and coffee at lunchtime.

Norwich Theatre provides an equally enjoyable and comfortable experience for all visitors. Their services include facilitating assistance dogs, providing hearing headsets and enhancements, complimentary companion tickets, wheelchair accessibility, transfers, and mobility aids. The Norwich Theatre also offers familiarization visits for visitors to make their experience smooth and enjoyable. You can check more details regarding booking tickets, running shows, and other facilities through the website.

Plantation Gardens

Credit Image – Visit Norwich

Are you still thinking about the one thing to do in Norwich? Just go to Plantation Gardens, a heaven and hidden treasure of Norwich. Plantation Gardens is nestled on Earlham Road beside the Roman Catholic Cathedral. Plantation Gardens cover an area of three acres, and it is registered as a Grade II English Heritage garden created more than 100 years ago. Plantation Gardens were established 600 yards away from the city centre in a deserted chalk quarry. This place is a utopia for nature and peace fanatics.

Plantation Gardens are open from Monday to Sunday from 8am to dusk.

You can relax, and take walks surrounded by lawns, flower beds, a giant gothic fountain, and woodland walkways.

Plantation Gardens has beautiful architectural splendours like Medieval terrace wall, Italianate terrace, rustic bridge, and greenhouse in

Victorian-style. The Plantation Gardens is densely forested and blooms in all seasons, providing a habitat for wildlife.

Plantation Gardens arranges different programs for outdoor cinema, live music, and family shows, accompanied by homemade teas on Sunday afternoons.

Plantation Gardens welcomes educational, individual, and group trips

by appointment. Make a mandatory visit to Plantation Gardens and do not miss this magical place in Norwich.

The End

No, certainly not, Norwich has so much to offer that you might get tired, but the options won’t end. There is no one thing to do in Norwich, it’s a whole package. You might need to plan carefully to enjoy the best and what you love the most, but you definitely need more than one visit to embrace what Norwich has to offer.

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