Norfolk Broads Boat Hire Horning: The Complete Guide To Hiring a Boat in Horning

Norfolk broads day boat hire horning is a fantastic day out for all the family


I know why you’re here. You’re planning a trip to the Norfolk Broads and heard that Horning is the place to start. But Norfolk Broads boat hire in Horning can be overwhelming, and you’re not sure what to do. You’ve come to the right place.

Deciding what type of boat to hire, understanding the costs, and figuring out the best spots to explore in Horning can be a lot to take in. But don’t worry. You’re not alone. I’ve been through this exact process, and as an expert in Norfolk Broads, I’m here to guide you through it step by step.

Whether you’re looking to hire a boat for a peaceful day on the water or an exciting fishing trip, this guide is your one-stop resource. We’ll cover everything from choosing the right boat to hiring a boat in Horning.

Why a Norfolk Broads Day Boat Hire Horning Is Convenient


Norfolk broads day boat hiring horning is an excellent family day out. A complete guide for all ages

So, you’re eyeing Horning for your boat hire adventure. But have you ever wondered why so many people say it’s the best place to start in the Norfolk Broads? Well, here’s what sets it apart:

      1.  Why boat hire in Horning is the Gateway to the Broads

    Horning is strategically positioned at the heart of the Norfolk Broads, making it the perfect launching point. From here, you can easily access various routes, each leading to different parts of the Broads. 

    This central location allows you to explore without venturing too far, a game-changer if your goal is to see as much as possible.

        1. The Waterways Are Exceptional from Horning

      The waterways around Horning are just perfect for boating. They’re calm enough for beginners to feel at ease and diverse enough for seasoned boaters to find new challenges. 

          1. A Boat for Every Need

        The range of boats available in Horning is impressive. But why does this matter? Well, it allows you to have options that suit your specific needs. Whether you’re an experienced sailor looking for a boat with advanced features or a family needing a safe, comfortable cruiser, Horning’s selection ensures you don’t have to compromise.

            1. Prime Fishing Spots In Horning

          Let’s talk about fishing. Horning is a hotspot for anglers, with waters rich in various fish. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting or have been fishing for years; the experience here is rewarding. 

              1. Easy to Get Around The Norfolk Broads

            One of the best things about Horning is how easy it is to get here and get around. You’ve got all the essentials – shops, eateries, and amenities – just a stone’s throw away. It’s hassle-free, just as a holiday should be. The best part is you spend less time running errands and more time on the water.

                1. Natural Beauty All Around The Broads

              The scenery in Horning is something else. As you boat along, you’re treated to stunning, constantly changing views. Horning is not called one of the most beautiful villages in Norfolk Broads for no reason. Its waterways are beautifully picturesque, with lush greenery and abundant wildlife.

              What Types of Boats for Your Norfolk Broads Day Boat Hire Horning

              When you’re looking at boat hire in Horning, the variety means there’s something for everyone. But it’s important to know which boat suits your needs and why. Let’s break down the types of boats you can hire in Horning:

                  1. Day Cruisers From Horning

                Hiring a day cruiser in horning is an excellend addition to your norfolk broads day boat hire horning
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                Day cruisers are ideal for planning a short, leisurely trip along the Broads. They’re easy to handle, even if you’re not an experienced boater. Typically, these boats accommodate 6-8 people and have basic amenities like a small kitchenette and a toilet. 

                They’re perfect for a family day or a relaxed outing with friends. 

                Why choose a day cruiser? Well, you can enjoy cruising at your own pace without needing overnight accommodations. The best part is day cruisers are great for exploring smaller channels where larger boats can’t go, allowing you to visit the hidden gems.

                If this fits your needs, Norfolk Broads offers a wide selection of day cruisers in Horning.

                    1. Fishing Boats Across The Norfolk Broads

                  Fishing boats are a popular choice of anglers. Select your preferred boat during your norfolk broads day boat hire horning
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                  If you’re in Horning to fish, the specific fishing boats have features like rod holders, tackle storage, and sometimes fish-finding gear. But you might not know that the best fishing spots can be quite a distance away, so look for a boat with a reliable motor and good fuel efficiency. 

                  And don’t forget to check the storage – you’ll need plenty of space for your gear and, hopefully, your catches! has a great selection of fishing boats, but you’re going to have to call or send an email to book, as they don’t offer online booking.

                        1. Cabin Cruisers In And Around Horning

                    Hiring a day cruiser in horning is an excellend addition to your norfolk broads day boat hire horning
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                    For those planning a longer stay on the Broads, cabin cruisers are the way to go. These boats are like a floating home, with sleeping berths, a fully equipped kitchen, and a bathroom. They’re ideal for families or groups wanting a multi-day adventure with the comforts of home. 

                    Here’s a tip: when choosing a cabin cruiser, pay attention to the sleeping arrangements. Some boats have surprisingly comfortable beds – a godsend after a long day of exploring. That’s of course, if you are choosing a boat hire bed or planning a longer trip.

                    If this is more up your alley, you must know how to choose your perfect cruiser. Learn the different types and things to look for so you don’t make a mistake.

                        1. Norfolk Broads Sailing Boats

                      Sailing boats are popular on the norfolk broads. I've seen many people opting for this when spending the day on your norfolk broads boat hire horning
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                      Sailing boats are for those who love a more active boating experience. They require sailing knowledge but offer a uniquely rewarding way to explore the Broads. 

                      These boats come in various sizes, catering to different skill levels and group sizes. The tip here is to check the boat’s rigging and sails before you set off – it can make or break your 

                      5. Electric Boats To Hire On The Broads

                      Electric boats are a more eco way to spend your norfolk broads day boat hire horning day out. They can be expensive but with that, comes peace of mind for the environment
                      Ref – Wikimedia

                      Electric boats are your best bet if you’re conscious about the environment or prefer a quieter ride. They offer a smooth, silent journey through the waters, allowing you to enjoy the natural surroundings without the noise of a traditional engine.

                       A lesser-known benefit is their shallow draft, which lets you explore places other boats might not reach. And if you want to get up close to wildlife without disturbing it, then an electric boat is definitely for you.

                      How to Hire a Boat in Horning: Your Complete Guide

                      A complete guide to norfolk broads horning is a must-read to make the most out of your day

                      If you’re planning to venture out on your Norfolk broads day boat hire horning, there’s a bit to consider to make sure your experience is as smooth as sailing on a calm day. Let’s walk through it:  

                      1. Choosing the Right Boat For Your Trip To Horning

                      Based on my research and what I learned from experience, your choice of Norfolk Broad boat hire in Horning should align with your plans. In Horning, you have various options, from day cruisers to cabin cruisers and fishing boats. 

                      When picking a boat, think about what you want from your trip. Is it a day of leisurely cruising, a dedicated fishing excursion, or perhaps a longer journey exploring the Broads? The duration of your trip and the number of people you bring along are crucial factors. 

                      For example, a day cruiser is ideal for a short trip with a small group, while a cabin cruiser is better suited for longer stays and larger groups. If fishing is your main goal, go for a boat equipped for angling.

                      Then, you want to consider the boat’s size and manoeuvrability. If you’re a novice, you might prefer a smaller, more manageable boat. Horning’s waterways are generally forgiving, but comfort with handling your vessel is important.

                      Once you’ve narrowed down your type, check the availability of boats in Horning. Look at the specific features each boat offers. Things like onboard facilities, engine type (for those keen on eco-friendly options, electric boats are a good pick), and additional amenities can make a difference in your experience.

                      Lastly, consider any personal preferences or requirements. If you’re travelling with pets, check if the boat is pet-friendly. A boat with a well-equipped kitchen might be essential for those who love cooking. And if you’re into photography or birdwatching, a boat with a good deck space for observation would be ideal.

                      2. Booking Process For Your Norfolk Broads Day Boat Hire Horning

                      Booking a boat for hire in Horning is pretty straightforward, but it’s also something you want to get right the first time. From my experience and what others have shared, the key is choosing a reputable company and the right boat for your needs. 

                      In Horning, you’ve got excellent options like JB Boat Sales, known for their personal touch and spotless boats, Ferry Marina, with their pristine boats, and Horning Pleasurecraft, where the comfort of the boats stands out.

                      When it comes to the actual booking, you can usually do this online, but I’ve found that a phone call can also be a great way to get additional insights and tips for your trip. This is especially true for specialized activities like fishing in Horning – for that, is a good call, but you’ll need to reach out by phone or email. Another great booking company for hiring boats in Horning is Banesbrink Craft.

                      Another important aspect is remembering to inquire about additional costs and services. Some Horning boat hiring companies like Norfolk Broads Direct and might offer ‘all-inclusive’ packages, including fuel, parking, and wifi. Also, ask about damage waivers, pet charges if applicable, and any deposits required for equipment like dog life jackets.

                      Finally, consider the location of the boatyard with your accommodation. For instance, if you’re staying in a cottage in Horning, you might want a boatyard within walking distance. This allows you more time on the water and less time travelling to and from the boatyard.

                      3. Preparing for the Boat Trip To Horning

                      When packing, you’ll want to bring warm clothes (it can get breezy on the water), kitchen essentials, and easy-to-prepare food. Don’t forget things like air fresheners and toilet rolls for onboard facilities. Also, consider bringing games and fishing gear if you’re into that. Space can be limited, so pack smart!

                      4. Safety and Navigation On The Norfolk Broads

                      Safety is paramount. You’ll receive a safety briefing and life jackets from the hire company. Most boats don’t require a license, and you’ll be given instructions on manoeuvring and operating the boat. Remember, the Broads are generally calm, but it’s still important to be attentive and follow the safety guidelines.

                      How to Choose The Perfect Norfolk Broads Boat Hire in Horning Boat

                      Choose the right boat can be difficult, but this guide for norfolk broads boat hire horning will help you
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                      Choosing the perfect boat for your Norfolk Broads adventure in Horning is like finding the right pair of shoes – it must fit perfectly for the experience to be enjoyable. Having hired boats on the Broads myself, here’s a rundown on how to pick the best boat for your trip:

                      Space is Key

                      Just like you’d choose a comfortable home for a vacation, picking a boat with ample space is crucial. 

                      Ensure the boat has enough beds, showers, and living space. Trust me, having an extra room can make a big difference, especially if you’re on a more extended trip.

                      Battery Management is a Big Deal

                      This might sound technical, but having a boat with a superior battery management system means you can enjoy the tranquillity of the Broads without worrying about power. This is especially important if you plan to moor in remote spots. It allows you to use modern conveniences like heating and cooking facilities without running the engine constantly.

                      Consider the Optional Extras

                      Think about what would enhance your holiday. Maybe you want a rowing boat for exercise or paddleboards for water-based fun. These extras can turn a good holiday into a great one.

                      Sleeping Arrangements Matters

                      Look closely at how the sleeping spaces are arranged. Boats often list sleeping capacity as 4+2, meaning four in beds and two in the lounge. For the best comfort and privacy, aim for a boat where everyone has a proper bed.

                      Boat Layout and Features

                      If you’re a newbie, you might want a boat that’s easy to manoeuvre. Features like bow thrusters, which help steer the boat, can be a lifesaver for beginners. Also, think about what you want to do – fishing, sunbathing, nature watching – and ensure the boat supports these activities.

                      Consider Everyone’s Needs

                      Who are you travelling with? If you have seniors or young children in your group, you’ll want a boat that’s easy to board and move around in. Single-level floors and easy boarding can be important features.

                      Luxuries and Conveniences

                      Lastly, think about those little luxuries that can make your trip more comfortable. Separate showers and toilets, tinted windows for privacy, and a sliding canopy for those sunny days can all add to the enjoyment of your trip.

                      Can you fish in Horning?

                      Yes, you can. In fact, it has some of the best fishing on the whole of the Norfolk broads. Each and every year specimen fish is coming out of that stretch. If you head over to Horning on any day in the summer, the banks are lined up with anglers. There’s one main stretch of river which you’ll find heading to the main boatyard. It’s run by NDAA (Norwich District Angling Association) It’s an inexpensive ticket, and you can get the tickets from many tackle shops. It’s worth heading over to the website for all information. Before I leave this section here, I’ll list a few species you’ll find and the sizes coming out in recent years.

                      • Perch – Often caught from edges of the bank and boats. In recent years a perch of 6lb was caught here.
                      • Bream – So many of these throughout the broads. You’ll catch them all day on normal feeder fishing tactics. For bigger ones, pre-bait around 4pm and start fishing about half 6. The biggest I’ve heard of in recent years is 9lb
                      • Roach – Caught on anything and everything, I’ve seen a roach pushing 3lbs come out here back in 2019
                      • Tench –  Not as easy to catch but they are here. You’ll see some lilly pads around 50m from the Ferry Inn opposite the fishing platforms. Ledger a worm with a PVA full of maggots seems to worm in the early mornings or evening. The biggest I’ve seen is around 8lb in the summer of 2022


                      This guide to Norfolk broad day boat hire in horning isn’t a must-do guide! Hiring a day boat on the Norfolk broads is different from one person to the next. I’ve hired a boat from more or less every section of the Norfolk broads from Wroxham, Potter Heigham, Norfolk and even Martham. Start off with basic boats and get used to the water, and you’ll soon see if this is something you’ll enjoy. I assure you it is.