Best Locations to Buy a Norfolk Holiday Home

Norfolk has some amazing holiday homes that are found up and down the coast

Why Consider a Norfolk Holiday Home

Norfolk is known as a dreamy holiday destination in the UK, blessed with pristine beaches, countryside, walks, seaside towns, and much more. Norfolk is located towards the east of England, the Norfolk beaches guarantee the most spectacular sunsets. Having a Norfolk holiday home allows you to spend your holidays surrounded by nature, and the liberty of having a home away from home. A Norfolk holiday home will make your holidays more special and allow you to embrace the majestic beauty of Norfolk. In Norfolk, you get access to Blue Flag beaches, and famous resorts like Great Yarmouth, Blakeney, Cromer, Norwich, and Norfolk Broads spanning over 125 miles of unobstructed waterways. Hunstanton, located on the east Norfolk coast, offers spectacular sunsets over The Wash as it is the only coast facing exclusively West. Norfolk is an ideal spot to spend holidays and enjoy walks in the forest or next to a beach, bird watching, racing through trails, climbing via woodland adventure parks, and kitesurfing. In this article let’s explore the locations for the best Norfolk holiday homes.

The Choices of Different Norfolk Holiday Homes

Norfolk is the cradle of British civilization, and it offers everything from ancient architecture to busy market towns and peaceful coastal villages. Finding the perfect Norfolk holiday home is not a difficult task, but you should consider which area of Norfolk County you would like to spend holidays. Norfolk is a haven for nature lovers with plenty of natural attractions, amusement parks, and activities for adventure and art lovers. Getting a Norfolk holiday home facilitates a getaway from your hectic life and spending time in a place that you treasure. If you love sunsets and want to enjoy the view every day, Hunstanton is the best place to have a Norfolk holiday home. Hunstanton also has a large seal colony, cliffs, and unspoiled beaches. To explore pinewoods, and white sand for a Norfolk holiday home in Holkham. Cromer is for the love of crabbing, the pier, and the lavish Christmas show. To enjoy more of a peaceful countryside you should consider Great Yarmouth and Blakeney. Get a Norfolk holiday home in Norwich, to explore relaxed city vibes, explore historic buildings, and stroll through Norwich lane for shopping, restaurants, and bars.

Seaside towns and beaches

People finding pleasure around pristine Norfolk beaches, surfing, swimming, blue skies, sunset, and options for fun should consider Norfolk holiday homes in Cromer and Great Yarmouth. Cromer is known for crabbing, picturesque town, and an exclusive pier. If you want to relish seafood, chips, stroll, and shop, Cromer is the place for you to get your dream Norfolk holiday home. Cromer Beach is a coastal town known for its Victorian architecture, unspoiled beaches, and leafy green cliffs. The magical sea, sky, and clean sand leave everyone spell bound. For nature, adventure, and fun lovers nothing is better than a Norfolk holiday home in Cromer. In Cromer, you have access to sandy beach, crabbing, beach huts, chalk reef, a promenade, Cromer Pier, and breathtaking views from the cliff top. Another great option for finding a Norfolk holiday home is Great Yarmouth. The seaside town of Great Yarmouth has a fantastic beach to spend a day out with family. Great Yarmouth Beach on the Norfolk Coast is situated between Wellington Piers and Britannia. This is a beautiful sandy beach that allows kids to play and enjoy amusement activities. Great Yarmouth Beach has a promenade and various cafés, ice cream sellers, and shops that make it an ideal spot for family outings. The beach is ideal for swimming, playing, and relaxing in the sun.

Rural Holiday Homes In Norfolk

Rural areas of Norfolk is a beautiful area to be had. More so if you're looking at a holiday home in Norfolk
Credit – Visit North Norfolk
Holt is a beautiful Georgian town in the north Norfolk coastal region. It is perfect for spending holidays in a traditional, rural setting, with streets lined with buildings, guiding to shops, restaurants, and art galleries. If you enjoy walking the streets in a peaceful rural town, Holt should be on your list for a Norfolk holiday home. Holt is located 10 miles west of Cromer and 23 miles from Norwich. Holt is the most stunning town centre surrounded by Georgian buildings and just three miles away from Cley next the sea beach. Elsing is a little village close to Dereham, on the south side of the vale of the Wensum. Elsing village was anointed after Saxon chief Elesa, who was once a buzzing market town but is now a peaceful village. Elsing provides an ideal location for a Norfolk holiday home for people who want to experience living in rural and peaceful areas. Elsing was home to more than 1000 people during the medieval era having a market and guildhall. In 1347 St Mary’s Church was built with the widest pillarless nave in East Anglia. Elsing Hall was built in 1470, with a priest hole in the hall used by Catholic priests during the 16th century to hide from persecution. Here in Elsing you can stay in nature and visit centuries-old buildings like the Mermaid Inn public house, the Rectory, and Elsing Mill on the River Wensum.

Busier Areas for your Norfolk Holiday Homes

Norwich is a contemporary city that preserves its deep medieval roots with a plethora of fun and recreational activities presenting Norwich’s culture and the tranquil Norfolk Broads. Norwich is the most ideal location for having a Norfolk holiday home. Norwich is a peaceful and enchanting tourist destination for a quick escape from occupied life. You will be charmed by the vibrant blend of contemporary and medieval Norwich. Initiate the tour from the city centre, appreciating the incredible medieval architecture going towards the historic Tombland site, and Museum of Norwich. Going to the 600-year-old Dragon Hall and Theatre Royal to watch the show is always a good idea. Norwich has so much to offer that your holidays might end, but the list goes on. To fully enjoy and explore, consider buying a Norfolk holiday house in Norwich. Thetford has the potential to be your ideal Norfolk holiday home, loaded with nature and plenty of activities. Thetford is an old market town located in the South West of Norfolk. Founded in the Iron Age, Thetford’s history dates back to the Iron Age, and the town continues to have tranquillity and balance in its rural surroundings. Thetford is a small, busy town, but you will be awestruck to learn that Thetford offers so much to explore and relish. Thetford is an ancient town maintaining its historical lineage of centuries, with the Cluniac priory, a Benedictine nunnery, and Castle Hill. Excavations revealed the imprints of the Anglo-Saxon town of Thetford, providing proof of a powerful industry, mint, and a town of 4,000 residents. Thetford is 44 miles drive away Wells-next-the-Sea, you can go to the beach in an hour. Thetford has tourist spots like Thetford Castle, Combat Paintball Ltd, Dad’s Army Museum, Go Ape Thetford, Charles Burrell Museum, and much more.

Relaxing Holiday Home Choices

North Norfolk Is one of the most beautiful places in the UK and Holkham Hall is a standout venue
Credit – Holkham Hall
Some people prefer peace and comfort over anything else, for them, Holkham and Fakenham are perfect spots for a Norfolk Holiday Home. Holkham has a breathtaking coastal topography, state residence, parkland, and plenty of attractions that make Holkham a fabulous place to stay. Holkham Estate, located on the North Norfolk coast, is the largest nature reserve in the UK, headed by Thomas Coke, the 8th Earl of Leicester. Nature and peace are found in abundance, enjoy your walks while exploring the wilderness and bird-watching. Holkham National Nature Reserve was made artificially from the salt marsh of Holkham Estate, a habitat for flora and fauna. The pristine Holkham Beach, Holkham Park near Holkham Hall, and Beach Road, at Wells are a few major spots to visit. The Holkham Nature Reserve spans 10 miles along the shore, over 4,000 hectares that start from Wells to Holkham Bay, intersected by trails via the pine woodland.
  • Another great option for relishing a Norfolk holiday home is Fakenham.
  • Fakenham is popular for having a Racecourse, a pure-bred horse racing venue.
  • Fakenham is the largest traditional operating market town, in north Norfolk, blessed with gorgeous countryside along the River Wensum.
  • In the shadow of the marketplace, you will find 14th and 15th-century structures of the medieval church of St Peter and St Paul.
  • Fakenham is an excellent destination for relishing the beach and countryside.
  • If you are still not sure about buying a Norfolk holiday home in Fakenham, remember, Fakenham has been selected as the seventh-best place to live in Britain in the survey.

Is Blakeney a Good Location to Buy a Holiday Home in Norfolk?

Blakeney is a great location to buy a holiday home in Norfolk. With its picturesque coastal views, charming village atmosphere, and abundance of outdoor activities, Blakeney offers the perfect setting for a relaxing getaway. Whether you enjoy birdwatching, sailing, or simply soaking in panoramic sea views, Blakeney has something to offer for everyone.


Norfolk is an ideal destination for spending holidays. Set your priorities correctly so that you can buy your Norfolk holiday home in your dream location. If you decide on which destination to purchase your beautiful home, check out our guides for things to do in Norfolk