Broome Pits

Serene lake at Broome Fishery in Bungay, perfect for a day of fishing and relaxation.

Broome Pits are a group of lakes on Broome/Ditchingham Common, all of which hold carp. Each Lake is regularly producing quality fish for a number of years now and has a good comprehensive re-stocking program. It’s one of the top Norfolk Fishing Lakes.

Lake A is a fantastic lake (right next to the car park) that holds many species including bream, tench, carp, and pike. Carp and pike go in to the early twenties. Although decent numbers, they’re heavily outnumbered by the bream stocks. This makes a fabulous lake for feeder fish.

Much of the lake is pretty deep, with clear water that can keep quite weedy throughout the warmer months.

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Lake B is the largest lake on-site and probably the most fished predominantly by carp anglers. B lake holds a good stock of Carp up to around mid-thirties, but the majority are probably around high teens, or low twenties.

Most tactics work for carp, but the lion’s share seems to be caught on a bed of boilies next to the islands. Gravel and sandy swims can be found across the whole lake and are often targeted areas. The depth can be from 3-4ft up to about 8ft (2.44 m). It’s a gradual slope until it eventually deepens around 30 m out. This lake can get pretty clear, but during the summer, weed can be a problem.

If it is carp you’re after, I’d avoid soft baits as much as possible, as there are plenty of silver fish in this lake. Tench are also present and can get to specimen size, much like the silverfish. Feeder tactics produce very well as long as the bait keeps going in.

Pike you’ll catch throughout the lake and go into the twenties. Standard dead baiting works best.

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Lake C (Kidney lake) is packed with carp to the upper singles to low doubles. This is used for matches, so any bait seems to produce nice weights of fish. It’s a great lake for new anglers to really get use to the equipment and not spend too long without a catch.

Again, bream are in abundance and will take just about anything.

Lake D is a specimen Carp Lake. The stock levels are very low, but the quality of fish is top-class. It’s not a very easy lake, so our advice is to give the other lakes a fish and speak to the very knowledgeable bailiff.

The Lake & Facilities
Lake Size: Up to 8 Acres
Lake Record: 40lb+
Stock: Very well stocked, but not overstocked
Species: Bream, Carp, Perch, Tench, Roach, Rudd, and Pike
On site: Toilets
Contact: 07976 165 325
Night Ticket: Yes
Address: Broome, Beccles, Suffolk
NR35 2PE

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