Mill Lake

Mill lakes in norfolk id s popular day ticket lake packed with quality carp

Mill lake is a popular day ticket fishery and a fantastic winter fishery in Norfolk. It’s one of the most well-stocked fishing lakes, so almost a guaranteed catch.

It’s a well-maintained, intimate water with only a handful of swims evenly spread out with a decent amount of water to fish. The owners of Mill lake in Norfolk also run the popular Barford lakes and Coston Lakes, so fantastic fisheries. This is shallow, tree lined pond is kept neat, tidy and a lovely place to spend a day ticket. Tickets are strictly limited to best to contact the owners. I’ve always found it easier to contact their Facebook page or keep yourself up to date via their group with the latest methods of contact. They also provide you with the post code and combination to the locked gate.

I believe the reason for limiting the amount of anglers allowed to fish and mill lakes, means the water will not become a pressured water to not given the feel of an overwhelmed lake. When you do manage to get into the fishery and fished right, anglers have been reporting very large amounts of catches, seek advice from them before, and they’ll happily tell you what’s working.

There’s a huge amount of carp here with the average being around 10-12lb with the biggest coming in around mid to high twenties. I find the majority of the carp a scaly mirror carp, with the odd common making an appearance. From my experience here, the best tactics for Mill Lakes are pellets, corn and 12 mm boillies seem to produce the quantity for a good day of fishing. Most baits produce due to such high stock levels of carp.

The swim furthest from the car park offers good quality fishing towards the lilly pads. This is one of the best parts of Mill Lakes and one of the first areas to get taken. Get as close as you can to the reeds, and you’ll simply catch more fish. I once caught 6 fish in half an hour, fishing with a single 12 mm pellet over a bed of 8 mm. Another bit of advice I can give you, make sure you’re close to your rods, a few times I’ve seen rods lost in the lake, the bites are aggressive, so you ideally need to be on it ASAP

Mill Lake is a very good for surface fishing water, especially around the lilly pads. I’ve seen carp caught in winter from this area on the surface. It just shows the quantity of this lake holds. You’ll spend your summers days here filled with the sound of bite alarms sounding every 5 mins.


Due to the nature of mill lake and its popularity, I recommend booking up as soon as you can. Sometimes it’s booked weeks in advance during peak summer times. In regard to bait, just keep it simple, a couple KG of feed pellets and a couple different hook baits should sort you out for the day. You don’t need to overcomplicate Mill Lakes at all

Additional Information

Lake Size: 2.5 acres
Lake Record: High Twenties
Stock: Carp, Bream, Tench, Roach, Rudd
Contact: Sarah 07711 689186.
Rules: 2 Rods
Night Fishing: Yes

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