East Bilney Lakes

Easy Bilney lakes is a norfolk lake and one of the best match venues

East Bilney Lakes is the new boy on the block in terms of fisheries and becoming one of Norfolk’s premium fisheries. Well now in terms of design, fish stocks and the way it fishes. These lakes opened over 30 years ago but were closed a number of years ago to be appreciated by the family. The fish are top quality and so is the complex, regularly holding fishing matches and competitions for all age groups. This new lake is only a couple of years old, the new owners have done an absolutely incredible job with their facility and are a must-go-to fishing lakes. Fish were stocked with sizes from 1 lb to 33 lb.

What are the East Bilney Lakes

East Bilney Lakes consists of four lakes. Two of them are Match and pleasure lakes, one is for silverfish and the other is designed for the carp angler. I’ll give a brief insight in to each lake

Carver Lake

Carver Lake at East Bilney Lakes is packed with fish. The average size that comes out is between 1-3lb, and the majority of these are F1s. The fish take just about anything from pellets to maggots. I’ve always had great success fishing 4 mm pellets, feeding 2 mm. I’ve only ever fished on the pole, and both close in and out in the middle lake are equally good. It’s a very easy fishing lake, and its design makes it a great match fishing lake. What I love about this lake, you can catch on any peg with an island running through the middle there’s always something to fish to.

Bridges Lake

Bridges Lake at East Bilney Lakes is probably my favourite Lake. It’s an oval-shaped lake with a larger dense island in the middle with all pegs having something to fish to. The stocking on this lake is incredible with Carp averaging up to about 4lb with the odd f1 making an appearance. I have had 8lb out of this lake, and apparently, they go up to about 10 lb, but the numbers are small. The match weights for bridge lake have exceeded 100lb in the water, showing this lake is a premium winter fishing match lake. Pole fishing tactics are the best, as you can get them in pretty quickly and get out again. I’d recommend fishing with both pellets and corn, both producing significant results. Don’t be afraid to feed in the summer as there’s so many fish you want to keep them with you.

Reeds Lake

Reeds Lake at East Bilney Lakes is a silverfish lake. Best fished very light with fish only up to about 2lb. You can bag up with Roach, Bream and Tench. Standard maggot and worm tactics work well, and you’ll be catching all day long. I recommend this lake to anybody looking at getting somebody into fishing, as it’s impossible to not catch a fish.

Birch Pool

The birch pool at East Bilney Lakes is known as the specimen lake and is a private hire Lake. It is pretty well stocked for a carp lake with 6 known fish stocked which are in their 30s. This is one of the most comfortable fishing pegs I’ve seen, and the fishing doesn’t disappoint. Numerous reports of over 6 fish caught in 24 hours at this lake, and it is also thought of highly by local anglers. Although it doesn’t have the 40s many carp anglers are hoping for, I’m certain one day this lake will be one of the most visited in Norfolk. Best tactics, I’d start with the house pellets that can be purchased at the fishery and also the house boilies. The fish are fed with them, so worth checking them out first. The lake does have a fair few rules, but nothing I’d say is unreasonable, so check them out before making a booking.

Other Facilities at East Bilney Lakes

There’s a really nice café on site. Let’s just say, when I’m fishing, I don’t like to really stop at all, but each time I visit this l facility, I use this café. Well priced and friendly.

Toilets are on site, so nothing to worry about in that department.


Overall, I’d put this up there with Barford Lakes and Reepham Fishery for premium lakes to visit. I can’t think of a single occasion this lake wouldn’t suit a purpose. The match fishing is fantastic, the pleasure fishing is good sport, and even the carp fishing is always good. Not a negative word to say about East Bilney Lakes, so check them out and let us know how you get on.

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The video below is from Angling Direct during a fishing Match, worth watching.