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Tench caught on a 15mm boilie
Perch caught using a maggot feeder in the margins

The Passionate Pursuit Of Fishing in Norfolk

Norfolk offers excellent fishing. We are proud to house a world-famous water system in the Norfolk Broads, and what a place to fish. With people coming year after year to unlock the secrets.
Norfolk doesn’t just have an outstanding river system, it has some beautiful fishing holidays, including the famous Woodlakes known by all big tackle manufacturers for its fantastic fishing. The lake holds specimen fish of all coarse fishing species and luckily, we at Norfolk Fishing Blog have an exclusive discount code for readers of this site.
Check our Woodlakes Park blog post out for information or Contact us below.

Trust us to catch more fish

At Norfolk Fishing Blog, we have tremendous experience fishing the rivers and lakes of Norfolk.
These guides are for anglers of all levels, from new anglers right up to seasoned pros. Each location needs knowledge and a good understanding, and we vow to offer outstanding local knowledge to the best of our ability.
The lists below are some species and methods you’re likely to see throughout the website.
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Each Fishing Spot Require Special Technique

The lakes of Norfolk offer a variety of styles with information about what to expect. There’s no need to second guess.
There’s no need to second guess with our category for all things hiring a boat on the Norfolk broads.
With lifelong knowledge of Norfolk and its places to visit, there’s guides of visiting some fantastic locations and everything they offer.

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