Weybread Pits

Weybread pits in norfolk has a lifetime opportunity to catch a 40lb carp or even a 15lb bream.

Weybread pits is a terrific complex of varying waters that offers any angler the chance to bag a real specimen. If you’re in possession of the club book, there are a couple of lakes that offer decent carp but when holding a day ticket, there are some main choices.

The Middle pit

This pit is a small lake, no more than about 2 acres, with lots of smaller carp and the biggest topping around 20lb. Tactics for these are simple techniques, Ronnie rig and single boilie over a bed of pellet produces well. But in all fairness, you can catch just with just about anything.

Ocean Pit

Ocean pit at Weybread pits is probably my favourite. This Lake has a low stock of carp, but the quality certainly makes up for it. I prefer fishing for the bream, as they can easily get into the mid-teens. When fishing Ocean Pit for the bream, my advice would be to fish with a mix of pellets and natural baits like worms and maggots, they respond very well to this and often average around 5-7lb. If fishing during the day, stick a large cage feeder on and if fishing at night, try a large single pellets with a spod of natural baits mixed with pellets.

Going back to the carp though on ocean pit, they average around 20lb and respond to the change in the wind, they’re very mobile, and your session can change in a heartbeat,

Middle Lake

Very weedy, deep and snaggy. I haven’t really fished this lake for this reason. I’m not a massive fan of carp fishing, but I’ve known a few nice ones come out of here

Back to the carp fishing for you carp guys

Speaking to many anglers that fish Weybread pits a lot, the best lake seems to be the lake called “No.1”. It’s a decent 12-acre lake and packed with carp. Weed can be a serious problem sometimes and often bothers anglers. You’ll find a good handful of fish in the upper 30s here, and they do like to feed, so make sure you bring plenty of bait. I don’t know a known tactic to work as many anglers report different things, so speak to the bailiff of other anglers and get their insight.

If you can get the feeding right and get lucky with the day, anglers have reported numerous 20+ captures during one trip at Weybread pits.

Day tickets and locations can be found directly on the website with up-to-date prices, but day tickets start at around £6

The Lake & Facilities

Lakes Size: up to 200 Acres
Fish Size: Carp to over 40lbs. All other species to specimen sizes
Stock Level: Well stocked
Rod: Max two rods and barbless hooks.
On-Site: Toilet
Contact: [email protected]
Night Ticket: Yes
Address: Weybread, Diss IP20 9QT

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