Burgh Castle Fishery

Burgh Castle fishery is a fishing lakes just outside great yarmmouth

Burgh Castle Fishery has been a staple in local fisheries for a number of years. It is based in the small village of burgh castle and almost opposite hall farm fishery. I remember this lake used to have one carp Lake, and two pleasure lakes. One of the lakes used to also be a match lake, which was a very good match lake and full of nice tench. In recent years, they turned both pleasure lakes into other carp lakes however, they did create a new match fishing lake. I honestly preferred how it fished about 10 years ago before all the changes. I find they’re a little small for carp lakes to start with, and I’m not a fan of the new match lake either. My fishing preference is chilled out pole and fishing and the old silver birch lake was one of my favourite in Norfolk. Burgh castle fishery still has some good fishing to be had though

Main Lake

The primary lake is designated for fishing carp of a specific type, and it contains more than 10 fish that weigh between 30 pounds and 37 pounds. Additionally, there are 11 fish weighing at least 25 pounds, 40 fish weighing 20 pounds, and numerous others that are in the high double-digit weights. This particular lake has a tendency to produce large commons, that have perfectly aligned scales, often perplexing even the most experienced local anglers. There are still some undisclosed aspects about this lake that may be uncovered in the future. To gather some interesting information, it is recommended to ask the locals about the enigmatic silver common, which will surely spark conversations.

The lake covers about 1.5 acres and, while not considered a sizable lake for carp fishing, it does offer a few spots away from the main group where you can fish.

The lake offers many opportunities for fishing with various elements such as reed beds, lily pads, two islands, and a main gravel bar. Additionally, there are smaller gravel bars scattered around, and even the silt patches can be fruitful, particularly during winter.

Silver Birch and Kingfisher Lakes

As far as I’m aware, carp in these lakes go up to about 25-30lb. It’s a very small lake, less than 1 acre for kingfisher and silver birch is around 3 acres. The tench is still around though and are now into the double figures as well as the odd bream. I wouldn’t enquire about fishing for these lakes though unless you’re wanting the carp. I’ve never found this venue, the most friendly place you can fish

Lilly Pond

It’s a decent match fishing lake, very well stocked, and they’ve done pretty well and regularly produced good weights. Normal pole and pellet tactics work and maggots in the winter


I’m not a carp fisherman by trade, so I prefer the fishery 10 years ago where you could bag up with nice tench in the margins of silver birch or, when fished right, over 150lbs in a day of really well-kept fish. With carp fishing here, I saw another angler catch a bright orange KOI carp once, and it was still to this day the most beautiful fish I’ve ever seen on the bank and that was caught on the main carp lake. The Burgh Castle Fishery does have a strong angling community and dedicated local anglers, so worth checking out their Facebook group. I’d avoid this lake unless you’re a carp angler

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I’ve located a video that gives you a brief look at the main carp lake below