Broome Pits Fishery – A pit

broome pits fishery is home to some fantastic bream. They love a cage feeder and a single red maggot. Cast your line and see what you think

Where’s Broome Pits Fishery?

Broome pits fishery in Bungay, based in South Norfolk on the Norfolk/Suffolk border. It’s Situated within the Ditchingham estate and consists of 4 lakes. Today, though, we’ll be talking about A pit. That’s the first pit, right next to the car park.

What To Expect To Catch?

Before I go on, this is the first time I’ve fished this lake since the big project was underway. They were moving large amounts of fish from the old kidney pit (C lake) into the now-match lake (Lake A). Over, 1000lb of fish has now been added. All the fish that were moved were below 9lb. The larger ones remained in C pit for a more challenging fish

Now, what do I expect to catch? I expect to catch plenty of roach and hopefully hit into some of the larger bream. Historically, this lake has never produced regular tench this early in the year and doesn’t show any signs of warming up anytime soon. I was a little unsure how it would fish, having just had lots of fish added to the lake. I’d of been happy with a handful of fish, maybe the odd carp showing

What Tactics Will I Be Using?

Simple cage feeder tactics. The simpler, the better. I’ve used at least 4 or 5 different feeder fishing styles here, and the best has always been the simplest. I always opt for a long hook link (8 to 10 inches) to begin with, you can always adjust depending on how the bites are. Not only that, but I’d go size 16 hook.

The only thing I would avoid is method feeder fishing here. The lake is so deep, and you run the risk of the bait falling off before it even hits the bottom. It’s around 15/20ft in the middle of the lake and that’s where I’ll be targeting.

What bait

The Weather Conditions?

The weather was calm, to begin with. Not much wind and very overcast. After around 09:30 the wind picked up and gusts were in excess of 25mph. There was some lovely break in the clouds from time to time. Highs of around 14 degrees Celsius.

The full Report For Broome Fishery?

Date: 31/03/2023 – Like always, the alarm goes off and 5am! As always, I’m fishing with my friend Gary (Milky boy).

Pick up time, 6am. It’s nice that it’s starting to get light when I leave this time (Just about light). It’s about a 35-min drive from Great Yarmouth, so plenty of time to discuss the day’s fishing and what to expect.

Once we arrive, and had a brief look around the lake, this time we selected two pegs on the right-hand side of the lake. Both looking into the middle. We’ve never fished these pegs before, so worth a shot, right?

By around 7:30 we’d identified our spots around 40ft towards the middle of the lake. It’s around 15ft in these areas, but that’s the area fish have always held up. We baited out around 4 or 5 feeders full and had a quick chat for 5 mins, discussing the possibility of catching something that puts a decent bend in the rod.

The first fish was caught after around 5 mins of being out, a bream of about 2lb. This was taken on two red maggots. Normally, the bream would come much later after the influx of roaches to been fed off.

We proceeded to catch smaller bream up until around 12:00 when the fishing went dead! This isn’t uncommon in most fishing lakes, but we couldn’t buy a bite over the next hour half for love or money. We baited out another 4 or 5 feeders full and decided to stop for a quick lunch.

13:45, we started fishing back in the same area. We knew there’d be a decent amount of bait and all we had to do was sit and wait for the fish to show up. We did decide to change the hook bait to one single red maggot. In about 30 mins, the day was about to change.

It must have been around 14:15ish when the fish started coming in thick and fast. The fish responded much better to just a single red maggot. The weird thing is, we only had two roach between us all day. We had bream up to 5lb and the bites continued on until we called it a day around 16:00.


A good day fishing at Broome Pits Fishery. I’m excited to come back here when the weather warms up. I was a little dubious as when lakes normally get restocked of big shake-ups, it can impact the fishing.

My advice is, to bring loads of particles. Add a little to the feeder each time you cast. Too many times, I see people fish with just ground bait. I’m not knocking that at all, but I find in this deep lake, it will disperse or get picked apart by the roach before anything significant gets to your bait.


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