Things To Do In Norfolk

there's plenty of things to do in norfolk from beaches to theme parks. There's something for everybody
Holkham Beach – Credit – Visit Norfolk

Norfolk is a beautiful county with many landscapes and terrains, from sandy beaches and city life to the quaint peaceful countryside.  You can travel from one extreme to the other with such a short drive.  With that being said, there are plenty of things to do in Norfolk and within this category, we’ll inspire you to get out and explore this diverse county. Firstly, we’ll get to understand a little more about Norfolk and what it has to offer.

The Population Of Norfolk

Norfolk has roughly 915,000 residents, with 1 in 4 being over the age of 65. The most recent information supplied by Norfolk Insight report, from 2023, believes 1 in 20 people in Norfolk are below the age of 5. To add to the population of Norfolk being elderly, in fact, North Norfolk has the oldest population in the country with a median age of 54. Norfolk is 14 years older per median age than the average of age 40 in other places. Just to add some context into how ageing the population is, between the years 2011-2021, the average age increased by 3 years from 51-54. For the whole published stats, please visit the Office Of National Statistics 

Norfolk Attractions

Without giving away too much regarding things to do in Norfolk, I’ll give a brief insight into some of the gems that bring people to Norfolk. I’ll leave you to read the individual articles on locations.

The Countryside

Thetford forest is some of the most visited woodland in norfolk. Thetford forest is one of the best things to do in Norfolk
Thetford Forest – Credit – Indoor Outdoor

The countryside is something to be adored in Norfolk. Once you leave the busy coastal towns of Norfolk and Cromer, it’s only a short, leisurely drive until you get into the heart of Norfolk. You can venture through the North Norfolk country roads or spend the day walking around the miles and miles of the Brecks and Thetford Forrest.  I will give you one little gem to take away, I highly rate this map designed by The Tourist Trail. It shows a fantastic 55-mile drive with places to stop along the way. I’ve done this, and I recommend it if you haven’t got long in this county

The Norfolk Walks

Norfolk has loads of interesting places to visit, including some beautiful countryside walks and forests
Credit – Premier Cottage

One of my favourite things to do in Norfolk is picking a place I’ve never been in Norfolk, and see what it has to offer. More often than not these last few years, I’ve enjoyed the walks in the open spaces of the Norfolk countryside like Bacton Woods, Dersingham Bog, beaches and one of 650 medieval churches. Norfolk has the highest concentrated number of medieval churches in the world. Everywhere you go seems to have a church.

There are things to do in Norfolk For Everybody

Norfolk is split into many different areas. You have the coast and areas like Great Yarmouth and Cromer, which are tourist areas and plenty to do for a decent day out. These areas have much less footfall between October and May, as that’s the off-peak time of year in the coastal areas. You have the areas like Holt and Fakenham, which have plenty of woodland and wildlife walks, much like Thetford. You have a city in Norwich which brings fantastic shopping and multicultural dining experiences. There’s also day boat hire Norfolk broads or a spot of fishing in one of many fishing lakes in Norfolk.

Things To Do In Norfolk For Children

Everybody is looking for a day out with the kids. The weekends can be long, and nobody likes cabin fever being stuck all day. There are loads of things to do in Norfolk for children. I’ll go through some of the more popular choices that I hope will satisfy a bored child on their long weekends.

Banham Zoo

Ban zoo is a famous zoo in norfolk with a vast amount of animals from spiders to crocs

This is a must-visit zoo in Banham, Norfolk. With tickets at £22 an adult and £19 for children. Children under the age of two are only £2. They’ll see everything from Owls to tigers. One thing I’d recommend, you enquire about the Junior Keeper experience. This gives the chance to kids to get up and close to the keepers and the animals.

Roarr Dinosaur Park

ROARR park is great for the kids and very cost-efficient. It's based in norfolk and open majority of the year

Situated in Lenwade, this dinosaur park is fantastic for obsessed fun-loving kids. Within the park, there are rides, educational walks, water activities, animal petting areas, indoor play areas and much, much more. For pricing, anybody over 90cm pays an adult price at the time of writing, it’s £9.95.

Pleasure Beach

Pleasure beach has been around Great Yarmouth for decades and is constantly being added to each year. One of the most visited part of great yarmouth

The pleasure beach in Great Yarmouth is visited by tens and thousands of people a year. It’s in the busiest seaside town in Norfolk. It’s actually home to one of only two wooden roller coasters left standing in the UK. You’ll find rides from the dodgems, a house of fun, teacups and even a 4D cinema.  Prices for wristbands which allow you on all the rides. 3-6-year-olds £15, and aged 6+ is £21.

Pettitts Adventure Park

pettitts is a popular day out for the kids and one of the most exciting things to do in norfolk. It says everything from rides, to live events for the whole family

Pettitts located in Reedham is classed as a Zoo, but I think it’s much more than that. You’ll be entertained with rides, animals, play areas and live events. This zoo is home to some fantastic reptiles and bird life like the golden pheasant. Adults at the time of writing are priced at £14.45 and children £13.95. Under 2s are free.

Hilltop Outdoor Centre

Hilltop outdoor centre specialise in outdoor adventure for families of all ages. They offer things from educational classes to tree climbs

Hilltop is a place designed for children of all ages. You’ll find educational lessons made fun by the guides, zip lines, wall climbing, family activities, abseiling and much more. What’s fantastic to see is, that hilltop’s have a good relationship with local schools providing education on things like coastal erosion. As a bonus, the hilltop also offers accommodation. For prices, it’s best to contact them directly with your group size and preferences.

Norfolk Folklores

Every county has them, and it’s no different in Norfolk. Why not make it one of your must-see things to do in Norfolk. If you fancied it, why not go and see if these are folklore or facts! I’m sure if you’ve spent enough time around the Norfolk village pubs, a few first-hand stories will surface in the secrecy of one man’s encounter. I’ll give you some old folklore for you to make your own mind up.

Norfolk’s Black Shuck

Black shuck is norfolks most famous mythical creatures and if you feel confident, make it one of your things to do in Norfolk and find it. Hopefully you'll live to tell the tale

If there’s one Norfolk Folklore you’ve heard of its Black Shuck; also known as Old Shuck, Old Shock or Shuck, Often described as a large black dog, much bigger than your average pet and more like a Panther. This has been roaming East Anglia for centuries. One of the oldest known reports is from 1577 by Abraham Fleming, this is reportedly what he thought.

This black dog, or the divel in such a likenesse (God hee knoweth al who worketh all,) running all along down the body of the church with great swiftness, and incredible haste, among the people, in a visible fourm and shape, passed between two persons, as they were kneeling upon their knees, and occupied in prayer as it seemed, wrung the necks of them bothe at one instant clene backward, in somuch that even at a mome[n]t where they kneeled, they strangely died.

Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

Brown Lady of Raynham Hall is a world-famous ghost found in norfolk. To this day, it's one of the best bits of paranormal photography in the UK

You can call this folklore or a ghost tail, nevertheless, the Brown Lady is one of the most famous sittings in the UK.  The story goes, that her name is Dorothy Walpole, and was entrapped at Raynham Hall until she died in 1726 by smallpox. The apparent sittings have been spotted sporadically and even less so since 1926 and again the famous photo of 1936. It is now rumoured she haunts local Houghton Hall and Sandringham House

Toadman or Toad-Man

toadman is an old folklore in norfolk that gives people power over horses
Image Credit – Norfolk Record Office

This one is one for all the horse lovers. This is someone in the folklore of Lincolnshire and East Anglia. It’s led to believe he made a pact with the devil in exchange for having control over horses. There is a rather strange ceremony involved in catching a male toad, pegging it to an anthill or hanging it from a thorn bush until its bones have been picked clean. The bones would be chucked downstream and only one bone remained. The finder of this bone would be granted the power to control horses.

The Witches Wooden Leg, East Somerton

East somerton is an old folklore which does have some substance. It's a popular area for paranormal investigators as well as people exploring the norfolk countryside
Credit – Country File

This one is about witches and monks. In the middle of this beautiful ruin is a large oak tree. Folklore has it, that if you walk around the tree three times, it will release the witch spirit. It’s also said that nuns and monks come out at night to throw stones at all who enter. Some say it’s a ruin with an oak tree, and some will swear by the witches’ presence.

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