Taverham Mills Fishery

Image of a tranquil lake at Taverham Mill Fishery, with lush greenery and a fishing boat in the background.

Taverham Mills Fishery is a one of few Norfolk fishing lakes and has a great history. It’s located five miles from Norwich and comprises four lakes and almost a mile of the river Wensum, which offers fishing at its finest. The Taverham Mills lake boasts a well-stocked tackle shop run by an extremely knowledgeable manager and always happy to help you with any advice or guidance he can offer.

Once you’ve walked across the boardwalk that traverses the meadows, you Taverham mills lake. Furthermore, With a myriad of sprawling arms and channels as well as bays and islands—this relatively shallow venue has depths averaging 4–9 feet in most areas

The lake becomes overgrown with masses of lily pads and weeds in the summer, making it difficult for anglers to catch fish.

With clear, deep water and many hiding places among rocks and plants so the fish tend to be shy—and hard to lure out. Many of them are what we anglers call “old warriors”: smart enough not to become victim to the next angler

The fishery was run many years ago by a chap called Clive Dietrich, the founder of richworth baits. The venue is rumoured that some of the commons swimming in the mills originated from the historic Redmire pool, which Clive managed around this period. Whether the story of Clive capturing Redmire by netting is true or not, there certainly was media coverage of one such capture.

The lake in recent years appears to be taken over by an Anglian water park. I’ve not been since this happened and word of mouth, Taverham mills fishery fishes similarly and has been slightly stocked. Not sure how true but worth a mention.

The lake is fully fenced to keep out otters, and it contains around 50 swims—plenty of options. The property’s broken-up nature means that each peg commands its own water, so the chances are good. There will be a swim or two to tempt any angler, each so with its own challenges

When the weed is in retreat, you can see that the lake bed has many bumps and humps. Long gravel bars stretch from island to island, and silty gullies criss-cross around them.

Time spent locating the fish is essential and despite having a decent head of carp for the lake size you will find that they are very well adept at hiding away

From the mills, a short drive down the road takes you to other lakes available for fishing. None of them holds as many carp as those in the mills, they are on season tickets that are much cheaper and provide something new for adventurers to consider.

Costessey number 1 is approximately 4 acres and is home to a few modest sizes of common Carp. Number 2 is known as the ski pit and home to a local water-skiing club. There are a few sought-after old carp present and including a stunning common of around 30lbs.

The lake is long and rectangular, measuring approximately 15 acres, and full of features. With ravenous bream on the prowl, good chance you’ll catch one of those. Tougher is the renowned no.3.

Difficult water, and only a handful of carp are living within. Covering just 5 acres, this mature lake has a fearsome reputation. With depths of over 10 feet and packed with features, it is very difficult to know what remains. The lake still has some tantalizing carp and it’s hard to catch them! Don’t miss out on visiting Taverham Mills Fishery and let us know how you get on in one of many popular Fishing Lakes in Norfolk.

Fishing Prices as of 2023

Taverham Mill Lake

Taverham Gold Season (all waters including syndicates) £850
Taverham Season – £425

Riven Wensum

River Season – £105

Costessey Pits

Costessey No.3 Syndicate Season – £250
Ski Pit Syndicate Season – £450
Costessey Coarse Day Ticket – 10

Additional Information

Lake Size: Biggest 5 Acres
Lake Record: Around 40lb
Stock: Carp, Bream, Tench, Roach, Rudd
Contact: 01603 861014
Address: Taverham Mill, Costessey Rd, Taverham, Norwich NR8 6TA

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