Cobbleacre Fishing Lakes

Cobbleacre Lakes sits in Norfolk and offers top quality fishing

Cobbleacre fishing lakes are another staple fishery within the county of Norfolk. It’s a mature complex, well run, well stocked and a solid angling community. I’ve fished this lake on and off for a number of years and, like most other fisheries in Norfolk, I can provide an insight into this lake and a little on how to fish it.

Cobbleacre fishing lakes is a family-run business and the lakes are beautifully named by the owner Trevor Seales grandchildren and also offer caravan hire for anglers or families to enjoy a relaxing stay near the beautiful scenic Norfolk countryside. Below is some information about the lakes and little information on how to best approach it based on my opinions and tried tactics

Adam’s Lake

Adam’s Lake is the busiest fishing spot on Saturdays and is especially favoured by those who fish during the day. It is a runs water lake, making it perfect for carp anglers. The lake spans approximately 3 acres within Cobbleacre Park and has a depth ranging from 3ft to 7ft. In this lake, you can find carp, Ide, tench, roach, and perch. This is not a specimen carp water but a perfect pleasure lake with the odd larger carp. I do see fishing with carp rods, but I think it’s better to fish on the feeder or a much lighter rod. You’ll find Lily pads, islands, reed beds, overhanging trees and fabulous margin fishing.

Adam’s Lake Bait and Tactics


      • Small P.V.A bags (I recommend smaller pellets like 2 mm if targetting bream and tench)

      • Method feeder (Krill and Betaine work well for the tench)

      • Pellet waggler

      • Surface fishing (Bread and a bubble float do the business)

      • 10 mm fruit flavoured boilies

      • Corn

      • Meat

    Alex’s Lake

    Alex’s Lake is suitable for beginners and offers a great deal of enjoyment. It has a unique shape because it is much smaller compared to other lakes, only covering 3/4 of an acre. In this lake, the water depths vary from 2ft to 6ft. Various types of fish can be found in this lake, such as Carp, Tench, Roach, Ide, and Perch. This is a great choice if you’re taking somebody new to the sport, the easy fishing lake with fish not entirely that large. This is the lake I take any young family member that wants to try out fishing for the first time. Within this lake, you’ll find some interesting features like overhanging trees and bushes, Lily pads and also offers some decent margin fishing

    Alex’s Lake Bait and Tactics


        • Float fishing

        • Pole fishing (If a new angler, you can catch about 3 or 4 meters out)

        • Feeder fishing (Cage feeder works well in colder months and method in warmer)

        • Surface fishing (Free line bread, if casting further, use a bubble float)

        • Maggots ( Maggots either on the hook or in a maggot feeder)

        • Sweetcorn

        • Meat (MARGINS)

      Amy’s Lake

      Amy’s Lake is a match fishing lake. It is a 2 ½ acre oval-shaped lake with varying depths ranging from 3ft to 15ft. The lake boasts 34 pegs and is home to smaller fish species such as Carp, Tench, Ide, Silvers, Roach, Rudd, and Perch. Fishing in this lake is permitted with a day ticket, as long as there are no ongoing matches. The techniques for this lake are basically match fishing tactics, even pleasure fishing you’re constantly feeding. Shallow fishing here can be fun during the warmer months. This lake offers some perfect island fishing, which sits from 12-18 m from the pegs. You also have lily pads, and overhanging trees are surprisingly deep-margin fishing.

      Amy’s Lake Bait and Tactics


          • Fishing up in the water (Shallow fish, 3 or 4 pellets out every 10 seconds)

          • Feeder

          • Pellet waggler

          • Pole fishing

          • Pellet 6 mm – 8 mm (Krill pellets work well for me here)

          • Cat meat (Killer in the margins later in the day)

          • Sweetcorn

          • Paste

          • Maggots

        Gianna’s Lake

        Gianna’s Lake is a classic recreational lake that spans 1.5 acres and has varying depths from 2 to 9 feet. It is the perfect destination for anglers seeking enjoyment, as it provides excellent fishing opportunities for Carp, Tench, Perch, Ide, Roach, and Skimmers. A lot of my friends prefer this lake to pleasure fish, it’s not overly difficult and most baits work well. Carp don’t go that big, but you’ll see the odd lump. Some decent tench in here to be had on double red maggots. The obvious things to fish to are the Islands, overhanging trees and lily pads

        Gianna’s Lake Bait and Tactics


            • Float fishing

            • Feeder (I love a mix between Krill and Betaine 50/50)

            • Pole fishing

            • Worms (Chopped to small chunks)

            • Maggots

            • Pellet (4mm is ideal)

            • Sweetcorn

            • Castors

          Mario’s Lake

          The highlight of Cobbleacre fishing Lake is Mario’s Lake, which is considered the best due to the large and diverse range of fish that can be caught. This lake is the original one at Cobbleacre and covers an area of 3.5 acres, with depths ranging from 5ft to 13ft. Anglers can expect to catch Carp, Catfish, and Tench in this beautiful and well-established lake. Any fisherman will have a fantastic time here. This is the only Lake on this complex I’ve never fished, but I know many people that have. All fish in this lake go to specimen sizes and some really great tench fishing to be had if that’s what you’re after. Just looking at the lake there are obvious things to aim for when fishing like the islands, very deep margins, lily pads thick reed beds and over hanging trees. Watch out for them reed beds as that’s a known fish loss area. At any given time, they only permit a maximum of 10 anglers to fish at Mario’s lake.

          Mario’s Lake Bait and Tactics


              • Zig rigs

              • Baiting little and often

              • Mainline cell

              • Mainline pineapple

              • Pop-ups

              • Bottom baits


            I do really rate Cobbleacre Fishing Lakes, the owners are friendly the anglers are friendly it offers great fishing and is situated in the beautiful countryside. It reminds me a lot of Shallowbrook Lakes. I would check out the most up-to-date prices and rules before attending, but from what I remember, the rules are fair and nothing out of the ordinary. Let us know how you get on

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            The video below is from local angler and YouTuber ‘From The Waters Edge