The Only Top 5 Reasons to Visit Downham Market

Downham market is a fantastic down in west Norfolk. There’s everything from restaurants to days out
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A trip to West Norfolk, Downham Market is never enough to grasp the charm and delve into the majestic natural beauty and scenic landscapes. One such place is Downham Market Norfolk, situated on the banks of the River Great Ouse. Downham Market, Norfolk immediately catches tourist attention with its intimate charm and black and white clock. Downham Market Norfolk is considered to be the oldest market town established since Saxon times.

Downham Market was once a serene town with historic architecture and famous markets, but in the past decades, it has had restaurants, supermarkets, and cafés. You can buy all sorts of goods, organic produce, and local craft items from Downham Market Norfolk.

Downham Market is nicknamed ‘Gingerbread Town’ as the cornerstone was used in the construction of buildings. You can enjoy the tranquil vibes of Downham Market town or go on excursions to nearby villages and stroll through the countryside.

Don’t get the idea of a town stopping you from coming to Downham Market Norfolk. It has plenty of leisure and entertainment activities for everyone. Start strolling from Downham Market Town Hall, next visit the historical Church of St Edmund’s in Downham Market. Spend some time at Alive Downham Leisure and enjoy swimming, gym, and other sports for all ages.

Next, you can go to Church Farm Rare Breeds Centre, in Stow Bardolph, It has a lot of options like a play area, guided nature treks, tractor rides, a gift shop, and a tearoom. At Denver Sluice Complex, discover the Denver windmill site, its past, and ways of managing the enchanting waterways. If you still want some more nature adventures, go to canoe safari at the World Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust nature reserve at Welney. Here you can enjoy incredible views of swan sightings and bird watching.

In this article, we will explore Downham Market and share the best possible reasons to plan your next trip to Downham Market Norfolk.

The Best Restaurant – Arbuckles Restaurant & Bar Downham Market

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Any trip is incomplete without food, and it’s a double treat when you get the best experience of American and British cuisine. Arbuckles Restaurant & Bar located in Downham Market, Norfolk, it’s an ideal place for quality food, especially American food.

The Arbuckles Restaurant & Bar was opened in 2008 with an initial capacity of 80 people, later expanded to further 340 people. This happened with the integration of the dining room into the Arbuckles Restaurant.

For an intimate dining experience go for The Secret Garden Rooms Downham Market, this is the private area of a restaurant consisting of 8 glasshouses each with seating for 4 adults. Arbuckles Restaurant also has a cocktail lounge and an additional party room making it the best place in Downham Market Norfolk for parties and gatherings. The Arbuckles Restaurant & Bar is the best place in Norfolk to experience classic American food. The menu includes grills & burgers, and vegetarian-friendly options.

Downham Market Town Square

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The most happening place in Downham Market Norfolk is the town’s market situated in Town Square. Next to the Town Hall, Downham’s market adds charm to Town Square, with a vast range of retail shops. The market has free car parking with facilities for disabled parking. You can easily park your car and stroll in the Downham Market Town Square, explore shops, and relish the quaint architecture of Town Square.

The Downham’s Market has permanent and ad hoc shops, Friday and Saturday are open for stalls selling fresh produce, garments, and carpets. The permanent shops are mainly selling local crafts and collectibles. Downham Market is an excellent spot to start an excursion of the wonderful surroundings. Starting with a tour of the Fen Rivers Way footpath and enjoying the views, next you can go to angling sites, or play golf. You can sit at a pub along the riverbank, enjoy watching boats passing by, relax, and eat.

There is a long list of destinations for visitors to discover in Downham Market Norfolk. You should visit Downham Heritage Centre and Downham Market Library if you want to spend time indoors and immerse in reading and research. Downham Heritage Centre displays relics and hosts events relating to Downham and Downham Market Norfolk region.

Discover Finland’s life and history of Downham Market Norfolk, there is a small library and computers to assist in research. Interestingly, Downham Heritage Centre also has a small café. Downham Market Library located at the Priory Centre, 78 Priory Road, Downham Market, is an extraordinary place for readers and book lovers. You get books, free access to Wi-Fi and computers, and offer DVDs too. Don’t think twice if you need to spend quiet time with yourself, just head towards Downham Market Library.

Lastly, if you get a chance to attend an event at the Town Hall, you should take this opportunity at its spot in the centre of town.

Downham Market Sports Centre

Sports centre in Downham market has been a staple of the down for years and offers facilities for all ages
Credit – Downham Market Leisure Centre

Although Downham Market, Norfolk is a small town it has good fitness facilities. Currently, Downham Market has four Sports Halls with parking facilities. These four sports centres comprise Downham Market Leisure Centre, Downham Market High School, Downham Market High School, and Downham Market High School. These sports centres have various facilities including swimming pools, gyms, sports halls, health and fitness suites, and fitness studios for promoting health and fitness among people.

The sports centres have parking and dedicated areas for changing facilities, toilets, private showers, lockers, activity areas, sociable areas, and spectator areas.

You can check their websites for opening and closing timings and charges of sports centres. During your stay at Downham Market, Norfolk, visit these sports centres and enjoy the activities, sports, and gym facilities.

Cat protection, Downham Market

Cat protection is a must-visit for animal lovers. They offer fund raises and adorable animals to visit during your trip to downham market.
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Downham Market Norfolk welcomes everyone with love and warmth but Downham has a bit of extra love for cats. Cats Protection Downham Market Adoption Centre is administered by a dedicated team of cat lovers. This organization aims to make the lives of kittens and cats living in Downham Market better.

They support cats in finding new homes, where they are safe and well nourished. Cat Protection Downham Market also helps lost and found cats in the Downham Market and fosters public awareness and education regarding cats.

Cat Protection Downham Market is a charity-based program and relies on funds generated by the Friends of Cats Protection in Downham Market Norfolk. Friends of Cat Protection Downham Market arrange events for fundraising that support our feline friends. You should visit the Cat Protection Downham Market Centre and spend some time with kittens and cats in the shelter. You can support the Cat Protection Downham cause through donations, adoptions, fundraisers, appeals, memberships, and other ways mentioned on their website.

Furthermore, you can get all the necessary information from the Cats Protection Downham Market website and also donate online.

Reeds Department Store

Credit – Reeds Department Store

Another prime highlight of Downham Market Norfolk is the Reeds Department Store located at Nelson House, Bridge St, Downham Market.

Reeds Department Store excels in providing quality furnishings, bed and bedroom, curtains and blinds, flooring, homewares, and presents.

The staff at Reed’s Department Store is helpful, polite, and ready to give you the best personal services. The goods at the Reeds Department Store are a great selection for your home at a good price.

Reeds Department Store also special sales offers across all departments.

An interesting element of the Reeds Department Store is the Reeds Café. If you are not in the mood for shopping, you should go to the Reeds Café. The Reeds Café is clean and the staff is welcoming, always a good option for a quick break and some refreshments. The Reeds Café has good service, and quality food at a reasonable price. Reeds Café is also dog friendly, they have comfy beds for dogs and offer them water and food.

Final Words

Downham Market, Norfolk is the best town in Norfolk that offers the finest food and restaurants, a picturesque town, an animal-friendly society, and fitness and sports facilities. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to Downham Market, Norfolk today. Why not check out all our other things to do in Norfolk guides.