Taswood Lakes – Lapwing

taswood lakes lapwing holds some lovely tench. A fish admired by many anglers in the rural village of flordon near norwich

Where’s Taswood Lakes Fishery?

Taswood lakes are in Flordon just outside Norwich. It’s one of my favourite venues as it offers everything you want as a mixed-course angler. Taswood lakes are one of the best all-round fisheries in Norfolk. There are three mixed-course lakes and four carp lakes.

On this trip, I’m fishing at a lake I’ve never done at this venue, and that’s Lapwing Lake. It’s a pretty small lake found at the bottom of the slope on the left once you get to the main car park within the complex

The address is: Mill Rd, Flordon, Norwich NR15 1LX

What To Expect To Catch?

I know this lake has majority tench between 1-2lbs. It’s got barbel, grass carp, the odd Bream, Roach and Chubb. I expect to catch a few tench, I don’t expect anything big, although they do get close to 10 lbs in here. That’s a later spring time, I think.

What Tactics Will I Be Using At Taswood Lakes Lapwing?

I don’t really know what works and what doesn’t. It’s a pretty small lake, and most parts of the lake are around 14/16m right across. I think we’ll give both the feeder and pole a good go and see what we can take away from the session.

What bait

The Weather Conditions?

It started off pretty nicely. Although it was overcast with very light rain, to begin with. It looked like it has chucked it down overnight, but it wasn’t a cold night. Temp topped out at 14 degrees Celsius and the wind barely went over 10kmp.

The full Report For Taswood Lakes – Lapwing?

31/03/2023 – 5 am start again. You get that sense of excitement when fishing a lake you haven’t done before. A sense of optimism and a chance to hook into the complete unknown. I wanted to fish Taswood Lakes Lapwing for a long time and here’s the chance.

6 am I leave with my friend Gaz (Milky Boy). This morning, a brief stop and McDonald’s, and we’re on our way. By the time we get into the complex and parked up, it’s around 7:15.

The lake is directly at the bottom of the slope to the left at the end of the main angler car park. It’s adjacent to heron lake. The pitches we selected are the 2nd and 3rd pegs. We were the only ones that fished that lake all day, which opened up the whole water. A good time to really test out many baits

As there are two of us and neither has fished this lake, we decided to one-fish the pole and the other on the feeder. The pole was fished around 13m out and started by cupping a small amount of ground bait and 2mm micros. The pole rig was an inline cage feeder and a 6-inch hook link, fishing about half a meter from the far reed bed.

Both, we’re off to a really quick start, 4/5 tench between us in the first hour. The biggest was a couple of lb. The pole was catching on the hard pellet and the feeder on the soft pellet. The pole was a little more frequent, and I put this down to the volume of tench I think are in the lake. It was apparent that if you kept the feeder up, much like match-style fishing, the lake would produce.

The feeder was producing a decent rate, switching between the 4 and 6-mm soft pellets and casting between the far reed bed and the very small patch of lilies that were starting to show

Like always, a period of not a lot occurred around 12:00-13:30. Only a few roach were caught in that time. After the midday crash and a bite to eat, the fishing picked back up. Pole line producing some small Grass Carp of a couple of LBs and both producing some more tench.

For the feeder rig I decided to try out my favourite wafter (Wowser). I opted for the 7mm. I wanted to see if the fish did take the bait, I’d have huge hopes for the summer fishing in this lake.

Within about 5 minutes of being around a ft from the lilies, the tip wrapped around, and I was in. The fact of this 2lb tench would take a 7mm wafter at the start of spring makes me think this place could produce some heavy bags of tench. I proceeded to catch 3 more tench within the next hour on purely wafters.

The pole line was producing fish frequently and still on that same spot about half a meter from the far bank. Fishing hard pellets, especially 6mm and producing so regularly, we never really changed that. I spent a fair amount of time around all the fish using maggots and worms and only came away with roach.

It has been raining all day with very little sun, so we decided to call it a day at 15:30. As we were packing away, the floodgates opened, and it was the worst rain yet. Overall a lovely little lake and a good day fishing


I really love fishing lakes I’ve never fished before and Taswood Lakes Lapwing is no different. I’m always on the hunt for a new venue and in love with the not knowing part of the unknown bend in the rod. This lake is no different and didn’t disappoint. Taswood lakes have some fantastic fish stocks, but not to the point it turns into a similar feel to match fishing lakes.

I was shocked at how such small fish so early on in spring take the bait of that size so aggressively. I’m confident this summer will produce some very nice tench. The pole line went perfectly and was very well-fished. The only downside I see to using a pole is there’s not a lot of room. There are only about 4 meters of land between the edge of the peg to the other lake. There’s also a walkway with people regularly walking down. If you can handle the awkward shipping back of the pole, I’d take that option for most of the fishing and use the feeder if you fancied trying to snag something with a little more weight.

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