Norfolk Broads Luxury Boat Hire

View of luxury boat hire on the Norfolk Broads. A spacious and stylish boat with comfortable seating and scenic views.

Norfolk Broads is a location visited by hundreds of thousands of people each and every year. There’s absolutely no better place to hire a boat. Not just any boat, but a boat with style. I’ve written a comprehensive guide in Norfolk broads luxury boat hire with my remarkable knowledge of the broads. I am partial to a boating trip on the more luxurious side from time to time. We’ll go through this guide and then I’ve selected my top five picks to make your life easier when selecting a Norfolk Broads Luxury Boat Hire.

Why Choose a Norfolk Broads Luxury Boat Hire Day Out?

There's no better way to spend your time on the Norfolk broads than with the family. This guide will teach you the ins and outs

The first question should be: why not? The benefits of exploring the Broads aboard a luxury boat are multiple, but here are four:

Unmatched Comfort 

Plush seating, spacious interiors, and top-notch amenities; need we say more? Luxury boats are perfect for multiple-day trips out on the Broads, where a small boat just wouldn’t cut it.

Style and Elegance

Stand out on the water with sleek, stylish vessels that exude elegance. Trust me, nothing feels better than being the captain of your own boat, and there’s just something about traveling in sophistication in a luxury boat that makes the experience on the Broads all the better.

Exclusive Features

From state-of-the-art entertainment systems to gourmet kitchens, luxury boats have exclusive features you can’t get on a Jon boat or dinghy.

Privacy and Intimacy

Explore the Broads with a sense of privacy and intimacy. Luxury boats feature secluded spaces, allowing passengers to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings with their families and friends without compromising personal space.

Choosing a luxury boat for your journey transforms a simple exploration into a lavish trip. Experience the Norfolk Broads with unmatched luxury and enjoy a relaxing journey in the comfort of your own yacht. 

Luxury Boat Options Available for Hire

There are multiple types, models, and capacities of boats to choose from. The sheer amount of options could honestly make your mind spin. However, I took the liberty of classifying the boats available for hire into four broad categories. 

Motor Yacht

Image illustrating motor yachts available for hire in the Norfolk Broads. The picture showcases sleek and modern vessels, highlighting the luxury and comfort of these boats within this renowned waterway.

Capable of sleeping up to 8 people, motor yachts are perfect for multiple nights out on the Broads. Equipped with multiple bathrooms, cabins, a kitchen, and a spacious deck, you could rent an 8-sleeper motor yacht for a week for the fair price of about £1600.

House Boats

Craving a home away from home on the water? These floating havens can sleep anywhere from 3 to 6 and offer well-appointed living spaces, ensuring comfort and luxury during your cruise on the Broads. You could hire a small houseboat for only about £600 for a week-long cruise.

Centre Console Yacht

"Image spotlighting exquisite houseboats for hire within the Norfolk Broads, epitomizing the boat hire experience. These opulent floating abodes offer unparalleled comfort and style amidst the scenic beauty of this renowned waterway."

With open deck plans, high-performance features, and a steering console right in the middle for the full wind-in-your-hair captain experience, these yachts are designed for those who crave space and luxury while basking in the scenic beauty of Norfolk. Hiring one for the week could range between £1000£1300.


bowriders are common in the Norfolk broads, and they sit more in the Norfolk luxury boat hire category

Made for relaxing and socializing, you’ll find that renting a bowrider will provide you with all your luxury holiday needs. Want to go fishing?

Sure, there’s plenty of room for angling. Need to get a full view of the Boards? No problem, hang out on the bow? Hungry? Visit the onboard kitchen.

Bowriders are a simple yet modern and convenient way to travel, and you could hire one from a process of about £1100 – £1600.

Ultimately, your choice of vessel boils down to the capacity of your group, your needs, your budget, and, finally, your taste. 

Planning Your Norfolk Broads Luxury Boat Hire Trip 

Planning your Norfolk luxury boat hire trip is never easy. We have the complete guide you need to follow

Whether you plan to push off from Wroxham or Horning, embarking on a luxurious boat trip through the Norfolk Broads requires careful planning to ensure a seamless and memorable experience. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the planning process effortlessly:

Choosing the Right Boat

Selecting the ideal boat that caters to your group size, preferences, and budget is key to making your trip as amazing as possible. For an intimate getaway, consider a cozy, small houseboat, while larger groups may find spacious motor yachts more fitting. Factor in amenities like kitchen facilities or sun decks and align them with your desired comfort level and style. Whether you seek a romantic cruise or a family adventure, choosing the right boat sets the stage for an unforgettable journey through the scenic waterways of the Broads.

Crafting Your Itinerary 

Explore scenic routes, picturesque moorings, and charming villages by planning a detailed itinerary. Cruise along Barton Broad, down the River Ant; take in the cottages, dotting the sidewalk, and enjoy a calm cruise down the River Bure to Wroxham.

Stop to explore Horning, make sure to carry along a shopping list, and hit the waterside pubs. Whether you aim for a relaxing or adventure-packed cruise, tailor your itinerary to your group’s interests. 

Navigating Permits and Regulations 

Luckily, you don’t need a license to operate a boat on the Broads, and most, if not all, rental areas offer full tuition on handling the vessel before you leave the yard. However, you require a fishing license if you wish to do some angling while on the waters. Familiarize yourself with catch-and-release policies and basic boat etiquette before you set sail.

Safety First

For a safe, hassle-free trip, check the condition of life jackets, fire extinguishers, and other onboard safety equipment. Keep emergency procedures at the forefront of your mind, including contacts with local authorities in case of unforeseen circumstances. Stay informed about weather conditions and adhere to guidelines for a secure and enjoyable voyage.

With careful consideration and thorough planning, your luxury boat trip on the Norfolk Broads is bound to be flawless and filled with enchanting moments and breathtaking scenery.

Top Destinations

Here are some enchanting locations along the Broads that you should consider exploring: 

Reepham Market Square 

Reepham square is only a short walk away once moored up. It's a great stop-gap for your day out on the norfolk broads

Discover the Flemish charm of Reepham’s market square. Buy some antiques, take in the old buildings, and buy gifts for your family. This conservation area offers a delightful blend of history and beauty, with the former Whitwell and Reepham Station as a starting point for the Marriott’s Way, a scenic 21-mile trail.

Blickling Hall and Estate

mage showcasing the stunning Blickling Hall amidst the Norfolk Broads, accentuating the allure in this remarkable region. The grandeur of the hall against the scenic backdrop highlights the exquisite experiences available in this renowned waterway."

Fall in love with the Jacobean elegance of Blickling Hall. Managed by the National Trust, feel free to stroll through the gardens and estate, uncovering the charm of Aylsham and its connection to the Bure Valley Railway.

Potter Heigham Bridge 

Potter Heigham is known for boat trips and has its fair share of Norfolk broads adventures. You'll see locals and tourists alike

Is it a trip down the Broads if you don’t take a beautiful picture of Potter Heigham’s medieval bridge?

Your luxury vessel probably wouldn’t be able to pass under it– even at low tide– but feel free to moor in the area, take a walk, and explore the local restaurants. This bustling town is also an excellent starting point for boat hire adventures.

Lathams of Potter Heigham 

Lathams in potter heigham is the only shop in the village. Visit just before your potter heigham day boat hire
Lathams is situated in Potter Heigham on the river Thurne. Right next to Potter Heigham day boat hire

While in the area, make sure to stop at Lathams of Potter Heigham, your one-stop department shop for well… everything. Great prices, good food, friendly staff; what more could you want?

Heydon Village Green 

Heydon Village Green is another beautiful part that is situated only a short walk from boat mooring. A MUST-visit for your Norfolk broads day out

Visit the endearing village of Heydon, known for its picturesque cottages and the Earle Arms pub. Explore the setting of film classics like “The Go-Between” and “A Cock And Bull Story.”

The Fur & Feather, Brewery Tap

The fur & feather is a famous restaurant on the norfolk broads. If you want real luxury, I would recommend impressing by adding this to your day trip

In Woodbastwick, find tranquillity away from busier towns. Admire the medieval architecture, visit Woodforde’s Brewery, and indulge in local delights at The Fur & Feather.

Ranworth and St Helen’s Church

ransworth is an old church within a distance of the Norfolk broads. It's one of numerous scattered along the county. Take some time out of your Norfolk broads luxury boat hire and pay it a visit

Climb the spiral stone staircase of St Helen’s Church in Ranworth, known as the ‘Cathedral of the Broads.’ Enjoy panoramic views and explore the church’s medieval rood screen.

St Benet’s Abbey

The haunted st benet's is a stone's throw away from the river. Its haunted past brings in people all years. Why don't you brave it after hours?

Explore the atmospheric ruins of St Benet’s Abbey, founded in the Anglo-Saxon period. Accessible primarily by boat, the site offers a glimpse into Norfolk’s rich medieval history.

These destinations will add layers of history, natural beauty, and cultural richness to your boating experience, but let’s look at some lesser-known areas you wouldn’t want to miss.

Hidden Gems

The Swan Inn

Image presenting the picturesque Swan Inn within the Norfolk Broads, accentuating the appeal of luxury boat hire in this charming locale. The inn's quaint charm adds to the allure of premium boating experiences amidst this renowned waterway."

A stunning location on the Broads with a great view of the waters, not to mention the best sticky toffee pudding I’ve ever tasted outside of my nans’ house.

Donnelli’s Pizzeria

Donnelli's Pizzeria is a pizza restaurant on the Norfolk broads. It's a perfect stopgap for a Norfolk broads luxury boat hire

Sells arguably the best pizzas in Norwich; you’d be missing not to stop at this cosy spot.

Golden Plaice

"Image featuring the renowned Golden Plaice within the Norfolk Broads, highlighting the appeal of luxury boat hire in this esteemed location. The restaurant's charm adds to the allure of premium boating experiences amidst this celebrated waterway."

Stop for good, ‘ol fashioned fish and chips at this little chippy in Wroxham. There’s no sit-in dining, but I guarantee you’ll love the cod and chips.

Sahara Patisserie

"Image showcasing the delightful Sahara Patisserie within the Norfolk Broads, emphasizing the allure of norfolk broads luxury boat hire in this charming locale. The patisserie's ambience adds to the appeal of premium boating experiences amidst this renowned waterway."

It is a small, quaint cafe with lovely outdoor seating—delicious,  authentic North African food. Highly recommend.

The Best Norfolk Broads Luxury Boat Hire Companies

Herbert Woods

Herbert Woods is known as a premier choice location on the board. Their iconic boats and trademark logos are seen throughout the Norfolk broads.

With many decades of experience in the boating industry, they know what it takes to provide our customers with the ultimate boating experience.

Prices are taken from July 1st. These Prices may change or vary.

  • 2+1 man Cruiser (Florida Light) comes in at £590 for a three-day cruise.
  • 5 man cruiser (Eastern Light) comes in at £565 for a three-day cruiser
  • 4+2 man cruiser (Pearl Of Light) comes in at £666 for a three-day cruiser
  • 5+2 man cruiser (Broadland Light) comes in at £727 for a three-day cruiser
  • 6+2 man cruiser (Tranquil Light) comes in at £835 for a three-day cruiser
  • 8+3 man cruiser (Dancing Light) comes in at £1023 for a three-day cruiser.

The company has many different options at different price points. The more people you decide to bring, the more it’s going to cost.

Nevertheless, for customer service and experience, it’s one of the best companies on the Norfolk broads. Based in Potter Heigham as well, it has some very good fishing.

Barnes Brinkcraft

Barnes Brinkcraft is a leader in the use of sustainable technology and manufacturing boats that can run on electricity.

The majority of their boats have some unbelievable features unrivalled by the majority of other companies that offer. Here is a list of some of the following features.

  • Solar panel battery recharging and superior battery management systems mean a more environmentally friendly holiday with less need to turn the motor on. Enjoy the peaceful sights and sounds of Norfolk while your boat coasts along.
  • Electric cookers and hobs
  • Accessing the internet on a boat (the WiFi is faster than using a phone)
  • There are many boat options available at our marina, in addition to the main boat hire: rowing boats, sailing dinghies and paddleboards.
  • Conveniences such as electric anchor winches, wine racks and towel rails
  • All the boats in our fleet have standard 13 amp sockets.
  • Shoreline power/recharge hookup (subject to availability).
  • Prices at the time of this article.

Prices are taken from July 1st. The prices may change or vary at the time of booking.

  • 2+2 man cruiser (Encore) comes in at £1102 for a three-day cruiser
  • 4+2 man cruiser (Serenade) comes in at £1475 for a three-day cruiser
  • 4+2 man cruiser (Tempo) comes in at £1689 for a three-day cruiser
  • 6+2 man cruiser (Rhapsody) comes in at £1914 for a three-day cruiser
  • 8+2 man cruiser (Prelude) comes in at £2625 for a three-day cruiser

In addition, Barnes has a massive range of boats to choose from. Price points may change depending on the party group and the size of the boats. All boats are impeccable, especially if you’re conscious of the environment


Broads as a company has fantastic feedback year-on-year. They offer a lot of extras like rowing boats and sailboats as optional extras. If you like your fishing and don’t want a roach kicking around the boat, they’re great options at a very good price.

Prices are taken from July 1st. The prices may change or vary at the time of booking.

  • 2+2 man cruiser (Fair Viscount) comes in at £943 for a three-day cruise
  • 4+2 man cruiser (Fair Countess) comes in at £1340 for a three-day cruise
  • 6+2 man cruiser (Fair Admiral) comes in at £1764 for a three-day cruise
  • Sleeps 8 (Fair Emperor) comes in at £2018 for a three-man cruise

Broads may not have the biggest of fleets at its disposal, but probably one of the best all-inclusive packages at a very decent price. There are also variables to the prices with different boats offering different things

Ferry Marina

This is one of my favourite places for Norfolk broads luxury boat hire is Ferry Marina in Horning Although I do like getting out on the boats numerous times a year, I am huge into fishing. This place is amazing for both.

Prices are taken from July 1st. The prices may change or vary at the time of booking.

  • 3+1 man cruiser (White Emblem) comes in at £933 for a three-day cruise
  • 4+1 man cruiser (Bronze Emblem) comes in at £990 for a three-day cruise
  • 7+1 man cruiser (Emerald Emblem) comes in at £1040 for a three-day cruise
  • 8+2 man cruiser (Azure Emblem) comes in at £1219 for a three-day cruise
  • 10+3 man cruiser (Opal Emblem) comes in at £1983 for a three-day cruise

Furthermore. This company has a very large fleet of boats. All the price points above I’ve listed, there’s plenty in the middle and different bedrooms and capacities. It’s situated in one of the busiest sections of rivers, with a club stretch of river fishing opposite.

If you’re into fishing, this is one of the most prolific stretches, but best fished in the morning and evening due to high boat traffic.

Richardson’s Boating Holidays

I couldn’t make a list of Norfolk luxury boat hire and miss out Richardson’s. I’ve used this company dozens of times over the years. They have a wealth of knowledge of the Norfolk Broads and the surrounding area.

Their boats are iconic and a go-to for thousands of people yearly. They have a boat for just about any situation and won’t be disappointed by what they have to offer.

Prices are taken from July 1st. The prices may change or vary at the time of booking.

  • 2+1 man cruiser (Calypso) comes in at £707 for a three-day cruise.
  • 3+1 man cruiser (Mystic Horizon) comes in at £707 for a three-day cruise.
  • 4+2 man cruiser (Bronze Gem) comes in at £765 for a three-day cruise.
  • 5+2 man cruiser (Moon Adventure) comes in at £1101 for a three-day cruise.
  • 10+3 man cruiser (Diamond Gem) comes in at £1220 for a three-day cruise.

Just to add, they have probably one of the biggest fleets on the Norfolk Broads. Richardson’s have a boat for anything, whether it’s a Norfolk broads day boat hire or a boat for a night or two. It should be one of your top companies to make your trip to the Norfolk broads trip one to remember.


Do you need a licence to hire a boat?

No. Anybody can hire a boat. You may need to be over the age of 18 in most places, though.

Do you need any previous experience?

No. Although it will benefit you, you don’t need any previous experience. All the companies will show you what you need to know.

Can I drink alcohol and drive a boat?

Absolutely not. The laws are the same. You can’t drive any vehicle when under the influence of alcohol. Click HERE! For more info 

What’s the speed limit on the Norfolk broads?

For most of the rivers, it’s been 3-6MPH. The river can be very busy, so any quicker isn’t advised for the safety of you and other guests

What types of luxury boats are available for hire on the Norfolk Broads?

Motor yachts, houseboats, centre console yachts, bowriders, and pontoons.

How much does renting a luxury boat for a week on the Norfolk Broads cost?

Prices range from £600 for a small houseboat to £1600 for an 8-sleeper motor yacht.

Are there any special requirements or licenses needed to operate a boat on the Broads?

No license is needed, and no prior experience is needed either; rental areas offer full tuition. Fishing requires a separate license.

What safety measures should I consider before embarking on a luxury boat trip?

Check life jackets, and fire extinguishers, and follow emergency procedures. Stay updated on weather conditions.

Can I fish on the Norfolk Broads, and do I need a fishing license?

Yes, you can fish; a fishing license is required.

Are there specific routes or itineraries recommended for a boating adventure on the Norfolk Broads?

This depends on where your starting point is, but consider cruising Barton Broad, exploring River Ant, and visiting charming villages like Horning.

What amenities are typically available on luxury boats for hire?

Plush seating, spacious interiors, kitchens and bathrooms. 

Is there a best time of the year to visit the Norfolk Broads for a boating holiday?

Anytime is suitable, but summer offers pleasant weather.


The Norfolk Broads is such a beautiful place and iconic to both tourists and locals. There are so many things to see and smaller winding sections. The wildlife is impeccable, especially in the evenings.  Moor up in one of many places scattered throughout the broads. You’ll fall in love and probably already be enquiring about another trip. Don’t hesitate and book your Norfolk Broads Luxury Boat hire this year.