Fenwick’s Fishery

Fenwick's fishery is a fishing lake in norfolk with fish from a roach all the way to catfish

Nestled in the serene landscape of Whittington, Thetford, Fenwick’s Fishery stands as a testament to the diverse and vibrant angling scene in Norfolk. This fishery suits any style of fishing, from roach, all the way up to the Giant Catfish that sit within lakes 3 and 4, making it an ideal choice for those seeking the quintessential fishing adventure in the heart of Norfolk. I’ll detail a little more about each lake below, and you’ll be able to select which one is better suited to your trip.

Lake 1

In this lake at Fenwick’s Fishery, you’ll have a bit of everything. Carp up to around 20lb, some nice tench sitting around 9lb, possibly breaking the 10lb barrier by now. Plenty of silvers to keep you busy if that’s your thing, I’ve known of some nice bream coming out of here but can’t confirm specific numbers

Lake 2

Within this lake, you’ll find carp in the mid-twenties. If carp fishing isn’t your style, you’ll find Tench and Bream to over 10lb as well as Roach, Rudd and perch to decent sizes. This lake is a popular day ticket venue and my choice of lake when visiting the venue

Lake 3

Lake 3 at Fenwick’s Fishery is the go-to lake if you like your catfish. The biggest here is just shy of 100 lbs, but there are around 50 catfish to catch here. Carp in this lake also gets to the mid-30s. You’ll be able to catch a few other species like bream and tench, but the numbers are not huge, so I wouldn’t set up to fish for these at all.

Lake 4

Lake 4 is another mixed lake. Catfish you’ll find to around 45lb and carp ranging from 3-30lb. It’s home to all other mixed course species found in the other lakes, but the biggest sizes are currently unknown and none get reported back. This lake I’ve seen fished from carp fishing to feeder fishing, why not give it a go?

Lake 5

The final lake at Fenwick’s Fishery is Lake 5. Tench and Bream in this lake go in around the 10lb mark. Roach I’ve seen coming out around 2lb. There’s a decent head of carp in this lake, up to around 26lb. I like fishing for the bream and tench on this lake using a standard heli rig and natural baits

Accommodation at Fenwick’s Fishery

I thought I’d add this here. They offer some really nice accommodations, from two-berth camping pods up to 6 berth cabins. Some have the luxuries of hot tubs. You’ll have the privilege of your own garden and easy access to the fishing lakes. I’d say this was the perfect destination for anglers or couples who can enjoy the lake view. Feel free to check them out here


Fenwick’s Fishery is a real quality complex, with beautiful surroundings and really great bailiffs. I highly recommend giving them a call before attending, and I’m positive they’ll provide you with good nuggets of information about which lakes are better suited to your style. As always, comment down below about how you get on with your fishing

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