Broome Pits – A Pit

Broome pits fishery is in on the norfolk/suffolk boarder and one of my favourite lakes

Where’s Broome Pits?

Broome pits are on the Norfolk/Suffolk border. It’s an excellent complex with fishing for just about any type of fishing. It’s based on the Ditchingham Estate. Furthermore, it’s often shared by dog walkers, although, the lakes themselves are fenced, so unlikely they’ll get too close. You’ve probably seen me right about this lake before as It’s the most visited lake I’ve been to in the last 6 months.

Address:  Broome, Beccles, Suffolk NR35 2PE

What To Expect To Catch?

Well, it’s still pretty early days since the fish have all been swapped over. I know there are a fair few carp between 2-5lb been put in. I expect to catch some decent bream, roach and if I’m lucky, the odd tench. Bream can get up to around 10 lbs in this lake, and if you can hit the shoal of bream and keep them there, it can be productive. I do remember this time last year the Pike in this lake can be super aggressive, so we’ll see what happens on that one. I think it will be a good day at Broome Pits.

What Tactics Will I Be Using?

As always, the feeder. I’ll be switching between a medium-cage feeder and a maggot feeder. It’s been a long time since I used a maggot feeder here, It used to be fantastic once they started feeding to just fill half a feeder full of maggots with a single red on the hook. I have plenty of different baits to try, but worms, maggots and a few pellets are my main go-to.

What bait

  • 2 Pints of mixed Maggots
  • Small Tub Of Worms

The Weather Conditions?

Checking the weather report all week, I knew it was going to be a warm day of around 16 degrees with only 4kmp wind. The first half of the day was a little overcast but bright, after around 12 the sun came out. It was amazing, I’ve been waiting for this day for months. I actually had my jacket off most of the day and got a little sunburned.

The Full Report For Broome Pits?

Date 29/04/2023 – As normal, I’m up at 5am. A quick bite to eat, make my lunch and get all my stuff ready for the day. I’m fishing with my friend Gary today so I’m expecting stiff competition.

We got to the lake around 6:45, not a bit of wind. Straight away, we knew these were the conditions that this lake would thrive in. The trick today was to just keep the fish in the swim. That’s of course, if the pike stayed away! We had a little wonder around the lake, although I was already set on which peg I was having the moment I knew we were coming. As you come through the A pit gate (It’s the lake closest to the car park) it’s the first two pegs you come to. Be careful as it’s a pretty steep slope.

I opted for a basic cage feeder and standard maggot feeder rig set up, I can quickly change to different feeders, which is useful. I mostly always fish very basic when it comes to fishing these days. One rod which a quick change clip. I do sometimes set up two depending on how well I know the location where two completely different styles of fishing are needed. It’s not that often, though.

Once we got set up and a cuppa, it was probably about half 7, we decided to fish within about 6 meters of each other. That gives us the best chance of nailing whatever shoals come swimming along before they bugger off again. We both started with 5 feeders full of ground bait mixed with maggots and micro pellets. There was a decent amount of bait at the moment so going on the history of this lake, it might take a couple of hours to really get the feeding, when they do, it’s best to ease off the feeding slightly. By that, I mean what you put in your feeder.

It only took about 10 mins to have our first bite, a small bream of about 2lb, followed by a few skimmers. We caught one every 6 or 7 minutes for the next couple of hours before a Barron spell came. We rebated and stopped for a little a chat about the session. One thing I did notice though, there were more carp showing than I’ve ever seen in this lake before. They were all on the far right-hand side, where the line of reed beds was.

Around 12 o’clock game and the fishing started to pick up again, I caught numerous bream between 3-4 lbs and my biggest was 5lb 3oz. Gary had one over 6lb, that was from the same shoal or fish within about 15 seconds of each other. I always find working together on this lake brings the most joy. Both were caught on Maggot with a case feeder.

Bream caught at broome pits. Caught on the case feeder and maggot
A 5lb 2oz bream Caught on Broome, A Pit With Cage Feeder and Maggot

Around half 1 is when things started to go wrong, I noticed the first Pike in my swim around 4 m out. Just waiting for me to catch something. It would venture into the deep water and come back minutes later. I didn’t see it for about 10 mins until I caught a roach, reeling it in and bang, out of nowhere this pike just swallows it. I know this is going to be like this for the rest of the afternoon. Not only that, but I lost 10 hook links for the remainder of the day and caught two pike. We would still be catching, but it was literally 50/50 if you were going to get into a fight with a pike

Broome pits pike caught on a roach feeder fishing.
Aggressive Pike Caught On A Live Roach When Feeder Fishing.

We probably stayed until about 5ish, which was later than normal. The weather was still really warm, so we packed away slowly and headed back home


Overall, it was exactly as I expected. Catching some nice bream and am pretty consistent. This lake is very deep, and I think the Barron spells come when the fish just aren’t on the bottom. I might experiment next time and try to figure out a different way to catch them. I finished the day with about 50lbs, very similar to what Gary had. He had the bigger bream, but I had the Pike haha! Gary didn’t catch a single Roach which is a first for Broome Pits

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