Taswood Lakes Osprey

Taswood Lakes osprey holds come fabulous roach as well as other mixed course species like tench and bream

Where’s Taswood Lakes Fishery?

Taswood lakes osprey is based in Flordon, just outside Norwich. It’s a complex that caters for all anglers. There’s something for everybody here, whether you like big carp fishing or roach fishing. This complex is for you! On this occasion, I’ll be fishing on Osprey Lake (Mixed Course Lake). When you come through a second lot of gates (After you pay) you’ll immediately pass some lodges onto another car park. We’ll be fishing the Lake the lodges sit on.

The address is: Mill Rd, Flordon, Norwich NR15 1LX

What To Expect To Catch?

I’ve fished this lake many times. I expect to catch roach to a nice stamp, bream and on occasion the odd chub showing. Tench and carp are in this lake, but you’ll likely encounter them when the weather warms up.

What Tactics Will I Be Using?

Today at Taswood Lakes Osprey, I’ll be fishing with both the pole and a simple cage feeder. All you’ll need is a 6-8 elastic for the pole and a small 20g cage feeder. The lake is basically a snake lake, and depending on where you choose to fish, it can be around 10 m right across to 20 meters in certain swims.

What bait

The Weather Conditions?

It didn’t rain! I’ll start with that. It was pretty grey and overcast. The wind wasn’t overly bad, topping out at gusts to 20kmp and temp maxed out at 14 degrees.

The full Report For Broome Fishery?

29/03/2023 – Up at 5 am! Fishing today with my friend Gary (Milky Boy). At 6 am on our way to Taswood Lakes.

Once we arrived around 7 am, we acquired permission to fish the lodge swims. They normally don’t mind you fishing these, as the season doesn’t start until May. I always fish these swims during the older month as the opportunity is there. There’s a little bit more water in these swims, so nice to have a play around.

We parked at the furthest lodge and fished just to the right when you come down the slope. There will be one empty peg to the left where the lodge swims begin.

I started on the pole around 8 m out. I started by cupping out a ball of ground bait with some 2 mm micros, maggots and chopped worms. it’s best to do this either after 3 fish or every 45 mins. With this lake I opt for this method as there are a lot of roach, nice roach may I add, but a lot of them.

We had our first fish pretty much straight away, some a nice roach. We kept the feeding up until about 12:00 when the bites dried up. Furthermore, we were a few dozen fish in by this point, all caught on a mix between maggot and chopped worm.

I got the feeder out and started to try on a 4 mm hard pellet. Only one roach for the first half hour. Probably a little early for this lake for hard pellet. In summer, anything that moves devours pellets. I switched over to double red maggot and was immediately into bream around the 3lb mark. Gaz continued on the pole, and I, the feeder for the remainder of the day.

I’d say Gaz had the majority of the bites in the afternoon sticking to the pole and chopped worm, switching between his 6 m and 11 m lines. We both had plenty of bream and decent roach and overall a good day’s fishing. We packed away around 15:30 and headed back to Yarmouth.


Overall, Taswood Lakes Osprey, I think we had a decent day. I wish it was a couple of degrees warmers, as this lake really comes to life in the later spring. The only criticism I can say about my session is that maybe not switching between the two as much as I should have. Nevertheless, we had bream up to around 3lb and some roach going on 3/4 of a pound, so a decent day. No Chub this session, which is a shame and a little early for the tench in this lake

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