Fishing Lakes In Norfolk


Norfolk has some amazing fishing opportunities, with a lake or complex suited for any angler. Having fished Norfolk for most of my life, I’ve fished just about every fishery and can provide some insight into some venues and how I’ve approached them in the past. At the bottom of this page, you will find all the fishing lakes in Norfolk with some knowledge of the venue. I hope you can find your new favourite venue and share your catch with us caught from a Norfolk fishery or just a proud catch.

Are There any Fishing Lakes In Norfolk With Accommodation?

Hot tub at Cedar lodge 2 at Woodlakes
Enjoy the hot tub on offer from your lodge on Cedar 2

Short answer yes! In fact, most of the Norfolk fisheries that have accommodation are sold out for most of the year. We do have a guide for fishing lakes in Norfolk with accommodation if this is something you’re waiting to do. What’s great about most of the venues at Norfolk Lakes with the accommodation tends to be mixed coarse lakes so suited for all anglers, each with their own fishing styles.

When people say mixed course, that puts a lot of people off as they assume roach and bream… Norfolk has some incredible lakes and some specimen-size fish to be had or all species, and carp especially can be a rewarding species to target. I strongly advise you to read my blog post as I’ve visited a lot and have my preferences. The budgets for such venues depends on your taste. You can hire lakeside lodges with hot tubs, or just standard log cabin lakeside, all the venues offer something different and well worth a visit.

Are There Any Decent Carp Fishing Lakes In Norfolk?

There are many carp fishing lakes in Norfolk. Norfolk is home to a few 50lb carp. The ones that spring to mind are Airfield Lakes and the membership lake at Charity Lakes. You will find 40lb+ in abundance at most venues around the county, like the popular Coston Lakes. There are also a few runs waters as well if you’re fishing for the bites, like Mill Lake. If you’re an angler who’s after a challenge, Broome Pits is a lake (D lake) that doesn’t have high stock, but the fish are stunning 40lb carp. Another fishery that has old large carp, which is a massive challenge, is Blickling Hall. The only thing with Blickling is you can’t night fish.

Common carp caught at woodlakes
16lb 8oz carp caught using Tutti fruity Mainline boilie

Feeder Fishing Lakes In Norfolk Offer a Variety Of Challenges

I love feeder fishing in Norfolk and there are plenty of Fishing lakes in Norfolk to do this with. If you’re looking to catch bream, I can recommend visiting Blickling Hall, Taswood Lakes and Broome Pits (A pit). These lakes are big and beautiful, and have an abundance of species to target. I’m big into swim feeders, ground bait and particles, with them venues proving most effective. Tench fishing is also great at the above venues and all species can get into specimen sizes.

With when it comes to feeder fishing lakes in Norfolk, I find the optimal time to fish is late springtime and as close to spawning time as possible. The trick is large beds of bait and try to fish to the point of darkness. My advice is to read through some of the blogs about all the lakes and find ones that suit your style.

Feeder Fishing lakes in norfolk

If You’re a Match or Club Angler, There are Plenty of Club And Match-Fishing Lakes In Norfolk

When somebody mentions match fishing lakes in Norfolk, two main ones spring to mind. Reepham Fishery and Barford Lakes. Both of the lakes are incredibly stocked with a decent average carp of around 6-8lb. Both of them venues I’d class premium venues with match weights exceeding 400 lbs. If you want to fish one of Barford’s lakes recreationally, it’s a membership lake but is well worth the price. There are not the only match fishing lakes in Norfolk, and I’d be here all day naming them all. I’ll list a few fishing clubs in Norfolk below and offer the chance to fish a membership-only lake

    • Bawburgh Lakes, south-west of Norwich. (Direct)

    • Chiswick Pits, Stow. (Direct)

    • Felmingham Mill Lakes, Aylsham. (Direct)

    • Snetterton Pits, Attleborough. (Direct)

    • University Broad, Norfolk. (UEA)

Norfolk Also Offers Beginner Fishing lakes in Norfolk

At some point in our fishing lives, we’ve been the ‘new kid on the block’. I remember when I first went fishing, and if I wasn’t taken to a lake where I would guarantee catch, I probably wouldn’t have gone again. It’s essential to make that first trip count and make sure they catch a fish or ten. I do have a couple of lakes to visit offering two different types of fishing

Beginner Fishing Lake In Norfolk For Carp.

Holly Farm Lakes offers fish from around 1-3lb on average. All you need is a float and some pellets, This has been a beginner fishing lake in Norfolk for its entire existence although not as heavily stocked as it once was, it still offers a decent day’s fishing and almost a guaranteed catch on either of the two lakes. My second choice is Martham Pits C pit. This lake offers carp from around 2-4lb with the exact same tactics and will soon get you used to playing carp. This is the lake where I always take people with no experience and a certain catch

Image of Holly Farm, a beautiful countryside retreat with lush green fields, a charming farmhouse, and grazing livestock.
Escape to the idyllic countryside retreat of Holly Farm, where natural beauty and relaxation await you.

Beginner Fishing Lakes In Norfolk For Smaller Fish.

The beginner fishing lake in Norfolk for smaller fish will have to be Taswood Osprey. This lake is stocked with some quality roach and easy to catch with just a pint of maggots. A good day of fishing here will consist of some bream and if you’re lucky a tench or chub. You’re limited to the swims you can fish, so my advice is to get there early and be mindful that you can fish the cabin swims.

Predator Fishing Lakes In Norfolk Are Rewarding.

Although I’m not massively into predator fishing, I will head out during the cooler months to try my luck. I often prefer the Norfolk broads, but there are two lakes that spring to mind when somebody says Norfolk Predator fishing. Firstly, Oak wood Park Predator Lakes. This lake is a beast and has Catfish to 120lb +, pike to 35lb + and sturgeon to 50lb +. For good measure, there are some carp in that lake. Every year you hear of monster fish coming out with that lake. One of the first times I’ve seen a 100lb catfish on the bank.

The Second Lake is Swangey Lakes. Much like the Oak wood, there’s catfish to roughly 50 lb, with pike over 20lb. The main lake at Swangey is where the bigger fish reside and can offer tricky fishing at times, but the quality of the fish is second to none


When it comes to fishing lakes in Norfolk, there’s something for just about everybody. My recommendations are different to the next, but what I can say is Norfolk offers such a diverse fishing experience, and some of the less popular lakes have turned out to be some of the best fishing in previous years. Below you will find all our indexed fisheries in Norfolk to date, and we’ll be constantly adding value as time goes on.

If you’ve visited one of the venues, I’d love to hear from you and if there’s a fishery you want to see added, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to get it added to this page.

Our List of Fishing Lakes In Norfolk Indexed so far:
Airfield Lakes
Barford Lakes
Bartles Lodge
Billingford Fishing Lakes
Blickling Hall Estate Lake
Broome Pits
Burgh Castle Fishery
Catch 22 Fishing Centre
Cobbleacre Fishing Lakes
Coston Lakes
Cross Drove Fishery
Dents Farm Hilgay
Dilham Fishery
East Bilney Lakes
Fenwick’s Fishery
Hall Farm Fishery
Holly Farm Lakes
Marsh View Fishery
Martham Pits Fishery
Mill Lakes
Oakwood Park Lakes
Pentney Lakes
Reepham Fishery
Rocklands Mere Fishery
Swangey Lakes
Taswood Lakes
Taverham Mills Fishery
Weybread Pits
Willow Lakes
Woodlakes Park

If you want your Fishery in Norfolk Added to this list, please get in contact with a description of your lake and what it has to offer, much like above.

Serene lake at Broome Fishery in Bungay, perfect for a day of fishing and relaxation.
Fishing Lakes In Norfolk

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