Airfield Lakes

View of Airfield Lakes in Norfolk. A peaceful lake surrounded by greenery with a wooden platform and a fishing rod in the foreground

Fishing Lakes In Norfolk – Airfield Lakes. Dickleburgh is a small village in south Norfolk, located just off the A140. Near Dickleburgh are two lakes that make up an exclusive fishery. Specimen carp thrive here.

Airfield Lakes are available only for weekly bookings, not daily ones. This is a great place to book with friends for a week of top-quality carp fishing.

This fishery holds a fifty-pound plus carp, and numerous thirty- and forty-pound fish swim in its waters. What an opportunity for you to set a personal best!

I haven’t fished this fishery myself, but I’ve many friends that do. One friend explains the best way he fishes is to not overly complicate the rig. Whatever you feel comfortable fishing with, and the majority of his catches have been off a single 30mm boilie.

He advised that you shouldn’t be putting massive amounts of bait over such a short space of time, as this often kills the fishing. Bites often come through the night if you do get lucky enough to snag a bite.

The most I’ve heard of somebody getting over a 48-hour session was 4 30s and 2 40s. I do not want to give any unnecessary expectations, as this lake can be difficult, and these guys have a lot of experience fishing here.

Lake Size: Around 4 acres
Lake Record: 50lb +
Stock: Majority Large Carp, some larger roach and Bream
Contact:[email protected]
Address: IP24 4PH

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