Taswood Lakes

Escape to nature with Taswood Lakes in Norfolk. Serene lakeside retreat for fishing, camping, and relaxation.

Fishing Lakes In Norfolk- Taswood. Taswood is an incredible run multi-lake fishing complex in the village of flordon just outside Norwich. This excellent establishment is well-equipped for just about any angler of any ability, furthermore, has an incredibly well-stocked shop on site. I’m a massive fan of mixed coarse fisheries.

Grebe lake is Carp, bream, tench, roach rudd, perch with the odd barbel showing. The bream and tench can get to double figures in this lake, similar to the sizes you’ll find in osprey lake. Shout out to the roach as well, they can grow to a pretty nice size, In fact, I’ve seen one just shy of 2lb come out in July 2022.

This is a brilliant fishery all year round. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad day on this lake. My tactics do not really differ too much from winter to summer on this lake, although I only use different hook baits for carp in the summer, which I’ll go through shortly.

I’ll go over firstly the choice of peg. I’ve fished this on the feeder and pole, and it depends on what you’re after. My catches have been of a better stamp and better variety via the feeder. In that case, you want to use the last two begs before you get to the bend in the lake. It’s a nice couple of pegs with plenty of open water. Furthermore, if you wanted pole fishing, I’d fish the first few pegs as you come onto the lake.

What Tactics Work at Taswood Lakes?

Tactics I find that work best for me. I’ve tried different ground baits from bream, tench and carp and the most effective by far is sweet bream ground bait, mostly all the bream ground bait you’ll find are equally effective. Mix in some 2mm pellets in the winter and 4mms in the summer. I use a small cage feeder, around 20g in winter and a large 25g  in the summer.

In terms of hook bait, throughout the whole year, worms and maggots are amazing. You’ll catch on a 6mm pellet, but you’ll catch so much more, and sizes don’t differ too much on worm or maggot. If you wanted the carp, I will 100% recommend a bright-coloured wafter. I found a love for dynamite Wowzer wafter. The wafters in the margin on either your bank or the opposite nailed me many carp in a single session, the biggest was just over 10lb.

I’m sure once you’ve fished here a few times, you’ll see why Taswood Lakes are one of the most popular Fishing Lakes In Norfolk

Additional Information On Taswood Lakes

Lake Size: 7 lakes. Each from 2 to 7 acres.
Lake Record: Broadwing lake- 40lb+
Stock: All lakes are stocked well. Carp, Bream, Tench, Roach, Chub, Barbel, Perch, Chub. All to specimen size
On-Site: Toilets and tackle shop
Contact: 01508 470919
Website: Website
Address:Taswood Lakes
Mill Road, Flordon
Norwich, Norfolk, NR15 1LX

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