Visit The Beautiful Town of Blakeney – The Norfolk Coast

Get lost in the enchanted streets of blakeney and take in the scenic surroundings

Blakeney is a gem in the Norfolk region, waiting for you to explore its enchanting architecture, flint cottages, and breathtaking views of the coast. Blakeney is a village in a region of incredible beauty in the North Norfolk Heritage Coast. Once it was home to fishermen and now has plenty of spots to dine, and stay, bars, gift stores, and art showrooms you should visit.

Blakeney National Nature Reserve offers open wide spaces to explore the unspoiled nature, walk along the seashore, and seal spotting and bird watching.

In this article, we will share the best of Blakeney, Norfolk, to make sure you visit and enjoy your trip the most.

Why visit Blakeney?

Blakeney is one of the most beautiful and visited locations in Norfolk. It's close to a lot of attractions as well as a lovely beach
Credit – Norfolk Passport

Blakeney is a timeless seaside mediaeval village along the North Norfolk coast. It welcomes tourists to explore nature, its history, and wildlife, and enjoy food and local delicacies. For nature enthusiasts, Blakeney is a great place for birdwatching and going on a boat for seal spotting on Blakeney Point. Stroll through old-fashioned Blakeney village streets lined with cottages and centuries-old architecture. The Blakeney village reveals its history and story of its maritime past. Whether you’re exploring or just absorbing the tranquil coastal atmosphere, Blakeney offers a tranquil escape into a stunning landscape of marshes, sand hills, and coastal walks at Morston Quay and Cley next to the Sea.

What’s There to do in Blakeney?

Blakeney has a beautiful coast and some historic history
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Plan your trip to Blakeney and be ready to get completely immersed in the breathtaking beauty of this village in North Norfolk.

You can start your trip by exploring the beach and taking walks along the pathways, the beach is also dog-friendly. While taking walks in the open areas, you spot birds and other wildlife. The highlight of Blakeney is the seals basking in the sun on the beach, taking a boat trip to watch seals in their natural habitat. Go for crabbing and enjoy eating local foods that will make your trip memorable. The list is long, but here are a few of the top destinations you should visit during your trip to Blakeney.

Visit the seals of Blakeney

The seals of Blakeney are a must when visiting. The remarkable site of numerous seals brings joy to thousands of visitors a year
Credit – The National Trust

Seals of Blakeney are a beautiful and mesmerizing factor of the Norfolk seaside and definitely should be part of your trip. At Blakeney Point, you can watch seals throughout the year. During summer large colonies of Tern are found and during winter grey seal colonies are found as it’s their breeding season. Blakeney Point is the largest colony of seals in the UK and also a reserve for seals. Take a boat from Blakeney Point and go for the trip to watch seals relaxing on the beach. Seals are very social and curious creatures, at the same time they are very sensitive. Disturbing seals can cause them potential harm, especially mother seals may stop taking care of the newborn, resulting in its death.

Make sure not to disturb seals and follow guidelines. We all must ensure the safety of seals and their natural habitat.

Home to A word class Blakeney Nature Reserve

The world-famous Blakeney nature reserve is stunning. Grass lands, beaches and bays make up this picturesque landscape
Credit – Visit North Norfolk

Blakeney is the UK’s largest Nature Reserve, with 3.5 miles of sand and colonies of breeding seals and terns. The Blakeney Nature Reserve presents an extended and gorgeous terrain featuring salt marshes, sandy shores, and vast sea views. At Blakeney Point, tourists can watch grey and common seals throughout the year via boat trips from Morston Quay. The Blakeney Nature Reserve is important for seabird breeding and hosts many bird species that change every season. The Blakeney Point has a historic Lifeboat house, also functioning as the residence and office for National Trust wardens. The salt marshes dwell in special seaside plants, enriching the joy of leisurely treks. Morston Quay’s Visitor Centre provides detailed information about local attractions and the conservation efforts of the National Trust.

Plenty Of Coastal walks

Credit – Blakeney Cottages

Blakeney, North Norfolk is famous for walkers presenting scenic views and a peaceful environment.

Start exploration from Blakeney Quay, passing through the famous National Trust car park trail. This trail directs along the Blakeney cut, advancing to the bay at times of low tide. Another option is to go to Cley Next the Sea or Morston along the heritage coastal path. The recently restored coastal footpath leading to Cley Next The Sea is more leisurely as it passes by the iconic Cley Windmill. You will also find tearooms, pubs, and the Cley Deli for relaxing and enjoying food.

If you want to go jogging or just walk a leisurely walk, the coastal footpath from Blakeney to Morston Quay is perfect. Be careful during very high tides as the path gets submerged. Around Blakeney’s National Trust grounds, you can take a short circular walk, just near the bird sanctuary. You can also access it past the Manor Hotel, perfect for blackberry picking in autumn.

Start from Blakeney and go to Wiveton Fruit Farm & tearooms via National Trust land, enjoy this lovely walk and top it off with delicious food.

Lastly, walk towards the houseboat in Blakeney harbour, and pass by the sailing club, ideal for letting dogs roam.

Go Crabbing

Crabbing in Blakeney has been a pastime of locals for decades. You'll see families lined up against the walls with buckets of crabs

When in Blakeney, go crabbing, there is no second opinion. It is a perfect way to spend time, enjoying a sunny day in Blakeney on the North Norfolk coast. Crabbing is a great activity for friends and family. In Blakeney, crabbing is locally known as ‘gillying’. During holidays take your kids to Blakeney Quay perfect for spending quality time. You may need to grab something to eat during the crabbing session to keep you charged. Go to Blakeney spar or the ice-cream kiosk, they have good options for ice creams & ice lolly. Blakeney Deli offers cappuccinos and lattes, or teas & snacks available from the caravans in the National Trust car park grab perfect for everyone. After you finish crabbing, try a meal either on The Moorings or White Horse on Blakeney High Street. Both have excellent quality food to fill your appetite.

Explore the Village

Blakeney is a lovely village filled with flint cottages depicting traditional Norfolk, which were once home to local fishermen. They are also home to gift shops, delis, cafés, and art galleries to explore. Blakeney is not just for nature lovers, actually it has a lot to exhibit in its history and heritage.

Blakeney is blessed with stately homes, religious sites, and ancient castles to explore and learn about the fascinating history of North Norfolk. Blakeney is popular due to the famous port at the mouth of the River Glaven known for yachts and pleasure craft. Explore more of Blakeney by strolling through the narrow streets of Flint cottages, and discover the church and the mediaeval Guildhall. You can also visit St Nicholas church, built between the 13th and 15th centuries, on the outskirts of Blakeney village. Cley-next-the-Sea is just a couple of miles away, waiting for you to immerse in great views.

Places Close by To Blakeney

Sheringham Park is a must-visit place near Blakeney to get immersed in the colours of nature, wildlife, and sea views. Felbrigg Hall is a great spot to spend a day in nature, exploring heritage and wilderness. You can also visit The Muckleburgh Military Collection, Weybourne. This is Norfolk’s largest operating museum of military vehicles with a large range of weapons including tanks, and guns. Go to Walsingham Farms Shop, offering homemade pies & ready meals from the kitchen. The list of places closes to Blakeney is long, and it varies in nature.

Let’s have a deeper look into a few of the places close by, Blakeney, that can make your trip memorable.

Felbrigg Hall

Credit – Felbrigg Hall (National Trust)

Felbrigg Hall is a timeless place from the 17th century, covering acres of woodland and orchards near Blakeney.

Felbrigg Hall is a country house, presenting its Jacobean architecture and Georgian interior.

The estate was initially owned by the Felbrigg family, then remained in possession of John Wyndham’s family, and is now under National Trust.

The last owner of this estate was Robery Wyndham Ketton-Cremer, who wrote many books on the estate and Norfolk. He transferred the ownership of Felbrigg Hall to the National Trust.

You can come to Felbrigg Hall any time of the year to explore this historic place and spend time in nature.

Sheringham Park

Credit – Sheringham Park

Sheringham Park is another great spot located near Blakeney. You can explore the stunning Sheringham landscape park of 1000 acres, filled with woodland gardens stretched over miles of magnificent coastal views. Take a stroll and enjoy the landscaping by its designer, Humphry Repton.

Sheringham Park is known for its rhododendrons and azaleas collection. Back in the 1950s, Tom Upcher used to throw parties to show rhododendrons, with ladies attending in gowns and drinking champagne.

This is the perfect spot to explore the colours of nature, birds, butterflies, and other wildlife. Sheringham Park also has a courtyard café serving light snacks, cakes, and drinks to make your trip more enjoyable.

North Norfolk Railway

Credit – Komoot

The North Norfolk Railway, owned and operated as a public limited company, runs between the towns of Holt and Sheringham.

It is also known as the Poppy Line heritage steam railway. The North Norfolk Railway is managed by volunteers from all spheres of life. This is East Anglia’s premier heritage railway, covering the most stunning coastal sites of North Norfolk.


Never miss the chance to visit the beautiful town of Blakeney on the Norfolk Coast. Blakeney offers stunning natural views of marshes, sandy shores, and sea views. It offers excellent opportunities for seal watching, crabbing, walking through coastal paths, and indulging in Blakeney’s food and heritage.

If you’re looking to spend longer and want to find other things to do in Norfolk, then check out all our other guides.