Oakwood Park Lakes

Experience the serene beauty and rich angling opportunities at Oakwood Park Lakes, one of the finest fishing lakes in Norfolk.

Nestled on the serene outskirts of Hockwold Village in Thetford, Oakwood Park Lakes stands as one of the premier fishing lakes in Norfolk. Surrounded by ancient woodlands with trees that whisper tales from over 500 years ago, this tranquil spot offers more than just a fishing experience—it’s a retreat into nature’s embrace. Despite being somewhat of a hidden gem, the quality of fishing at Oakwood Park Lakes rivals the best in the county, making it a must-visit destination for both novice and experienced anglers looking to cast their lines in Norfolk’s rich waters.

The Lakes

The complex has three lakes;

Lake one

is the predator lake, this lake holds catfish up to around 120lb and by far the most fished species on this lake. Lake on also has carp up to around 35lbs to be had. You’ll also find the odd big perch coming up around the 3lb mark

Lake Two

The second lake are oakwood park lakes is the coarse lake. This lake has all the species you’re thinking, Carp around 30lb and also Bream, Tench, Roach and Perch. This lake can be fished however you please, it can get a little trickier in the colder months as most fishing is

Lake Three

Known as the Ornamental Lake. The pictures you see on this lake tend to be the KOI carp and some Grass Carp. This lake can get busy as it offers a picnic area for the family to enjoy.


This lake isn’t as well known as others, but don’t be fooled, the fish fight hard and the fishing can be challenging. Oakwood Park Lakes quality of fish is as good as some of the best ones in the county. Give it a go and comment below with your catches.

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