Top 5 Norfolk Woods And Walks

Norfolk has some beautiful countryside and with that, comes numerous woods and walks.

Top 5 Norfolk Woods and Walks 

Norfolk is a county in the East of England loaded with incredible beauty, wildlife, forest, walking trails, and scenic landscapes and makes fantastic Norfolk woods and walks. Norfolk is famous for its beaches and sunsets over the sea, but Norfolk Woods are no less when it comes to walking in the woods, hiking, birdwatching, enjoying peace and nature. 

A walk in the pristine Norfolk Woods, along with unique broads and wide blue skies, rejuvenates your mind and body. If you are a nature lover and enjoy exploring the wilderness, give yourself a chance, Norfolk Woods awaits.
In this article, we have selected the top 5 Norfolk woods and walks for you to explore Norfolk on foot. 

What are some scenic walks in Blakeney on the Norfolk Coast?

Blakeney on the Norfolk Coast offers some stunning scenic walks. Explore the Blakeney Point Nature Reserve for picturesque views of the coastline and the birdlife. The Blakeney Freshes is another beautiful spot to take a leisurely stroll, with its salt marshes and diverse wildlife.

Fritton Woods/Fritton Lake

fritton lakes is a grand luxury beautiful walk. As seen in this image, they offer classes lakeside which people couple up with a good norfolk woods and walk
Credit Image – Fritton Lake

The Norfolk region is blessed with pristine nature in all forms ranging from beaches, sand dunes, cliffs, and woods. Fritton Woods is a hidden gem in the small village of Fritton in the Norfolk Woods. The Fritton village is located in the south-west of Great Yarmouth, enclosed by woods and wetlands almost at the border with Suffolk. Fritton Woods is excellent for walks and cycling close to nature. Just grab your boots and race towards Fritton Woods/Lake located in the Norfolk Woods region for some adventure. You can go for pleasant walks around the area via Waveney Forest leading to the river. Here you will find a restaurant, a bar, and a golf course close by to relax and enjoy food. You can easily find accommodation, B&B, hotels, and holiday park services available in Fritton Village. 

Another prime location is Fritton Lake adjoining Fritton Village, also known as Fritton Decoy. The gorgeous lake is a private waterway only available for cabin owners, private members, and holiday guests. Fritton Lake is 2 miles long, offering recreational and sports activities like swimming, paddleboarding, and sauna. Trails, tennis courts, heated swimming pools, and kid’s play areas are also available.

Holt Country Park

when it comes to woods and walks, holt country park is a dream. It's so undervalued and still unheard of to the wider population. It's great for foraging and has numerous trails
Credit – Visit East Of England

Holt Country Park is a dreamy holiday spot for spending time with family surrounded by nature. Holt Country Park is located in North Norfolk, with the spellbinding beauty of Norfolk Woods. Holt Country Park holds a Green Flag Award for its beauty and is home to several species within its various aboriginal deciduous and Scots Pine woods. This area in the Norfolk woods is a fabulous habitat for edible plants and fungi growing all around England. Holt Country Park has a foraging fungi trail walk that can be easily approached from Fakenham, Swaffham, Thetford, Cromer, Sandringham, Norwich, King’s Lynn, and Great Yarmouth. 

Holt Country Park is spread over 100 acres of diverse woodland and is open throughout the year. Holt Country Park is an excellent choice for people who love wildlife, walks, dog walkers, and exploring nature.
If you are planning a trip to the Norfolk Woods, Holt Country Park should be on your list. Holt Country Park warmly welcomes families, kids, groups, and individuals looking for relaxation and adventure in nature. 

The walkways in Holt Country Park are surrounded by Scots pines, flora, and fauna. Holt Country Park is home to a variety of butterflies, including Silver-washed fritillary and dragonflies. Holt Country Park, located in the Norfolk Woods, does not need advance bookings, however, parking slots might be limited. 

Pensthorpe Natural Park

pensthorpe is a beautiful nature reserve and has a vast amount of bird life. These birds eye view of pensthorpe shows the beauty of this nature park
Credit Image – Pensthorpe

Pensthorpe Natural Park is the ultimate holiday destination for families among all the Norfolk Woods. Pensthorpe Natural Park looks magical in all seasons, located at a 40-minute drive from Norwich. The Pensthorpe Natural Park covers 700 acres of land and includes five gardens, trails, lakes, woodland, animals in the wild, adventures, and indoor play. You will find spots with flowers in the wilderness and peace in the shade of magnificent trees, seasonal colours, birds, flamingos, and friendly ducks. 

Pensthorpe Natural Park is an excellent treat for yourself and your family to explore nature, take walks, feed the ducks, have a picnic, or take advantage of nature.
Enjoy your day in Pensthorpe Natural Park surrounded by the soft sound of the streams, under bowers, spotting wildlife, and walking in Norfolk Woods while making use of your sensory skills. 

This resort has wheelchair, and pushchair facilities and designated paths for disabled persons.
Pensthorpe Natural Park has a dedicated area for children called Hootz House, which allows them to play and learn about wildlife. 

You can explore the Pensthorpe Natural Park in a Land Rover Trailer, enjoy food at the café and buy some unique gifts from the shop.
They also provide packages for arranging parties, conferences or groups, and school trips.

Holkham Estate 

holkham estate is a prviate estate in norfolk. This picture of the main building sites within miles of beautiful norfolk woods and walks
Credit Image – Holkham Estate

Nestled on the North Norfolk coast, the vast Holkham Estate, covering over 25,000 acres, is the largest nature reserve in the UK.
Holkham Estate is a private estate, headed by Thomas Coke, the 8th Earl of Leicester. Holkham Estate consists of a diverse ecosystem, stretching from Holkham village to the Castle Acre estate near Swaffham. 

The salt marshes of Holkham Estate are a habitat for flora and fauna, you can enjoy your walks while exploring wilderness and bird watching. It’s likely that you will spot Red Kites, Little Egrets, Marsh Harriers, and various other animals like hares and Roe Dee. Holkham National Nature Reserve was made artificially from the salt marsh, comprising a mix of landscapes that make you feel in love with nature. 

To explore Holkham Estate by foot you can park your cars at Lady Anne’s Drive at Holkham Beach, Holkham Park near Holkham Hall, and Beach Road, at Wells. To enjoy the wonders of Holkham Estate’s scenic beauty and biodiversity, you can take the Pedlars Way trail or the Norfolk Coast path. 

Nature Reserve That Leads to Holkham Beach 

This is an image coming out of the nature reserve in holkham that leads onto the beach. If you plan on a norfolk wood and walk, visit holkham hall firstly, then simply cross the road to the nature reserve
Credit Image – Wikipedia

The Holkham Nature Reserve is predominantly man-made and spans 10 miles along the shore, featuring diverse topography covering approximately 4,000 hectares. The main area of the Holkham Nature Reserve, starting from Wells to Holkham Bay, is intersected by trails letting pass through the pine woodland. You can explore the area by foot starting from Lady Anne’s Drive, either go west or east to trek pinewoods and marshes, or you can go straight forward towards Holkham beach. 

Blickling Hall 

blickling hall is a great day out. This image is taken from the far side of the estate lake. The numerous paths around here provide a different difficulty
Credit Image – National Trust

The seventeenth-century Blickling Hall is a must-visit place in the Blickling Estate which is run by the National Trust. It is said to be the birthplace of Anne Boleyn and one of the popular Norfolk woods and walks.
The building is a historical treasure, and it has limited access for visitors, however outside the Blickling Hall there is a lot to explore in nature. 

You will find the plantation reflecting the last three centuries, and land with waving topography. You can get a map and find out cycling or walking trails and go for what you enjoy more. Take a look around to see lost buildings, spectacular sceneries, and wildlife. To fulfil your appetite, Blickling Hall Park has a pub and three cafés. Make sure you visit galleries and shops to collect regional crafts for yourself or as souvenirs. You can even enjoy fishing at Blickling Hall, which has an 18-acre lake.

Dogs are not allowed inside the Blickling Hall and gardens, nonetheless, they can come to parkland, cafés, and shops.
Blickling Hall is a wonderful place for families, kids, individuals, or groups who want to spend a day exploring or having a picnic. 

How Hill 

How hill is is just off the norfolk broads. The image is of the beautiful reception area and tickets can be purchased
Credit Image – Historic England

A house named How Hill was built in 1903, on a hilltop next to the Norfolk Broads. How Hill National House is part of How Hill National Nature Reserve, which oversees lovely gardens, marshlands, historic windmills, woods, and the river Ant.
How Hill House is now a renowned environmental study centre, it is not open to the public but do check as they give access to their gardens occasionally. You should not miss the Secret Garden at How Hill, built on a wild piece of grazing marsh by Edward Boardman. 

It is home to a vast range of specimen trees which create a secret garden filled with rare plants, water troughs, and ponds. This garden blooms in spring with azaleas and rhododendrons, making it a garden of heaven.
You will find a café to treat yourself to sandwiches, cakes, and tea. 

For more adventure in the Norfolk Woods, go on a guided electric boat expedition on the Electric Eel or simply higher a Norfolk broads day boat, manoeuvring through reed-fringed waterways and spotting wildlife. Take a walk along the river bank and marvel at restored drainage mills. There are other trails you should go for and explore the natural habitat.