Day Boat Hire Norfolk Broads 2023 – Your only Guide

Image of a day boat for hire on the serene waterways of Norfolk Broads, with lush greenery and clear blue skies

Day Boat Hire Norfolk Broads

You’re probably here for some info about day boat hire Norfolk broads right? Well luckily, I’ve tons of experience in Norfolk Broads Day Boat Hire and with an added bonus, I’m not trying to sell you anything. My views are free and based on experience. Let’s begin.

I’ve been visiting the Norfolk Broads for over 20 years. I live in Great Yarmouth and am only a short drive away from any day boat hire Norfolk Broads companies. What I love about the Norfolk broads is it’s different for everybody. For example, do you want to boat alone? or are you looking for a 12-person day boat hire Norfolk broads trip? Most people just want to relax and opt for a  cruiser for hire around the broads or a spot of Norfolk broads fishing.  These waterways are expansive and can cater for any family or party side. There are also lots of fishing opportunities to explore whilst cruising around we have a whole section on our website dedicated to fishing.

Most of the main tourist areas are dog-friendly and can accompany most party sizes. We’ll talk a little bit later about which companies are our choice to hire and complete your perfect family get-together to really discover the broad

Enjoy your norfolk broads day boat hire in style or in a cruiser
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Day Boat Hire on the Norfolk Broads, A Great Family Day

Boating on the Norfolk Broads is a unique experience that offers visitors a chance to discover the outstanding natural wildlife of the Broads National Park. The Broads is a network of rivers, lakes, and waterways which cover around 125 miles. The river system is home to a wide range of wildlife like otters and water voles, it also includes many species of birds like the famous heron and if you’re lucky, the bittern. Exploring the Broads by selecting one of the best day boat hire Norfolk broads companies. This allows you to access areas that are not easy if not impossible to explore by foot and discover hidden spots and breathtaking Instagram-worthy pictures of the broads whilst soaking in the sun. It’s worth reading up on the different spots and reading up on our top tips and places to visit

Discover the Beauty Of Norfolk Broads By Boat

You choose your day! Hire a boat or opt for many broad tours that allow you to discover the true beauty of this historic landscape without having the stress of operating the boat. You can navigate your way through peaceful waterways, where you’ll pass through many great places like pubs and restaurants on the Norfolk Broads

 The Broads are home to some of the UK’s most beautiful water systems and nature reserves. I’m also a bird lover and spend some weekends in spring cruising around with nothing but my binoculars and time.

What I think puts people off is that they see a big boat and feel intimidated by the thought of driving one, especially with a family. It’s completely normal, my advice is to start with a smaller boat and take it from there. Just remember it’s an experience you can explore at your own pace. 

I love this river system so much and so do the companies that operate on them. Most are family-run businesses with a passion for the broads. You’ll find offers with a wide range of Norfolk broad day boat hire options that will depend on availability. Are you from a party of 2 to 12? Are you after a self-drive?  There’s a boat to suit every individual situation just make sure you enquire and book as soon as possible.

There’s an alternative form of spending time on the water and not just by boat. Ever thought about paddleboarding with the family? Hiring a canoe? There are so many places offering a different adventure on the Norfolk board.

day boat hire norfolk broads is ideal for any spring time boater that wants to enjoy the autum
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Does Time Of Year Matter To Hire A Day Boat On The Norfolk Broads?

The best time of year to hire a boat on the Norfolk Broads is entirely your preference. This is another that depends on your personal situation. The summer times are really busy being peak season. The prices generally are a little more expensive and can be really busy even in and around the towns. It also depends on where you hire a boat. Hiring a boat in Wroxham can be hectic during the summer likewise Potter Heigham.

The Best Option If You’re New To Day Boat Hire on The Norfolk Broads

Hiring a day boat on the Norfolk broads for the first time can be daunting. Dropping lots of money on a Hiring a day boat on the Norfolk Broads can also be daunting. My advice for this is to keep it simple and start with just a half day. Get to grips with how a boat moves and set some familiarity with the experience. Right to this day, If I’m out with people who want to “give it a try” I’ll head out half a day and let them see for themselves.  Almost all the companies offer half-day experiences, so enquire with them. 

Hiring a Norfolk broads Boat in Spring Might Be a Better Option

If you’re either new to boating or like me avoid the crowds the older you get, it might be good advice to avoid summer. Although some like the hassle and bustle of summer live on the broads it can really impact availability as well as restaurants on pubs. Springtime doesn’t usually bring in as many tourists and often locals. I also prefer the mating season of the wildlife and the change in colours spring brings.

Just think about what you prefer and make an informed decision.

A beautiful evening enjoy your day boat hire norfolk broads trip. An adventue like you'll never forget spanning 125 miles of waterway
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Pet-Friendly day boat hire on the Norfolk Broads

You must take your four-legged friend on a boating adventure and there is plenty of pet-friendly day boat hire available on the Norfolk Broads. Many boat hire companies do allow well-behaved dogs on board, and some boats even have special features to make your pet’s journey more comfortable. Just make sure you check the latest news of your boat hire company before booking. Always best to double-check if they can accompany you.

Itinerary Ideas For Your Norfolk Broads Day Boat Hire Adventure

If you are preparing a day trip on the Norfolk Broads, there are numerous recommendations for your itinerary that can assist you in maximizing your experience. You can explore historical market towns like Wroxham and Stalham or visit the lively city of Norwich. Additionally, you can indulge in open-air dining at one of the several pubs and restaurants along the Broads, or take a leisurely walk along one of the numerous nature trails like How Hill with very Local Mooring. Regardless of your preferences, there are a bunch of things to uncover during your perfect Norfolk broad boating trip. Just make sure you find an appropriate area to moor up.

Daytime Boat Rental: The Beat Method To Explore The Norfolk Broads.

Day Boat Hire Norfolk broads is a truly magical day out as much on the first time as it is 20 years on. Day boats are easy to operate, and no previous boating experience is required. They are perfect for families, and groups travelling alone. Many boats can accommodate up to 12 people and offer comfort offering both toilet and galley services.

What I love about hiring a boat over any other means of transport is there’s plenty of mooring around the broads. There are so many places to moor up and visit, that it’s impossible to visit the complete river system in one visit. See it as chapter one in a story. You’ll be able to write a book on your experience for sure!

Boats are available for hire from various locations on the Broads, including a list we’ve tried and tested. We want to make sure your next Norfolk broads day boat hire trip is one to remember. Don’t forget, there are plenty of places to Moor up your boat and the companies will offer that advice upon hiring your craft. Don’t forget to explore the local towns and villages along the way, there’s so much to experience.

Where’s The Best Place For Somebody With No Experience to Day Boat Hire On Norfolk Broads

It can be a little overwhelming to hire a day boat on the Norfolk broads for the first time. If you have the option, I would avoid peak summertime and opt for spring. Even better if you can avoid half-term breaks. Obviously, this isn’t viable if you’ve got kids in school. The reason for this, is simply, you get more room. The last thing you need is to head to the middle of Wroxham peak summer time. Try a smaller place like Stalham for a starter instead of choosing Potter Heigham or Wroxham

My Top Day Boat Hire Norfolk Broads Companies.

I want to start by detailing that these are solely my opinion. I’ve been out on the board for around 20 years and have great experience. When I decide on my party, I’ll most all the time pick one of these five companies.

Herbert Woods

Herbert woods is a fanastic customer focused company that operates on the Norfolk broads. Enjoy a fantastic Day Boat Hire norfolk broads
Herbert Woods, which specialises in the Norfolk Broads

If you’re looking for the best way to experience Broads National Park, look no further than Herbert Woods. They offer a range of different Norfolk broad-day boat hire options that are perfect for experiencing this beautiful area from the water.

The village of Potter Heigham is in the heart of rural Norfolk, and it’s surrounded by beautiful countryside. You’ll have easy access to Hickling Broad, Horsey Mere, and the villages and broads of the Bure River.

The best day boat hire Norfolk broads boats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. They seat up to 8 passengers and have folding, cabriolet-style roofs.

Picnic boats are available for full or half-day hire and may be booked in advance (full day only), each picnic boat seats up to 10 people and comes equipped with a small galley kitchen including a hob, sink fridge, and a WC. One of the most popular choices and if you’re looking for something smaller it’s always possible to hire something basic with not so many special features.

Address – Bridge Road, Potter Heigham,
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR29 5JF

Richardsons Boating Holidays

Richardsons is a staple on the norfolk broads has has been for well over 80 years. If you want a day boat hire norfolk broads, you've come to the right place
Richardson’s Is a Familiar Face On The Broads

Richardson’s Boat Hire is a family business that has been operating in the Broads since 1945. The company has over 70 years of experience helping visitors enjoy Broads National Park, and they offer around 300 boats at their disposal.

You can enjoy a day out on the Norfolk Broads with Richardson’s in one of our crafts, available in either an hour or a day. Their crafts are available for just £30 per hour, so you can spend as much time as you like on the water, either enjoying the broads or fishing.

At Richardson’s, they’re proud to offer a range of electric and diesel day boats for hire, this prestigious company prides itself on family morals and excellent customer service. The boats have plenty of specific features to decide

Richardson’s boats come in a range of sizes; from 2 berths ideal for couples to 12 berths great for groups of friends. There’s also a choice of luxury or budget options, so you can choose the right cruise for your holiday or day trip.

Address – Staithe Rd, Stalham, Norwich NR12 9BX

Broom Boats

Broom boats is well run experienced company that operate on the Norfolk broads. One of the most popular companies when hiring a boat on the norfolk broads
Broom Boats is a Solid Choice When Hiring a Boat On The Broads

The Broom Boats of Brundall have been a part of the boating community for over a century. They understand what good customer service is all about and offer a wealth of experience with all things Norfolk broads day boat hire.

Broom Boats is the place to go for luxury boating holidays.

They provide a shared marina with private moorings on the South Broads. As well as offering great quality products, they also deal with boating repairs.

Broom Boats has announced the arrival of their brand-new Navigator Day boats! They’re fantastic and well worth a look. These beautiful and stylish electric boats are the perfect way to enjoy a fun-filled day on the Norfolk Broads.

You’ll feel like you’re floating on air in these boats, which are quiet to run and kind to the environment. Whether you’re heading out from our base in Brundall, or just passing through, you’ll find rest areas and scenic spots along the river to moor up and enjoy a quiet moment or pub meal on the riverbank. They do also cater for anglers. The new fishing boats are perfect for fishermen whilst many opt to fish from the many banks, a lot of people choose to hire here and head out on the Norfolk broads direct to their favourite spots.

They’re an exceptional company and are one of our favourite companies to hire with.

Address – Broom Marine Services Limited
Riverside, Brundall, Norfolk
United Kingdom, NR13 5PX

Ferry Marina

Ferry Marina is in my opinion the nicest part of the norfolk broads. What better place to start you Day Boat Hire Norfolk Broads
Ferry Marina In Horning Is A Beautiful Part Of The Norfolk Broads

I love this spot, not just for the boat hire, but because the fishing is also incredible. Ferry Marina is a wonderful place to stay while you’re exploring the Norfolk Broads.

The ferry’s marina is located in Horning, alongside the River Bure in the heart of the Norfolk Broads and is a perfect base from which to explore the rivers, villages and broads

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a family adventure, you’ll find the perfect boat for your next holiday at Ferry Marina. They offer a wide range of holiday cruisers, from small day boats to large luxury cruisers, so you can choose the perfect boat for your needs.

Their fleet includes several brand-new designs—based on our eco-friendly low-wash hull, which helps to minimize bank erosion. or opt for a boat with a beautiful split sliding canopy  Alternatively, if you simply fancy a day out on the water, the range of luxury day cruisers complete with toilets is ideal.

Ferry Marina also has holiday accommodation to offer. Your holiday home is the perfect place to unwind, whether it’s a smaller cottage with glorious river views or a spacious luxury cottage with a view across the marina. And you’ll be able to relax on your private balcony or patio, watching the world go by in style.

Fishing in this stretch of river can be very productive. Often producing bream, perch and pike to specimen sizes.

Address – Ferry Marina
Ferry Road
NR12 8PS

Sutton Staithe

Sutton Staithe is a established company that offers experience and comfort. An experience a day boat hire Norfolks adventure
Sutton Staithe – A Solid Option

They’re located on the River Ant, in the heart of the Norfolk Broads. They’re just off the A149 between Stalham and Potter Heigham.

Sutton Broad is a wonderfully quiet place to start your trip. The RSPB owns Sutton Broad, and it is classed as a very important wetland habitat. It has been designated as a site of special scientific interest. It’s also home to many species of birds and other wildlife such as Kingfishers, many birds of prey, herons and on the rare occasion a Crane.

Start your Electric Picnic Boat Hire from Sutton Staithe, which is situated at the top of the River Ant. Explore the expanse of Barton Broad before travelling on to How Hill, Ranworth or South Walsham Broads or Thurne. A real gem of a stretch, fishing is also highly productive.

These environmentally friendly electric boats will take up to 8 or 12 people at a time. Each boat is fitted with a gas hob, toilet and sinks on board. Perfect for a self-contained day out with family or friends.

Address – Sutton Staithe Boatyard Ltd
Sutton Staithe
Norfolk NR12 9QS

As always, these are all tried and tested. I’ve been out on mostly all the different companies over the years and these companies I’ve been back to numerous times. I could be here all day talking about the Norfolk Broads but I’ll let the broads do the talking. We hope you enjoy your day boat hire  Norfolk Broads adventure.

The Best Option If You’re New To Day Boat Hire on The Norfolk Broads

Hiring a day boat on the Norfolk broads for the first time can be daunting. Dropping lots of money on a Hiring a day boat on the Norfolk Broads can also be daunting. My advice for this is to keep it simple and start with just a half day. Get to grips with how a boat moves and set some familiarity with the experience. Right to this day, If I’m out with people who want to “give it a try” I’ll head out half a day and let them see for themselves.  Almost all the companies offer half-day experiences, so enquire with them. 


Whether you want a 12-person day boat hire Norfolk broads trip, a boat from the boatyard in Wroxham as a  first-timer, or looking at dog-friendly Norfolk broads cruisers where your four-legged friend can enjoy the waterside. There’s no better place to step onboard a boat and enjoy your next boating adventure across the Norfolk broads. You can also check out the top tips for what to expect about your trip day


[Q]Roughly how much is a Norfolk Broads Day Boat to hire?
[A]It would be safe to say prices start from the £70 mark
[Q]Can anybody Hire A Boat in 2023?
[A] Yes anybody can hire a boat. The most important part is to be responsible and extra precautions if it’s the first time.
[Q]Do I need to bring my own life jacket?
[A] No. All safety equipment and briefing will be provided on all boat trips.
[Q] Can you get lost easily?
[A] I wouldn’t say it was easy to get lost. But obviously the longer you hire and the further you go, there’s always a chance. I’d speak to the company you’re hiring from and seek advice on routes if you’re concerned about getting lost.
[Q] Can I fish from the boats?
[A] Most companies allow you to fish, no problem. I would ask at the time of booking, as they may find you a better-suited boat.