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Me catching a pike norfolk broads fishing. I caught this in martham dropshotting worm

Introduction To Norfolk Fishing Blog – About Us

My name is Liam, and I’ve been fishing in Norfolk most of my life. This section is solely based around my trips and experiences, mostly in Norfolk

In this section of the website, I aim to provide my fishing reports and experiences. In fishing, I believe in sharing knowledge and advice. Fishing in modern times has become very secretive concerning locations and bait. Although people have their reasons, I am transparent and honest about my fishing, including locations.

What’s My Favourite Type Of Fishing?

I prefer feeding fishing mostly in and around the fishing lakes in Norfolk

Although I mostly feeder fish, I am partial to some pole fishing in some of the mixed coarse lakes around the county of Norfolk. You’ll probably see me post as often as possible throughout the months, pole fishing.

This year, I want to take my predator fishing more seriously and venturing out places I’ve not visited for a long time in hope of securing that crocodile.

There was a moment in time where I’d spend most weekends on the bank fishing in the darkness, often staying bankside. These days are mostly over due to family commitments, but I still get out on the bank as regularly as possible and decided to invest some time in to this website to give people some base knowledge on fishing in and around Norfolk

What’s My Favourite Fish Species?

Has to be Tench. I first caught one of these in the Montgomeryshire canal and fell in love with everything about the tench. The colour, the time of day, the style of fishing. The style of float fishing brings back fishing as a child. When you fall in love with something as a child, you automatically have fond memories. For me, this is tench fishing. I’ve improved a lot since this time and every year, I’ll dedicate hours in to the species.

Tench caught fishing early morning at wood akes on the feeder
A lovely 7lb2oz Tench

I do have another fond memories of bream fishing as well. Back when I was a teenager and used to fish Swangey Lakes main pit (you could day fish the big pit then) You could easily bag up with 200lbs of bream in one day. I was blown away and loved it ever since. If I visit a venue with bream, It puts a smile on my face.

8lb 2oz Bream caught at woodlakes on feeder fishing tactics
8lb 2oz Bream caught on feeder fishing tactics

Do You Match Fish?

I use to. Back when I was a teenager. I’d fish most matches fishing in Norfolk and was a local specialist to a variety of lakes like Holly Farm and Burgh Castle. I’d win the majority of matches because of the amount I’d fish the venues. These days, I don’t like the fast-paced stress of match fishing. These days, I don’t fish for quantity and prefer a less stocked fishing lake

Do you have a favourite Venue When Fishing In Norfolk?

Generally speaking, I have venues when fishing in Norfolk and lakes for different species. Although not the best, I like Bartles Lodge. It offers decent carp averaging about 6-8lb and the surface fishing is so much fun in the warmer months. I’m also a big fan of both Taswood Lakes and Broome Pits. Both offer a mix of fishing experiences.
If you’re looking for a short break at a fishing lake with accommodation in Norfolk, I’d highly recommend Woodlakes. The fishing late spring is unbeatable to any other cabin lake. The accommodation is very nice and great for the partner to relax in the hot tub.

liv pan asia at woodlakes meal for two
Starter at Liv Pan Asia – Woodlakes

With fishing the Norfolk Broads, there are loads of spots which I won’t be going into too much detail about, but there’s lots of information available on other parts of the site. I will say, the one membership I purchase every year is the NDDA licence (Norwich District Angling Association) this allows you to fish some excellent stretches or rivers across the broads.

Being around the Norfolk Broads most of my life, I’ve a good base of knowledge for Norfolk broads boat hire adventures also. I’ve another section of my website dedicated. Again, this is all coming from personal experience and not trying to sell anything to anybody. Day boat hire Norfolk Broads can be expensive so if I can take some of that guess work away, job done from me

Why did I Start Norfolk Fishing Blog?

I love fishing and I love the Norfolk Broads. I feel so lucky to live in this part of the country. Creating this website, I wanted a website which has information available to anybody that wanted to know. All the other informational website both fishing and Norfolk Broads didn’t really have anything talking from experience, instead more of a business page. I am solely talking with 1st person perspective with an abundance of experience.

When it comes to fishing information, I’ve visited almost every lake in the country and can provide decent knowledge of most lakes. I’m open and honest and really enjoy to share what I learn with all my readers. I’m no way an expert fisherman and learning year upon year with new tactics and tackle.

Other Information About our Fishing Blog?

Other than information, we are looking to create a community. We have our Facebook fishing group available to view directly from the website! This is to entice conversation between anglers and unbrace the culture of sharing knowledge. We have another page on the website which I want to bring to your attention.

A Digital Art Fish Shop on Norfolk Fishing Blog

We have an in house made digital fish shop art. These are made with watercolours and are available to download right to your smart device, computer or take it to a print shop to put on a canvas. These are unique and made with time and attention.

My Personal Fishing Blog Catch Reports

To finish off, I’ll bring you back to all my fishing reports. I will not be posting all, but will try my best to get as many uploaded as possible. Below, you’ll be able to read through, and I’ll let you know what bait I used and which peg fished.

If you have a location in mind, feel free to share them with me, I’ll give them a fish and let you know how I get on.

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