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Top 5 Fishing Lakes With Accommodation in Norfolk

by Liam
Top 5 fishing lakes with accommodation in Norfolk An idyllic view of Woodlakes, Norfolk, showcasing tranquil waters surrounded by lush greenery, with charming wooden cabins nestled among the trees.

Top 5 Fishing lakes with accommodation in Norfolk. Norfolk offers some of the best fishing in the country and many different options to choose from, selecting the right place for your style of fishing can be the tricky bit. We’re going to go through the fishing lakes with accommodation and hope we can help you decide on one of the five below fishing holidays in Norfolk

Taswood Lakes, Flordon

The First Fishing Holidays in Norfolk is Taswood Lakes. Four stunning holiday cottages are located within the Taswood grounds, overlooking Osprey Lake, a well-stocked fishing Lake. Each of these properties offers its own private swim and patio area overlooking this picturesque body of water. The two-bedroom lodges include Osprey and Kingfisher; while Bittern & Lapwing both offer one-bedroom accommodation options with a generous living space tucked away from prying eyes!

You will get full access to all of the lakes at Taswood Lakes, including Broadwing!

Lodge Facilities

  • Fully equipped kitchen, complete with cooker and fridge/freezer.
  • All bedding is provided.
  • Modern power shower in Osprey & Kingfisher’s wet room.
  • Lapwing & Bittern Bathroom – Shower, not bath.
  • The lounge/dining room is a comfortable space that has 2 sofas, a log-effect fireplace and multiple TV channels. There is also a DVD player to watch movies on and a dining table with chairs for eating meals at.
  • Arched patio doors offer stunning lake views and lead directly to a private deck.
  • Private patio area with barbecue and outside seating overlooking the lake.
  • Private lakeside swim.
  • Your own private tackle shed to store your fishing equipment, with a chest freezer to keep bait and food fresh.
  • Exclusive resident parking area.

What’s the Fishing Like?

The fishing in this lake is always good. We’ve fished it many times both lodge swims on osprey and the day ticket swims. It’s one of Norfolk’s best mixed-course lakes in norfolk. There’s not an abnormally large amount of carp and if you do hook one, the likelihood of it being big enough to tear up your gear is unlikely.

What you will find though, is bream to over 10lb and plenty between the 4-7lb range. The tench go up to close to 10lb with plenty around the 3-5lb range. This lake is so prolific with a larger roach. I’ve seen roach to just below 2lb come out of here every year. They’re not too much of a nuisance to catch only roach like some fisheries. You’ll also find small barbel, chub and the old perch showing.

Woodlakes, Stowbridge

Second on our list of Fishing Lakes with accommodation in Norfolk is Woodlakes. A Stunning collection of more than 50 lodges provides a wide range of options—from park-view and lakefront properties to pet-friendly accommodations. Each lodge is outfitted with all the comforts you could want on your stay, including private hot tubs and some boasting their own saunas.

From romantic retreats to family vacations, we have something for everyone. Book your stay now and experience the perfect getaway.

Lodge Facilities

  • The kitchen is equipped with all necessary appliances, including a stove, refrigerator/freezer and microwave.
  • All bedding is provided.
  • The lounge/dining room is comfortable, with two sofas and a smart TV. There’s also a dining table with chairs.
  • Patio doors that open onto a private patio with lake views.
  • There’s a private patio area, with barbeque and outside seating overlooking the lake. The barbecue is available for guests to use
  • A private, secluded spot for swimming right on the lake
  • Hot Tub*

And the fishing?

This fishing here is aimed at mostly Carp anglers. The carp themselves go up to the high thirties with plenty of twenties to keep you busy.

This lake I must say has some absolutely superb bream fishing. Bream here do get in double figures and regularly as well. You’ll find all the other species often found in carp waters but remember this is a carp lake by nature. I have fished this lake before and had a half dozen bream to about 7lb. It’s a fantastic lake and in the warm summer heat, has such a fantastic feel about it.

Moonriver, Martham.

You’re probably thinking, why on earth is there a river venue on this list of fishing lakes with accommodation in Norfolk? Well, let me tell you, if you haven’t fished rivers before and into your mixed fishing, this is one of the best places in the whole of the Norfolk Broads.

Although this place doesn’t have the luxurious taste of hot tubs and jacuzzis like some of the others, what it lacks in luxury it makes up in fishing. A hugely popular and books up very quickly. It’s situated on the River Thurne in martham. It’s a unique spot on the river as the salt surge doesn’t get to this part of the river.

Chalet Facilities

  • Moorings, please follow the guidance provided at time of booking
  • Large Garden
  • Bedding Provided
  • Showers
  • 2 Fully equipped bedrooms
  • Bankside Fishing
  • Fully operational Kitchen with all you need

Is the fishing worth it?

Easy answer, YES!

You can catch everything you can think of here and to specimen sizes as well. Bream, Roach, Rudd, Carp, Pike, Perch, Ruff, Eels, Tench and the very occasional Trout. Pike can get huge, there’s been pike ranging from couple of pounds all the way to known fish of 38lb and 42lb caught very local.

The best fish from the garden have been, Bream 9+lbs, Carp 10lbs, Pike 26 & 29lbs, Roach 2.3 lbs, Perch 1.5 lbs, Gudgeon 3ozs, etc.  All summer, fishermen have been catching 100 lb bags of bream every evening from our garden.

Some of the best fishing is during what’s known as “slack water” when the river stops moving when high tide or low tide reaches its peak. This happens four times a day.

The sea does not reach our section of the River Thurne, as we are at its headwaters. However, it rises/falls up to 18 inches—you can see from fluctuations in riverbank piles

Lathams of Potter Heigham is the closest fishing tackle shop as it stocks everything from fresh and frozen baits to rods, reels and accessories – at reasonable prices. Two great baits are lobworms, canned sweet corn and bread flake. Please keep them in the bait fridge, which is kept outside next to the tackle Fridge. You really do have to check Moonriver out.

Weybread Lakes, Diss

This complex has some gorgeous lodges offering great fishing and modern accommodation. These luxury lodges are based on the Norfolk and Suffolk border. I know of people that live down the road and visit numerous times a year to experience with relaxation and tranquillity of this fabulous location.

Lodge Facilities

  • Outdoor hot tub
  • Indoor or outdoor saunas are available (see lodge descriptions).
  • 1 king-sized bed (32″ flat screen TV in bedroom)
  • a bathroom with a tub and shower stall.
  • The lounge is equipped with a large flat-screen TV, leather corner sofa and DVD player.
  • Fully equipped modern kitchen with Neff cooker, built-in microwave, washer/dryer machine, full sized larder fridge freezer; dishwasher and kettle. All utensils provided including Nespresso coffee machine and cafetiere.
  • We provide guests with toilet paper, complimentary soaps and shampoos, kitchen cleaning supplies such as dishwashing detergent and sponge-scourer pairs.
  • We provide 2 sets of towels (2 bath sheets, 2 hand towels) and robes for use during your stay. We also include spa slippers for hot tub & sauna use.
  • there is a hairdryer & iron 
  • The main deck area is lakeside, with outdoor dining furniture and sun loungers. A BBQ stand (for the use of disposable bbq trays only) is also provided.
  • a private fishing spot

Let’s get to the fishing

You can make this fishing however you want. If you carp, fish for the carp. I hear the Ronnie rig on a single 15mm boilie does the trick. Bream, tench, roach and rudd all to specimen sizes. For the bream and tench, simple feeder tactics with natural baits should do the business.

Pike fishing here can be a good sport. The pike goes up to about 20lb and is caught regularly. My advice like most fisheries, take a variety of bait and chop and change throughout your stay until you find what works.

The fishing is normally very good and consistent, but not often at all do people leave unsatisfied.

Bartles Lodge, Dereham

Some of the nicest people run this facility. I’ve got to know these people over the years, and although I’ve never stayed in the lodge personally I know many people that have from all over Europe.

It’s situated in the heart of the Norfolk countryside in a village called Elsing, Dereham. An incredibly peaceful and offers fantastic fishing, as well as some nice countryside walks to enjoy either the mid-afternoon sun or the fungi-filled woods in the autumn. With the windy roads and a local old church just a stone’s throw away, you’ll see why this is on the list of Fishing lakes with accommodation in Norfolk

B&B Facilities

  • Bartles has 6 recently renovated guest rooms with ensuite bathrooms.
  • Three double or twin-bedded rooms, each with its own shower, toilet and washbasin.
  • Two twin-bedded rooms with en suite baths and overhead showers, along with a shared toilet.
  • Located in this room is a super king-size bed and a large shower, WC and washbasin.
  • Each room is equipped with a flat-screen TV, tea-making facilities and comfortable seating.
  • The resident’s bar/lounge and dining area offer free wireless Internet service to all guests.
  • For safety reasons, our maximum room occupancy is two people per guest room.

It has three lakes right?

It does indeed. And each fish is very different. The main lake (middle lake) is very shallow, probably about 2/3ft deep with mostly all carp averaging around 6-8lb. The lake closest to the lodge is a tench lake. The biggest tench is around 7lb, lots of smaller fish in that lake. The end lake is a match-style lake. Great built pegs and full of fish between 2-4lbs.

I love the middle lake. If you like service fishing this is the lake for you. I recommend you read through my guide to Bartles Lodge.


That’s my top 5 fishing lakes with accommodation in Norfolk. I recommend doing your own research before arriving and it’s worth speaking to the venues first about what’s currently working and any hot spots. if you’re like me, you will just turn up and play a bit of trial and error. If you’ve decided on one of the above Fishing holidays in Norfolk, please comment below and let us know

Another thing, remember to obtain a fishing license before fishing. Check this guide to select the correct one if you’re unsure.

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